Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy new year, all!!:)

The sky's a flirt!

Remember a few weeks back when you saw this?

Well, today it looked like this.

I was talking to a friend when I saw this, and he pointed it out to me, that this was his smile! A smiley with a wink!! Because he always sends a wink in all his messages!! Lol.

This one goes out to V. And sorry, perplexed, I kinda stole your concept. =P

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello, Goodbye!

I woke up at 5.30 a.m today!

Well, it took me a good four hours after that to crawl out of bed, but the point was I was up, and it was still dark outside. Its been a while since..OK, fine, I've never woken up at such a time before! Its probably because I crashed much before even my school curfew last night. But I'm up now, (hmm..its post 9, but you get the drift..) and also, its New Years Eve, our second favourite-st day of the year! I say our because you all obviously have to agree with me on this one, and I say second because the first is obviously my birthday!! (I didn't say our there;)!)

Some things to keep you smiling throughout..:)

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you..
and everything you do, and it was all yellow!
I came along, I wrote a song for you,
and all the things you do, it was called yellow!

Take back the city for yourself tonight..
I'll take back the city for me.
Take back the city for yourself tonight..
Whoa, whoa!

I see trees of roses too,
I see them bloom, for me and for you..
I see skies of blue, clouds of white...
bright blessed days, dark sacred nights...
ans I think to myself....what a wonderful world!

There are some things I'd like to know though:

1. Meatloaf - You'd do anything for love.
You'd do anything for love.
You'd do anything for love.
But you won't do WHAT?

2. Taylor Momsen - Why, why why that hairdo?? Its bad enough you're annoying, now you just look like a poodle whose owner wanted it to look just like her!

3. God - How could you allow me to turn 21!!? Hmph.

Sigh. Moving on..

1st January means so many things. For me, its mainly these:

1. End of exams!
2. End of 7 semesters under VTU!
3. Its going to be the beginning of awesome year!!!
4. Holidays!!
5. Did I already say its going to be awesome? Well, let me just say it again! Its going to be awesome!

OK, before I get back to Fuzzy Logic, Id like to sign off with this.

Someday I'll fly, someday I'll soooaarrrr!
Someday I'll be so damn much mooooorrrre!
Cause I'm bigger than my body, bigger than my body gives me credit for!

important - Xvod decoder

I thought to myself, lets help some people out today.

Those lucky people happen to be you guys!!

Yes, yes, thank you, now back to your seats. Enough of jumping with joy.

Recently, I downloaded this movie, Nick and Norah's Infinite playlist. It took nearly half a day to download. When it did finish, and when I tried playing it on VLC Player, I got this message on the screen.


So, I went to, and there the decoder was available for some amount of money. So obviously, I took the easier(free) way out and searched for it on CNET. Weird, it wasn't available.

Later I found out that this was a scam created by some people who inserted this scam software into movies, which displayed the same or similar message to the one I saw. There is no such thind as an Xvod decoder. It was just some easy was for the 'scammers' to earn some money! So if you do happen to download such a file, report the torrent and delte the file. DO NOT BUy THE SOFTWARE.

You're welcome!

*edited to add - If you guys download your torrents from mininova, this user v_axxo has created these aforementioned fake torrents. Axxo is te right guy, V_axxo with his 23789 seeds and peers is fake.
My exams are officially over.

Not exactly over, but RIA is! And I will pass it for sure! All is well in my world again!!:) There is so definitely a God!! Today shall henceforth be Thanksgiving for me! Time to watch Dead Man's Chest now!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ode to a subject.

RIA oh, RIA.

What did we ever do to deserve such a cruel, torturous punishment? I bet the people of Iraq would much rather choose war over you! And the US citizens would gladly re-elect Bush again!

But, in less than 28 hours, you shall be gone! Be gone forever, taking with you, shit like AJAX, JavaScript and XML. Done with the weirdest variable names, declared to make our lives a living hell. A hundred ways to implement a simple array and an object, all so that you can finally say, 'this isn't the way its done anymore!' Huh, you think you are so funny. Well, I'd like to see you tomorrow after you get your well deserved ass-kicking. Wait for it, RIA, wait for it.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

This is going to be short.

If ever you need something to wake you up, when you're insanely drowsy, or completely slumped or demoralized, listen to the second half of Free bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd.

It works like caffeine! You'll be up and running in no time!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


It was a happy day for me, I caught Ghajini. First day some second or third show.

Three words. GO WATCH IT.

Before I begin, I'd like to tell you that most of this review will be very biased towards Aamir Khan, because I have been in love with him since I was five years old.

The movie is brilliantly made. Sure, the story is rather unbelievable, but then again, its a Bollywood movie. It keeps you on the edge of your chair, chewing your nails for the complete duration of three and a half hours. Aamir Khan has done an extremely commendable job, portraying Sanjay Singhania, who is, as the villain calls him, a sh-oort term memory loss patient, and an extremely violent one at that. This is one of the few action films Aamir has done, and after Ghajini, he's a certified badass! But what puzzled me was how he became a left hander all of a sudden. Kalpana, the love of Sanjay's life, was played by Asin, a newcomer, whose role is very comparable to Kareena in Jab We Met, and most Priety Zinta roles; a happy, slightly mad, overly talkative blissfully-unaware-about-everything kind of girl. It was nicely done, though her Tamil accent was obvious in a few scenes. But she totally played her role to the part. Jiah Khan was so-so. The only proper dialogue she had throughout the movie was, 'Hi I'm Sunita. I'm a medical student.' Pradeep Rawat is the villain here, as in the Tamil version(you may remember him as the Surd in Lagaan), and yes, he's a super cunning and vile one at that. The film is very graphic (my mom had her eyes shut for very many scenes) and there certainly is a lot of violence in it, though its nothing if you've gotten used to Body of Lies and the likes.

The music, by A R Rahman, speaks for itself. Most of the songs were dream sequences, but songs kind of make or break the Bollywood movie. My favourite was Aye Bachchu and Behka. Guzaarish, I thought was very Suraj Hua Madham. But A R Rahman, as usual has done a superb job. Three cheers!

I give the movie a 4.5/5. Its a must watch. Definitely worth watching in an in-between exams study break, and a very well spent break, at that. Completely worth getting sandwiched for an hour in an attempt to buy tickets. Oh, and the eight pack was highlighted too much, I tell you. Methinks a six pack might've looked much better! But, Ab jaao jaake dekho!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season's Greetings!!

Haha this probably is the most predictable post ever!

But it is the best time of the year, after all!

So have a super Christmas, binge on some plum cake and Christmas wine, and thank your lucky stars(VTU students), that you have a 5 day break this time around!

Now the ground is (not-so)white, go it while you're young!
Take the girls tonig
ht, and sing the sleighing song!
Just get a bop-tailed bay, two forty for his speed,

Just hitch him to an open sleigh and CRACK! You'll take the lead!!

Happy Holidays, all!!!:):) Make sure you buy a Santa hat and sing carols!! And deck the halls with boughs of holly too!!
P.S - I hope you've been good this year, he's been watching!;)

Friday, December 19, 2008


Yes, yes, there's no space between the two words, and no, its not a punctuation error!

Haven't I told you about my Apple plan? I haven't? Woah! That's an accomplishment for me, considering I can't stop talking about it. Anyway, today must be your lucky day, because you get to hear it too! Its simple, really.

In ten years or so, I plan to buy Apple.

The company? With the iPod and the likes?

D-uh! Thought you could figure that out from the title!



Hmmm.. Ok!

OK, wait I expected a more supportive answer, something in the lines of how awesome I am, and how awesome the plan is, and how awesome the world will be with me there! Nothing?? That's it! I'm not giving you free iJets or iHouses! I will live on my iCloud and you chumps will be stuck on earth! Hmph!

Lets digress.

The explanation for the above paragraph: I'm a Piscean. Pisceans are dreamers. And I for one, am a super ambitious one at that. Though I have no short time goals, just awesomely awesome long term ones(which may just come true, btw.)!

So the real point of the post. I(with space)think:
(yep, this is another one of them self indulgent posts)

1. Exams are bo-ooooring! I'm done with just one, and it already feels like a life time of torture!
2. Insomnia during exams is the worst thing that can hapen to you.
3. Two simple words, 'You go', can redefine the word hilarious!!
4. I must be mad to be writing this during exams. But you knew that already!
5. Birthdays during exams are the worst thing that can happen to you! No, no not mine, but people I know.
6. Orlando Bloom is one of the prettiest actors in Hollywood. Note - I said prettiest, and I said actor(male).
7. Aye Bachchu is a super funky song! (Yes, I'm one of those who can't wait for Ghajini! And no, I haven't shaved my head!)
8. Adventures in Solitude is also an awesome song!
9. Maintainability should have a better and much longer definition than -just being the ability to maintain!! (And you mech boys say Mechanical engineering is hard!! Gaaah!)
10. Its really annoying when there are seeds and there are peers, but still Starter Wife will not download!
11. Dexter is going to be awesome! Can't wait to watch it after exams!
12. Shonda Rimes should completely stop the Izzie-having-sex-with-a-dead-person storyline! Give me a break! Yes, Alex, that's the truth! And its stooopid! And yes, apparently, it can happen!
13. Amitabh Bachchan is not all that. There, I said it!
14. They could've changed the Dostana ending. And made the two characters gay. That would've been a much better ending. It was totally entertaining, though.
15. I kinda overuse exclamation marks.
16. Its now 11a.m and I should start studying!

Now, you think!
Happy holidays!

P.S - Adventures in Solitude - The New Pornographers

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tis that time of the year again...

Why can't it be easy for us?
Why do we have to try so hard?
Why can't it be effortless, like it is for some others around us?
Why do we have to wait so long for it to begin, and then feel, 'Shit that was quick!'?
Why do we feel we're so ready to be out there, and then, when we are, almost immediately go, 'Oh f#$@!!'?
Why are our heads filled only with 'Oh man's..' and 'What's going to happen next'?

Knock yourself out trying to answer those..

Happy holidays everyone!

As for me, I'm crashing early today, in what seems like forever!
4 days to go!
Hey that might be a clue....or maybe not.. no kidding!

I just confused myself reading all that again.

And I suddenly feel like listening to Kya Karen from Rangeela. Can't find it anywhere on the internet!! Daaym!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There is a GOD!!!!

To, all VTU-afflicted students, currently in the 7th semester,



The news is apparently put up on the main VTU site, which is, surprise surprise, down, but a friend of a friend confirmed it from the main site, as well as this one.

Now, now, those who're upset, STOP BEING UPSET. This is news of great joy! Us, dumbasses, needed the extra time, especially with RIA lurking around the corner!!

Thank you for the blessings!:)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sleepy talk...

I smile at you.
I smile to myself..
I smile when I'm alone.
I smile when noone's looking...
I smile when I think noone's looking...
I even smile sometimes when I wake up in the morning.
I smile when you talk.
I smile as I listen.
I smile as I read..
I smile when I see baby clothes in FabIndia.
I smile as I look on..
I smile as I sing.
I smile now, as I stretch wanting to go to sleep!
I smile now that I've said smile so many times it doesn't even feel like a word...

Pretty self-obsessed eh?
I'm probably going to wake up tomorrow and go whaaaat? *smiles*

If there's a rocket tie me to it!

This post has nothing to do with the title. Absolutely nothing. Well, right now there isn't, but, as and when I'm writing it, there might be some connections. Why I named it so, is because I'm obsessed with the song! I've been listening to it all day! Snow Patrol is just so wow!! I love the line, ...said I knew the beat, because it matched my own beat...

I'm done with labs!! With labs this semester, labs this year! Done with labs with respect to VTU! My last lab wasn't exactly a smooth sail, but my internal teacher was just sooo sweet and helped me debug, even without realizing she was!

Some things t make your 12 days to Christmas awesome!

1. A better India, without these idiots....(hopefully).
2. Jude Law.

3. Shopping spree, women! The winter collection is out! Winter clothes are hotttt!!!

4. A Santa hat!! Aint it cute!!

5. Ah, plum cake!:) Yummy in the tummy!!

6. Need I even start! From the hot Serena van der Woodsen and the hotter Nate Archibald, to the super nice Dan Humphrey and Vanessa Abrams. I even like the Rufus and Lily story! Its just Jenny Humphrey I can't stand. Oh, and that new Aaron guy too.

7. Watch this movie. Its really really nice. Not your usual sappy love story. I'm not a big Cameron Diaz fan, but this movie really took me by surprise. And, also watch Dear Frankie. Brilliant!

8. A Hundred Million Suns! Ah, I knew there would be some connection with the title. This album is just brilliant. Snow Patrol have done it again!

9. No, no don't get scared! This is Mii(pun intended:)) on the Wii! Wow! What a technological marvel, the Wii is! Technology is seriously awesome! Get yourself one of these and its quite literally the end of boredom and the start to awesomeness!

Ah man, I could only think of 9. I would love suggestions though..

Monday, December 1, 2008

The angel of the Lord came down and glory shone around..

10 reasons why I love December... Go!

1. I love how cold it is! (Though global warming is having its say for the past few years.) I love the dry cold without the out-of-the-ordinary rains we seem to be facing these days! Like how sunny summers with a little drizzle can make your day!

2. I love waking up in the morning and snuggling under the blankets because its soooooo cold!

3. Holidays!!!!! I've studied in Christian schools throughout, and they were really big on Christmas holidays! I've had holidays in December the last four years of engineering too, but they've been study holidays. Holidays, nevertheless..

4. Christmas!!! I love Christmas!! Ever since I was little, when my mum would place chocolates under my pillow, which I would gleefully find on Christmas morning! Then there were Christmas plays in school, and more chocolates! Teehee. Oh, and SECRET SANTA! I loved Secret Santa! How we would draw chits with people's names on them and send them 'secret' messages till Christmas day, even though we all knew whose name everyone had picked anyway! Sigh... I miss celebrating Christmas.

5. This year, added reason, because of Ghajini!! Go Aamir Khan!

6. Carols! I love em'!! From Silent Night to Rudolph. My favourite carol s Felis Navidaa, and While Shepherds watched their flocks by night..

7. New Years' Eve, exam or not the next day, I love calling people in the middle of the night and screaming, 'Haaaappppyyy Newwww Yeaaaarrrr!' (Thank Go we're done atleast on New Years' this time!!!)

8. My parent's anniversary! And soo many birthdays!! Happy birthday to all born in December!!

9. The end of another year, and the anticipation of a new year! And walking towards the end of VTU! (Though thats going to make me sob..)

10. Its December, and thats reason enough!!!!:):)

Happy December, all!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Something to lighten the mood...

So to escape from the news and everything else, I watched this movie today. It certainly did what it was supposed to, and got me a lot calmer.

Dear Frankie.

I give it a 4/5. Brilliant performances by Emily Mortimer, and Gerard Butler. And very good portrayal of Frankie by Jack McElhone. Its an old movie, I'm not sure if it was ever released in India. But its really good. With a very suitable music score. Even though the storyline was nothing like it, it reminded me of Juno. And it had some bits of Geography in it, which made me love it even more!! Rent a DVD and watch. I totally recommend.

P.S - Listen to Man and Wife - Michelle Featherstone. Really nice song.

The always.

A good job was done, no doubt. A good job was done. The terrorists are killed/caught, and the situation is well under control(note - well under control came 60 hours later, 200 deaths later, 4 buildings later). Bombay will recover.

Fine. Thats whats important now. The act was condemned, the media covered the entire story, politicians and actors(who were nowhere near the scene), expressed their views, the PM put forth a long(and boring) speech.. This is all we'll see in the coming week.

And then it'll stop. Just like that. Nothing will be done about it.

Why, why, why can't our country do something about it? Why can't we be active and take measures so that we are never in such a situation again! Look at India. Blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur, Hyderabad. And nothing was done! Nothing! No wonder Bombay was attacked! No wonder! We just sit back and watch as terrorists come bombing us. And condemn the attack. Thats it. Because condemning the attack is going to keep us safe. Could anyone find out the source and purpose of the blasts in the other cities? NO! Was anything done to ensure that something like the blast wasn't repeated somewhere else? NO!

Instead life went on. Which is a good thing. Life should go on. But life shouldn't go on as if nothing happened. Life should go on, with fear, with anger, with the feeling of revenge, to avenge what happened! Why is everyone being so passive!? I know, this is definitely not the time to strike up another war, considering the economic crisis. But it doesn't mean that we should wait forever! Peace is a virtue, like patience. But if we keep offering the other cheek, when we're slapped on one, we will be crushed! Why aren't the politicians doing anything to better the situation?? Why aren't they talking about further actions to be undertaken to make sure something similar is avoided?! Why is there only talk and absolutely no action!!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

My friend came to me, with sadness in his eyes
He told me that he wanted help
Before his country dies..

This is taken from the song Bangladesh -George Harrisson. The first few lines were supposedly said to him by Pt. Ravi Shankar.

Its been nearly thirty years since, and it looks like people are saying the same thing again, just not sure who the plea is to be directed towards.

It so unsettling, so bloody unsettling, the things that are happening! Last night, when I heard, I only thought of it as minor attacks, like the ones in Bangalore. The morning came as a real shocker! It was still on!! The Taj, for Heaven's sake! The beautiful Taj! And CST. Seriously, haven't they done enough?! Hasn't that city been through enough!!? And it bounces back, EVERY SINGLE TIME! The initial blasts, the recent train blasts, everything. What does that say? You can't do nothing, you bastards! You cant do nothing! You can never conquer Bombay! Bombay shall always, always be alive! You terrorists will all die such painful deaths. Curses shall be upon you, curses of mothers whose sons and daughters you shot down, curses of wives whose husbands you took away.. And curses of children, oh yes, the curses of children, who you left orphaned! And you are going to die. Each one of you, but you knew that already. And your stupid demands will never be met!

Its just sad that our country, our fine country, is in such an impossible situation. Security wise. And everything points to the political system. Its true that the citizens are responsible for the political conditions, but what can be done, when each and every politician is corrupt. When all each can think of, is about his personal security, his money, his car, his safe, his bank account! And they're elected to support the country. There's a certain level of selfishness in all of us, but there's a fucking limit!

Even sadder is that, these bastard terrorists are educated. They're like us! Except they're so fucking retarded and brainwashed! They went to college like us, bunked classes, fell in and out of love, had fun. They were people. People like us. People who had a brain, and people who thought for themselves. Until they were taken over. Don't get me wrong. They are to blame. Not them, who got them brainwashed. They are to blame, whatever the reason might be, personal, political, whatever!

Whats scary is that, it could've been any place. Any city. Any building. Any person. After the Bangalore blasts, cars were checked. I'll admit, it was mighty inconvenient, but now I truly get why it was necessary. But its so carelessly done. Which terrorist, in his right mind would leave ammunition, in some place free for everyone to see! The security system needs some serious reconstruction!

I just watched the news, and someone on it said, Bombay might not recover. Oh no. Bombay is above everything, Bombay has a soul. Bombay will definitely bounce back. The incident will NEVER be forgotten, people will not stop talking about it, but, it will be healed! Bombay is awesome, Bombay is beautiful, Bombay will continue to be..
My cousin, Smita, wrote this, after reading the newspaper today. It kind of sums up everything thats currently going on in my mind, so here it is.

Take me away
To a place far away
So I may never return
To watch this world burn

Take me away
on a starry night
where the shadows shiver
at the gruesome sight

take me from this place
where all is still
the wails of despair
helpless and shrill

they beg for mercy
a crack of the whip
the pain is unreal
I see the flesh rip

Take me away
so I may never know
How many died
how many to go

the blood spatters
the bullets fly,
the earth-crimson red
ebony black-the sky

lay me to rest
in surreal peace
the chains the shackles
no escape no release

I look up at the highest pedestal
For hope and for light
A saviour for our souls
A freedom from this plight.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why alcohol, when you have air, and S!!

So let me tell you all the story of my awesome day..

Today was the first and last day of my internals, because, given that I'm awesome, I had to give just one paper this time. I did AWESOMELY, thank you for asking! If I don't get a 25, I'm going to seriously sue.

I made a new friend today! Guess who? My HOD! We're now tight. No, seriously. We had a one hour long chat today, about general stuff, wherein she asked me if she was strict. And then we had another twenty minute conversation where I pointed out that she was 'rigid' and not strict. There was also lots of laughing at her, with her!! I came out, scared of myself.

Then I watched Dostana with my friends. Perplexed, you were right! It was awesome!! And Urvashi is awesome!! We actually danced to Desi Girl! What a kickass song!!!! Its still running in my head. P and V were very embarrassed to be seen with us. Wow! Abhishek Bachchan is normally an ass, but he's seriously outdone himself in the movie! And Priyanka Chopra is good too. John Abraham cant really act, but he's done a decent job in the movie. The emotional scenes are a little dragging, but the movie is really good! Its totally nonsensical and total timepass. You come out feeling super good about yourself!! And wanting to dance!

I went to Corner House. This is what the title is all about. You know how people get high on alcohol, and do and say absolute crap! Crap that can totally be used to embarrass them!? Well something like that happened. Minus the booze.

But before you read ahead, let me warn you about something. I have a gift. I can make the funniest thing sound supremely unfunny. And what happened was really really funny!

There, I said it. Don't say I didn't warn you! So 'S' went crazy today!! Now, she has no idea I'm taking this online! She had Cake Fudge at corner house. Just that. And she totally lost it. Completely. She was throwing glasses of water on her boyfriend for absolutely no reason! And she did a 'dhak dhak' like step to indicate CPR. Then there was her talking about white 'chaddies'! OK, I'm going to stop, I'm ruining it already!

Anyway, here's some advice.

1. Watch Dostana.

2.Don't ever watch movies in Vision Cinemas.

3. Screw alcohol, drink chocolate sauce instead.

4. Make friends with your HOD!


Oh, oh and thanks A for the ice cream!!

*Ik lakh lakh pardesi girl, aint nobody liiike my desi girl*

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dancing with the stars...

You know what you need to make a perfect day, or rather, the day perfect?


Along with,



The cool thing about this, is that, anyone can play it! Girl, or boy(though most I know, consider themselves too macho to indulge in it! They're all still dying to try though!!!), kid or adult, someone who can dance or someone who can't(trust me, this comes from someone who looks like a hippopotamus learning ballet! Not a pretty sight.), and a lot of other categories, I can't think of right now..

And the best part, dancing basically is an exercise right, so what a way to burn all of them calories away! Without even having to know how to dance. The only downside is that you'll be bad in the beginning, but then, in no time, you will be awesome!! Plus there are songs like Tubthumping and Saints go Marching too!! And plus its cheap, lol.

So put on your dancing shoes(or not!), and dance like no-one's watching!! *We'll be singing, when we're winning*

PS- Listen to Edge of the Ocean - Ivy. Brilliant

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I hate the way you talk to me,
the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car,
I hate the way you stare.
I hate your big combat boots,
the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick,
it even makes me rhyme.
I hate the way you're always right,
I hate the way you lie.
I hate the way you make me laugh,
and even more when you make me cry.
I hate it when you're not around,
and the fact that you didn't call,
but mostly I hate that I don't hate you,
not even close,
not a little bit,
not even at all.

- Taken from 10 Things I Hate About You

I am such a girl!

And I miss Heath Ledger:(:(

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recent findings!

Probably the most thought provoking license plate during this time of the year for my MBA crazed friends! All the best y'all!!!

The super funky canvases I found(but couldn't buy). It doesn't look so great with the paper stuffed into it, but its quite awesome looking!

Esprit waistcoat. On display at Shoppers Stop. Oooooh lalaa!

Penn Badgley. Back off women. I've stuck by him ever since he was Scott Tucker. All mine!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Week of mistakes

I am a stupid stupid stupid person! Awesome, but stupid. The two kinda compensate though. But here's sharing my stupidity!

Day 1. Traffic signal. Me at the steering wheel. Traffic signal turns green. Car refuses to move. I freak! Try starting the car several times, but it just refuses to budge! Panic attack slowly setting in. I call my dad, and he doesn't pick up the phone. Random guy on the road offers to push my car. I bring my car to neutral...wait, my car's already in NEUTRAL!! Stupidity at its peak!!

Wait, it gets better.

Day 3. I can't ind my Ipod. I've searched my room, my car, accused my parents, everything. Then in attempt to prove their innocence they decide to search for it. They find it lying on my bed. Under the covers. Sigh. I now have set a record.

Day 6. The usual left-right story. I'm horrible with directions! So when a friend told me today to take a left and I took a right, I displayed my directional disability! It was quite embarrassing.

Day 7. I lost 500 bucks today!! To pay for a Rs.10 item. Sigh.

OK, its all out here! Lets see if we can find anyone who can beat that!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My last few posts have all had something about Grey's Anatomy. I'll try my best not to mention GA, in this one.

You know whats difficult? Being around exes. Being around friends who're exes. Being around two people who're both your friends and are each other's exes. Especially when they're friends one moment and cannot stand each other the next! And when you haven't been particularly involved in this love-hate (?)relationship, and are informed merely minutes before you meet them, that you aren't allowed to make any inappropriate jokes about them! And we love inappropriate jokes!! No fair!!

You know what's really difficult? Shopping for someone who already has everything! By everything, I literally mean everything! Clothes, perfumes(and many of them, at that), a ka-zillion pair of shoes, expensive jewellry(not like I can afford that, anyway), awesome car accessories, everything! Suggestions are open here.

You know what's really really difficult? Trying to decide what the hell you want to do after your degree. Listening to options from everyone and everywhere and getting even more confused.(Like thats even possible!! Hey, S , special mention here;)! ) And especially relatives asking 'What are you planning to do, beta?' OK I know they mean well but its the worse question ever to be asked when you're in this situation! Well, obviously they don't know what the hell is going on in your head, but you don't have any space to think about that. In your head.

On the brighter side...

You know what's yummy??? Fisher Pizza Balls! They are super yummy, and you get them in the One Dollar Store in Commercial Street, Bangalore. *drools* Oh, and Magic Pops! The crackling ones.

You know what's heavenly? The Body Splash Peppermint fragrance. It smells absolutely delicious! I want!

You know what's/who's awesome? Rediscovering Jack Johnson. And Ben Lee. And Leonardo diCaprio. Body of Lies was just wow!( Yes, I watch a lot of movies!)

You know what's even more awesome? Shopping. Period.

You know what's the biggest timepass? Bangalore Mirror crossword. It has clues like, oldest restaurant in Bangalore, and all. Best way to pass time in a boring.. Who am I kidding? In all classes!

*end of post*

I'm finally up to date with GA, and I love what's happening!!!! The most recent hook-ups are adorable!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear Diary...

So, really.. What do people normally use a diary for?

To record events, to remember events and related stuff, right?

Not this one. Thanks to Benrik, we now have access to the world's funkiest diary!! Plus access to books like 'Lose Weight, get Laid, Find God'!

Our diary here, hardly has any place for normal diary stuff. Instead it focusses on things that make our seemingly boring lives super exciting! It begins, like all other diaries, with a personal details page. But which other diary have you seen, which has a claim to fame field? Awesome, eh?

Then come two pages containing the whackiest resolutions ever. Stuff like make a baby(OK that doesn's seem so whack, but the illustrations, no they aren't perverted, make them really entertaining!), have an uglify yourself week, be a genie etc. Then it is followed by pages further contributing to its awesomeness!

Buy the diary! You'll know what I'm talking about. Also visit the aforementioned site. It contains some of the most random blogs ever! The age of the revolutionary diary has arrived!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weird sort of week/weird week of sorts.....

Wherein, I discovered:

1. The most kick ass pack of cards I have ever laid eyes on. Yes, I am talking about a pack of cards, not the cure for cancer. But when you see, what I did, you will go WOW with wonder too!

2. The awesome-st card game in the world, and also the lamest. The easiest game, yet the hardest to understand(for a while, that is.). Absolutely nonsensical, but mind blowingly brilliant at the same time. We fondly call it, 'Quietly Keep it Down'! Thank you very much S, for introducing us to this senseless brilliance!

3. Madhur Bhandarkar is not all that. Fashion, I can safely say, SUCKED. Remember my Bachna Eh Haseeno review. Multiply that by three billion, four hundred thousand, two hundred and sixty nine, and you get Fashion. Three hours of physical, mental/emotional torture. The music was bad, the clothes weren't great, the concept was super-predictable and it was excruciatingly long! OK, the women are hot, but no person,(not even you boys) can take take this rubbish for three and a half hours. Kangana Ranaut cannot act to save her life, and Priyanka Chopra is so painfully boring, you will seriously hate yourself for sometime.

4. Roadside Romeo. Lets not even go there. Yes, I did watch the movie. Yes, it was a terrible mistake. Yes, I am quite lame. But it is definitely better than the aforementioned piece of crap.

5. I am not 'Gossip Girl' anymore. Pun intended. I used to know everything. I never was the 'social butterfly', but I attracted gossip like a magnet! Now, in contrast, I know everything about everyone last. Damn!

I suck at bowling. I am really, really, really bad!

7. Happy Halloween! (And, happy Independence Day, R!! Today is a day of celebration,!! *winks*) And also, Happy Birthday, S!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm back!!

*From where*

That doesn't matter, really. What matters is that I am back to create an impact on the peace and quiet of the city(but the truth is, the city ain't that peaceful considering, a. its Diwali and b. Bangalore has changed. But thats not what this is about.. This is about me being back!! So yippieeee!!:))!

So one thing I did after coming back and unlocking my room etc. was check my blog. Before I sent out messages(but then again, messages charge 1 buck today.)!! But I truly did miss cluttering my very own cyber place(btw I hate the word cyber) with my senseless, self obsessed rubbish!! Wheeeee!! Hurray for blogs!

I rediscovered exhilaration today! My dad let me drive the Corolla today, and I can safely say that it has changed me. To be in a car thats going super fast is one thing, but to be behind the steering wheel when the speedometer hits a 150kmph is just beyond any feeling!! You must try it! Notice the number of exclamation marks?? Thats how excited I am/was!!

Anyway, my mom is throwing slight fits and asking me to unpack now, so I gotta go..


Oh, and happy Diwali!!:)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look to the left, look to the right and then...


- The pedestrians - The footpath is made for a reason. Use it! Don't blame me later, if you don't and I run over you.

- The autodrivers - Your auto-rickshaws aren't as tiny as you believe them to be. They cannot, and will not fit through any space!

- The bus drivers - Fine, agreed. Your vehicles are massive. But don't take in so many people that it seems like they're going to fall on me when I drive past you! Also your turns must not be so far out into the road. Maybe my father should teach you how to drive!

- The two wheelers - You see that little gap between my car and the guy's in front? No, there's a high high probability you are not going to fit through that. So don't try, and make me yell at you!

- The truck drivers - You do not belong on the roads. Period. Stick to the highway!

Finally, the car drivers(this applies to me, sometimes) - Stick to your lane(unless you are really late for college/work), and use the indicator, always! (How boring!)

Thank you for taking time out to read this.

- Your friendly neighbourhood traffic police.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Boy crazy!

Remember when I said Patrick Dempsey was the man?? Well all that's changed now! I'm on season 4 of Grey's Anatomy, and Eric Dane is THE MAN!! When McSteamy comes into the picture, McDreamy quite literally disappears. Stupid, stupid Addison. Too bad Kate Walsh left the show, I actually grew to like her as the show progressed.

And Alex Karev is also so WOW! Love the new look, love his story, love the facial hair, love everything about him! I'm hoping the series gets him and Izzie back together(or have I not gotten to that part yet? No, don't tell me!!).

But it kinda sucks that there's no more Preston Burke. I really liked his character, and his story with Oh.

And that brings us to Brendan Fehr! Wowwie! Double triple wow! I must admit I'm a little late on watching Roswell. I didn't watch it too regularly back when I was in school, but now I'm on it. And that boy, Michael Guerin, gives me the goosebumps! Its incredible how rebellious and dangerous he is! I want to be with an alien, man!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Calvin: What's it like to fall in love?

Hobbes: Well, say the object of your affection walks by..
First your heart falls into your stomach, and splashes your innards. All the moisture makes you sweat profusely. The condensation shorts the circuits to your brain and you get all woozy! When your brain burns out altogether, your mouth disengages, and you babble like a cretin till she leaves!

Awwwwww! This is, by far, the cutest thing I've ever read!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words... HURT WORDS, HURT!!!

So, like I promised....

*like anyone cares*

But this my blog, so who cares about you!

RIA sucks,
Its worse than muck,
What horrible luck,
With this subject we are stuck!

Our teacher is a whor@,
No doubt, the biggest bore,
I'd like to pin her to the floor,
Sock it to her once, and then some more!!

AJAX, XML, Flex and SOAP,
That we can shift to DOS, we live in hope,
Or else before internals, again we'll mope,
As for externals, there's definite need of dope!

So Open Office is quite awesome! I've always used Microsoft Word, and don't quite like the 2007 version. I mean, its quite cool, but its very cluttered. I like simple. Where I don't have to change my spacing with every paragraph and go to a different menu altogether for a slide show(referring to power-point here). I did try installing the 2003 version, but that didn't work either. Plus I kind of installed Windows over Linus(yes, Linus. I call him Linus, and Linus rocks!) on my system, and now I'm stuck with Vista. But Open Office is quite cool:)

Why I'm using Open Office when I can use Blogger? Because in my house we have a system. I get the broadband connection Mondays through Thursdays, and my brother gets it over the weekend. And today is Friday. This came to being after much hassle, and torment. I keep telling my mom, you should've stuck to having just one kid, but no-one listens to me. Oh no no no. Anyway, I'm not complaining, just that my downloads are always rudely interrupted, and that, is not cool.

Highlights of the week. Or rather, the much needed extra long weekend. I went to Kerela. It wasn't the usual hill-station, coffee estate trip. Rather, it was a temple trip. Guruvayur. I don't know what it is with my parents, but they have this temple thing going on. I suggested a family vacation in the hols. Mom was thrilled at the idea. She asked me if I had a place in mind. I promptly said, Bangkok! She seemed happy. I'll ask dad and tell you. Result: Guruvayur now, and next week, Tirupathi. Normally, I'm not a very temple person, but this place has something about it. Guruvayur, that is. I love the place. I don't mind standing in those long, crazy queues. I really don't. Plus I love elephants. They're the cute-st things ever. And there are loads of them in Kerela.

Anyway, I'm back. I'm dying of this nasty cold, and totally sleep deprived, but I'm home, nursing myself back to my super-awesome self. And like I said, today is Friday. 10th October. Much awaited by me, and my friend, for one main reason. The book launch! eM's book launch! No cold was going to stop me from going. I love eM. I have spent many nights reading her blog, when in fact I should've been studying. So, yeah, I went. And got a signed copy of her book(yippieeee!:))! I wanted her to sign it as, 'I hope this book is as awesome as you are,' but then I thought, too much. Lol. So, I now have a signed copy of 'You Are Here', signed, 'I hope this lives upto the blog'. Yes, I met eM!!! I now also have two seasons of Grey's anatomy, and two seasons of Desperate Housewives!

Such a girl!

I know!!

Since I can't use the internet to 'publish' this(publish is such a weird term to use, here), I'm going to wait till the rest of my weekend to see how it goes. I'm supposed to be going on this trip tomorrow with some friends, but the decision will be taken tomorrow by my mom, depending on 'The Common Cold' crisis. Hope something works out! *Fingers crossed*

Saturday. I didn't go.:( Woke up with a horrible head pain. Bright side. My brother isn't home. So I can use the internet before he gets home!

So, voila!

P.S - Listen to 'Look at her Face' - The Coral Sea. Awesome song!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Stay tuned for more Innovatia.. Very soon, there will be another professor-dissing poem! This time, the RIA b*#@$!!

I dearly dearly hope she reads this.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I don't quite to I feel.
Those three words, they're said too much..they're not enough..
If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me,
and just forget the world.........

Monday, September 29, 2008


This is a song about my friends! People, identify yourselves.:)

Also, sing this as you read. Tune - This old man, he played one...

There is M, M speaks fast, If M hits you, you'll need a cast!
But M is actually really really sweet, I love M and M loves me!:)

Then there's K, K's so sweet! K 's the cutest thing you've seen!
But lately K's started calling people fat, but people bug her big time, tit for tat!

Here comes R, we call her nice! R is awfully scared of mice!
R is really ticklish, and makes funny sounds, also psychos make her frown!;)

S likes to say that she is cool. Hot men around, then S will drool.
S is my partner-bitch in crime, Dempsey is mine, S - get in line!

Say hello to E, E loves the sea! E absolutely loves 'elneer',
But E is strong, so people beware. E does funky things to her hair!

There's another S, this one's whack! She's always talking, yakkity yak!
S is boy-crazy, but S also loves girls! S can belly-dance, S can twirl!

S no. 3, weird as can be, total sweetheart, needs to be set free!
S is complicated, S thinks way too much, S needs to get 2p messaging with Hutch!

(Bear with me, for this came out in all of thirty minutes.)

Dumb-a$@, Red Foreman style!

Thanks for the wishes people!

But let me tell you a story of a dumbass who was supposed to give her TOEFL yesterday, a.k.a ME! The exam went fine, thanks for asking, but I redefined the word dumbass, in the process.

It all began when I decided to drive to my exam center. Which was in Kormangala. Which is pretty far away from my house. The drive was fine. It was a Sunday. 8 in the morning. No traffic. Nice weather. Nice music. Basically it was quite perfect, devoid of any tension, which is awesome before any exam. But, what is my life without any form of totally unwanted excitement?? Not my life!

So, 8.30 and I've reached the center. I call my mom to say I've found the place, and reply to a few 'all the best' messages. My mom asks me to verify if I've found the right place. So I walk to the building and see Idomain Technologies, my exam center. Satisfied, I walk back to my car to take out my passport.

'Oh shit, she forgot her passport at home!!'
No, no. As far as the stuff required to take the next day goes, my mom, the responsible one, made sure I had everything with me. My passport, a bottle of water, an apple in case I got hungry. I know I can skip the details, but then, where's the fun. So anyway, moral of this paragraph, I had my passport.

But I forgot my keys in the car! And my passport was in the car! And I live 20kms away from Kormangala! And I had an exam in an hour! I immediately call my mom, who tells me to worry about the car later, and first go give the exam. Then I tell her that my passport is in the car, and she flips. She decides to come to Kormangala with the spare keys, and I quickly give her the address to the place. I also asked her to bring my dad's phone (my mom doesn't carry a phone) and press the green button in case I call. It was 9.

9.10. I called her again. This time, my dad picks the phone, tells me not to worry and that they'd be there soon. I asked them where they were. Near our house, but we'll be there in a half hour. That would be 9.40. And the reporting time was 9.30. Unfortunately, I had no Ipod, so I couldn't even calm myself down with music. So I went to the center, notified them about this peculiar situation, and proceeded to type out the form. A lot of things are running in my head. How I'm going to get belted at home. Think of all the words that are going to be thrown my way, i.e irresponsible, careless, jackass(from my brother). Time passes quickly though. Phew!

9.30. My parents are in Kormangala. Yippie! I walk a bit to find them. Totally relieved. My dad insists on unlocking the car, and gives me my passport. Then they wait for me to remove the keys, lock the car, walk to the center, and then they leave.

9.45. Test begins.

Yes, the word you are looking for is, dumbass!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

TOEFL today people.. Wish me luck!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bye bye Miss American Pie...

I hate goodbyes. I loathe goodbyes. I absolutely cannot stand to say goodbye.

So when a friend called me today to say that he had gotten a job offer away from here, I just wasn't ready to believe it. And the worst part is, away from here just isn't in another city in another state, but in another country all together. That really blows! Its worse than George Clooney, acting as Batman, Its worse than having to hear Meredith Grey's voice. Its worse than the end of the final Harry Potter book. Its worse than worse.

A few minutes into the conversation, and I finally decided to believe that this wasn't another person trying to make a fool out of me, and this indeed was happening. It took me a good fifteen minutes to bring myself to congratulate him. I know I'm super proud of him, but I can't bring myself to see it. I know I should be happy for him, but I can't bring myself to genuinely feel it.

*this sounds way too corny*

Well, I am happy for him. I just don't see why I can't be happy for him working in the same city. The good thing is that he will be flying down quite often, so that really is a good thing...I guess..

So, here's to a new beginning for him, and wishing him all the good luck in the world!


Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm growing up! 

Not physically, that stopped nearly ten years ago. That may make me sound like I'm in my late-twenties, but I'm not! Nah-ah, I'm not revealing my age! (Unless I already have somewhere in this blog, then that didn't make sense, but never mind...)

Anyhoo....yeah, I'm growing up! Most of you who know me, will probably say, yeah right! But its true! Hundred percent. 

I don't like drinking anymore. The taste of alcohol disgusts me. I've decided to drink only when its absolutely necessary. OK in my case, that would be when I'm out clubbing with my friends, or at a party, and that doesn't happen often! (But an exception would be the Grand Martini!) This is a complete opposite of what I used to be when I first started my degree. (*sigh* time's flying..OK lets not go there, I'm not in the mood to get depressed!) 

I'm also never entering the dirty dhaba near college again! Three years without so much as a mention of the place, and suddenly everyone's a fan. No, thank you.

I don't like just sitting around, when so much can be done. I was totally OK with it before, but now it just pisses me off. OK sometimes, its fine, when you don't have too much time, or you've bunked only one class. But it gets really pissing off when you have an entire evening/day ahead of you, and all you want to do is sit and talk. Its so much better to do something constructive. By constructive, I mean, to actually do something fun. Talking is fun, I agree. Nothing is better than the ringing sound of gossip (am I a typical girl or what??!), but that can be done anywhere! 'We're so bored'.. Then get up and move your as#$@, people! 

Now, that I think about it, some of the above don't really count as being grown up, but more of a what I don't like/what I am now list.. 

I also don't like when people don't make decisions quickly, when they should. Are you coming for the movie/party requires a simple yes/no, and definitely not a 'Who all are coming?' Why must people be so complicated!? A monosyllabic answer would suffice, but no, people have to go about the whole cross questioning routine, and totally piss everyone off!

I don't like Addisson Montgomery Shepherd. I also don't like Meredith Grey. Her voice annoys me. Its like you see her face, you expect a slightly tolerable voice, but you get hers. (When I was watching the whole 'Love me. Choose me. Pick me' part, I nearly died! And it came on every recap of every episode in the season!!!) Totally whiny. Like Sarah Jessica Parker's. I hate her voice too! But her whiny voice goes with her whiny character, so I guess it fits. I love the show. Its so nicely made. Except for Patrick Dempsey, and Katherine Heigl, no-one is ultra fab-looking, but they're so well put together, it makes the show wow!! I know you're probably going, that happened three years back, when the show started, but I'm still on season 2, so too bad! 

I don't like attending class. No explanations needed there.

OK, so I'm not-so-grown up after all..damn!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I laugh at the face of fear!

Truth. No, I don't.

I scare easy, real easy. But I don't get scared of normal everyday things. I can watch horror movies without uttering a scream. I can go on the scariest rides. I can swim in the deep end of the pool, i.e - I don't scare easy! Contradicting, eh? Here's the deal..

I'm pretty fearless, really. Fear, you say.. What does that mean, would be my reply.

Except when it comes to hospitals. And blood. And anything related to hospitals and blood. And yeah, ambulances, but then those are related to hospitals. And blood. Ok fine I'm also terrified of lizards and rats, but then, who isn't?

The weird thing is, there's absolutely no history behind it. With regard to the hospitals and blood, that is. I haven't had a single stitch, or fracture in my life (knock on wood!). And neither have I witnessed anything tragic in a hospital(knock, knock as hard as you can!!), actually the only time I've been in a hospital is probably when I was born, and maybe when my brother was born, I can't remember. The thought of sick people lying in beds, with hospital apparatus inserted into them, and sucking things out of them, and putting things into them, scares the living daylights out of me!!
Don't get me wrong. Its not something I'm proud of. Its just something I cannot take.

My brother, on the other hand, has had a million stitches and irregularities etched on to his skin. One time, he broke his nose and I refused to go meet him in the hospital! It's a damn good thing I didn't become a doctor. Actually it's the primary reason I didn't become a doctor.

One more thing I'm afraid of, awkward situations. If someone comes to me telling me about a break up or the sort, the most I can do is freak out, and make a joke, hoping earnestly, that it is funny enough to crack the other person up! But what really stumps me, is when someone tells me about a death in the family. I can't bring myself to say anything. Zilch. I usually stay away from these situations. People might think me to be insensitive, but the truth is..well, I can't really explain it, its a 'me' thing.

And I get really really freaked when something out of the ordinary happens. Or someone tells me something unusual. I mean, scary unusual. It could be anything. Accidents(=ambulances=Hospitals=Blood), health problems etc. I come up with the worst, possible conclusions and completely freak myself out, and quite often people around me. And I'm very very very hard to calm down.

Oh I'm also super scared of injections. Lets not even go there!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm totally obsessed with 'Ye Tumhare meri Baatein', from Rock On. 
Wow! Its so brilliantly sung. And the song is so simple, yet it sounds so classy! And so easily sing-able. I sure hope the song gets the song of the year award in 2008.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have absolutely nothing to write about today! Nothing bad happened, so that rules out any form of bitching(I know, sigh!), no-one pissed me off(thankfully, for them!), lots of things happened according to my convenience (which became the source for a lot of fun) and I had a good time!

Thank God for days like these!:)

Friday, September 12, 2008

I did a really stupid thing today.

I watched an episode from the latest season of One Tree Hill.

That aint so bad, you say.

Clearly, you haven't watched season 5. Which was atrocious! So horribly boring, that I stopped watching it midway. But the episode I watched today seemed OK, as in not insanely boring. There's someone up there who likes me. 

But I sincerely hope, for my own sake, the rest of he episodes are worth watching! Or I shall lose it.

Listening to 'Ye tumhare meri baaten' and obsessed with it!

Public opinion.

I wrote this in class today and couldn't wait to get back home to put it up!
This is about a prof in my college. If you think I'm mean, you obviously haven't met this woman. 

So lets do one thing, I give you all the opportunity to come up with a name for this post. The worst possible adjectives you use will be supremely appreciated. So, knock yourselves out!!  

So there's this bitch who we can't stand
We all think she is definitely a MAN!
She can't teach or speak English for nuts
She has the IQ of the dumbest mutt!

She comes to class and then decides
To define 'eeeediot', but we think she must commit suicide,
or just die, in every way we choose!
So finally, in her class, we can snooze!

Fuck-face, whore, illiterate bitch,
At all the boys in class she will letch!
Wearing to class only Kannada colors,
Whenever I see her, I just want to holler!

I can't wait to leave this place
So I can come back and slap her face
And hit her hard till she turns blue,
Then stick her face to the wall with super-glue!

Aleece and Baab, and 'ello', and 'saacket'
She should be put on an un-returnable rocket!
That explodes in space, and blows to bits!
What a f$%@-ing brainless git!

I wish she'd roll down a hill and die,
And out of sheer joy we'd cry
The world shall be a better place,
And we'll live happily to the end of our days!!

Man, that felt good!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The last seven days...

I've figured the best way to keep yourself happy is to just do what you want, regardless of what others say and think. Go ahead and do your thing, stupid or not, trusting your instinct, because your instinct certainly isn't stupid! Don't sit around waiting for people to make decisions, because it will never happen!

And very very ironically, I've been really scream-y and yell-y and moody and annoying lately. Hope that changes, but if it doesn't, watch out people.

I met this person who I really don't like and surprised myself, and some others, by being really civil to her!

I actually met a person who thought 'The Dark Knight' wasn't all that! 

I listened to, and surprisingly liked Death Magnetic! Don't murder me, Metallica fans, but I'm not much of a Metallica person, but this album really is something else! Hope this lasts!

So I go to Peco's the other day and I don't drink beer. Isn't that awesome! Something about beer has really been getting to me lately. People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I don't like beer, but its all cool. Pepsi is wayyyy better!

I'm using Google Chrome! It seems OK, very clean and neat, without any of the bookmark and toolbar clutter. But what I like best is the home page which gives you a list of your most frequently visited pages. I think I like:) Especially because something's seriously wrong with Firefox on my laptop and using Safari on Windows is a bitch. So here's looking forward to a happy browsing experience.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

I smile. I frown.
I can be down.
I say. I feel.
And thats the deal.

I make you smile. Do whatever it takes.
And then I go and put it all at stake.
I make you mad, and get all sad.
But hear me out, I'm not that bad..

I say stupid things, and get your stares.
And when you do the same, I give you glares.
And walk away feeling all angry and pissy,
and you think, I'm not giving in again, missy.

I try to let it all go by,
like nothing happened, and message you a 'hi!'
You've had enough, and let out a swear,
'This is more than I can bear!'

'Who the hell does she think she is?
She's so moody, and lives in her world of bliss!
Oblivious to others, and the way they feel,
Oh I'm so mad, I want to kill!'

You see me walking to you the next day,
You feel sick just looking at me and try to walk away.
I catch up with you, and start to talk,
like everything's OK, and you just gawk!

But don't you see, this is my way,
of trying to make everything OK.
I love you, and I'd never do anything, 
deliberately, to hurt you, coz it really stings:(

So be ok with me, because its true,
that when you're mad at me, I feel all blue.
We need to be OK, this don't feel right.
I really prefer our senseless, stupid fights.

Acha hua, picture se bach gaye!

So I finally caught Bachna Haseeno. And this is my review.

In one word. Horrible.

In two. Absolute crap.

Three words. Why, God! Why!!?

Four words. Holy mother of God!!

Five. What were they thinking, seriously!!?


My God! Its a damn good thing I watched the movie on CD, because sitting through the torture for three hours would've made me tear my hair out! A complete waste of Bipasha Basu's hotness. And Ranbir Kapoor dressed in pink is so not cool! Plus Deepika Padukone's very very very south Indian accent. And, not forgetting Minisha Lamba's pathetic love life, or rather the lack of it.

No to be watched. Even when very drunk. 

Monday, September 8, 2008

What day is it today!!?

Hello all you party people! 

It's a great day today!! Why?? Because we are fifty posts old today!! Yabba Dabba Doooo!! *pats herself on back*
Isn't that the best news you've heard all day!?(If it isn't, then you need to get a life! Hmph!) So all you lucky people will get a healthy doze of - wait for it - all that's me! Now, seriously, that had to make your day!!

Fifty facts you might know, might like to know, or even, wish you didn't know about me. You might know some of it already if you know me, or have been following this blog regularly(now that's something I'd like to see happen), but there's nothing like a long, self-obsessed reminder to stir up things!
(Yep this post is going to be super long ;);) ) So hold on, and lets begin our ride!

1. Me likey Patrick Dempsey. Ok sorry, that wasn't the truth. Me in love with Patrick Dempsey!
2. Me is 21, and me is in final engineering! Woohoooo!
3. I'm constantly hungry, and almost always eating.
4. Me loves continental food, and pasta!! Yummmy in the tummy!
5. I love Michael Phelps!
6. And Jennifer Aniston!
7. And John Mayer!
8. I don't like most vegetables. And papaya. Yuck!
9. I loooove Pepsi! And Coke!
10. Me is a big sissy. Me cries for sad/happy endings while watching movies/TV shows alone.
11. Me is chicken-shit!
12. I like to dance, mostly when noone's watching!!:):)
13. I love to sing!! Especially loudly in the car, to annoy the person who's driving!
14. I don't normally allow food in my car.
15. I love stilettos! I will buy and wear them even if they tear my feet. 
16. I like anything salty, especially lime soda with extra salt. *drools*
17. Me looooooves babies!!
18. I love to gossip!
19. I don't like Christiano Ronaldo. Or John Abraham.
20. I hate politics. Of any kind.
21. I would kill to witness a fight between two rival gangs.
22. I use Dove shampoo. It makes my hair soft and nice.:)
23. Oh, I have nice hair! :):)
24. I have a thing for boys who have nice abs and nice hair! *blush*
25. Me loves to drive!

OK fine.. Y'all can take a short break and resume.. See ya in a  bit!

Part 1? Part 2? Confusion!

Ok so I decided to be nice and break my super long post, to give you guys a break. After all, you guys make me, me! (Now isn't that a line appropriate for the Grammy's or the sort;)) Anyway, I wrote this post after the previous one..but for continuity sake this comes second!

So where were we....

26. I love the movie Shall We Dance. 
27. I am also in love with Imran Khan, but don't think he can pull off Kidnap.
28. Me is way too egoistic.
29. Me does not like to lie.
30. Me likey when people comment on my blog posts:):)
31. I like potato chips:)
32. I love sleepovers!
33. I love talking on the phone late at night...
34. Me loves chick flicks like Legally Blonde, Clueless, My Best Friend's Wedding etc.
35. Me eats, sleeps, breathes music. Quite literally!
36. I like to draw and paint.
37. I love snow! 
38. And I love the colour blue!
39. I dare you to move!:)
40. I always see the bright side, the silver lining, the tiny ray of sunshine, and the half-full glass. :)
41. I think too much. Way too much!
42. I love rains. And lightning and thunder!
43. I love doggies.
44. I love the word hope. And belief. And hate the word blouse. Guess you knew that!
45. I love blogging. And I'm super proud of myself for making it this far. Touching, eh?
46. I don't do drugs. And I don't like beer.
47. I don't like hypocrites and liars and back-stabbers.
48. I love me!!!!!:):)
49. I'm slightly crazy! Actually, make that very!
50. Finally.. Anyone who knows me, will know what this one's going to be.. I am awesome!!

So there.. There's all you need to know..for now!

I shall be back! Remember, there's going to be a post 100!! Myuahahaha!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I feel it in my fingers.....:)

So I just started watching Grey's Anatomy, and I'm completely in love with Patrick Dempsey! Absolutely sinister, I know, that I started watching it only now, but man, all I can think of now is, the way his eyes sparkle when he's wearing his surgical mask, and you know he's smiling! Makes me all *siiiiiiggggghhhhh* I mean, he is just the cutest guy ever! *sigh* Is Meredith the luckiest woman on the planet or what!! 

And Sandra Oh riding a motorcycle!! What a chick!! Wow!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The best medicine...hell yeah!!!

Do you know what it feels like to be made to laugh when you're drinking water, and then ending up laughing so hard the water goes up your to your nose and you end up coughing and spluttering!? 

I do!

OK, its not that big. But shit, for two minutes there, I didn't know where I was, or what the hell was going on around me! It was beyond any high I'd ever experienced!!!! It was awesome! For the first time in my life, I laughed till I cried! And that too, for something really really trivial.
But I've figured one thing..planning is useless! Going with the flow works out to be the best!
And laugh!! Whenever you can! Its magical, seriously!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You know what the worst feeling is? When you know your results are out and the f*!$ing website refuses to open! Screw you, VTU!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today was a good day!!!:):)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Come get some??

Remember Nelly Furtado? No, not the promiscuous, made-over, Courtney Cox look-alike Nelly Furtado, but the old one. The Nelly Furtado who sang about being like a bird and the other zippy, peppy songs that me as a kid used to listen to..whose lyrics seemed playfully innocent at the time.

Well, that changed!

No, not Nelly! Well, she did too, but what I mean here is my interpretation of her songs. There was 'Turn off the Lights', remember? Just recently a friend and I were singing the song, and we both stopped at the same line, not knowing the complete lyrics. After midniiight, morning will come and the day will see......?
I figured the next line had something to do with the rising sun or something of the sort..but when I went home and listened to song, I realized she was talking about someone 'getting some'!! Woah! OK I know its not a big deal, but the little kid in me was in total shock!! To think, the whole time I'd thought it was a song about some chick who was scared of the dark or something(OK thats not what I thought it was, but it seems appropriate, considering the title). And it actually was about some guy trying to have his way with the girl! Jeez!

Talk about ruined childhood!


I was listening to this song today and it hit me how apt it was. In my case, that is. How sometimes I feel lost and without any direction. How sometimes nothing feels right. How sometimes we want to see the tiny ray of sunshine. And how sometimes we want to think the exact opposite of what we want happening, just to keep ourself safe. 

Tracing - John Mayer

Do you ever get the feeling
that we started in the middle..
Or do you ever have the sense
that we are lying, just a little..
I mean come on
its not like we have known ourselves that long

And I cant say I really blame you
for being bored with the beginning..
Always staring at the score
to figure out whose barely winning.
but dont you know
that there is a reason strong moves slow

And I'm ok.. if you're ok.. with wasting time..
But when you trace
you always see the bottom line

We are tracing... I hope you know... we are tracing

And if you want to know the moment
I knew that I was still alone
I found I never learned your number
I only stored it in my phone
you think by now
I'd know the shape of calling home..

And I'm ok.. if you're ok.. with wasting time

And when you trace
you always see the bottom line..

We are tracing.. I hope you know.. We are tracing
We're both alone..

We are tracing
Did you ever get the feeling
that we started in the middle..
Or do you ever have the sense
that we are lying just a little..
I mean come on
Its not like we knew ourselves that long...

Monday, August 25, 2008


This post is thanks to Lemonade!:)

I seem to be on fire, three posts and all..

This is my mosaic from flickr.


To make it easier to comprehend..

1.Name: Poof! Anonymity rocks! When I used my real name, I got some celebrity pics in my search results.
2.Favourite food: Pasta. Yummy in the tummy!
3.High School: Convent. Twice.
4.Favourite colour: Blue blue blue!!!!
5.Celebrity crush: John Mayer, as if you didn't fiure that out from the picture.
6.Favourite drink: Grand Martini, currently. 
7.Dream vacation: Spain. Ooh la laaa!
8.Favourite dessert: Chocolate Mousse
9.What do you want to be when you're older: Rich, famous and happy! The woman in the picture does not look like she's happy though!
10.What do you love most: Me! Me me me! Talk about self-obsessed;) 
11.One word to describe you: AWESOME!
12:Flickr ID: Haha. This is what I got when I searched for it. 'We couldn't find any results matching 'id'. We give up!'


I just looked outside and its yellow!! Not black, or blue or normal coloured, but yellow. Like the Coldplay song! 

I came along, I wrote this post for you
It was called Yellow!:):)

Sitting, waiting..wishing

This week was supposed to be awesome.

Today wasn't.

Ok well, the week was supposed to be awesome mainly because I wanted it to be. But one day into it and I don't feel too great. It was fun and all, but it wasn't all that, y'know.. Maybe its because college sucks the fun out of everything. Maybe its because you gave one insignificant thing a little more thought than you should have, and that is killing you now. Maybe that thing wasn't insignificant after all(see what I mean?). Maybe its because things don't happen the way you want them to. Maybe its because things and people around you let you down. Maybe you aren't happy with things happening around you. So many maybes..

The creepiest thing is, I just read my facebook horoscope and its scarily accurate. To the last detail. Like they predicted everything based on what was going to happen to me. I should've just read that and figured that was today was just going to be ho hum. But I somehow think there's no fun in that. I like reading my horoscope at the end of the day to see how true it turned out to be. Ok this paragraph had no connection whatsoever with the previous one.

Ah, well, I guess tomorrow will be better. *fingers crossed*

Saturday, August 23, 2008


So I might go to Udaipur!!! On a holiday with friends!! In January..I know thats eons away.. But I've almost gotten permission!!! This is SO AWESOME!!! I just cant wait to go on my trip!!! (To be sung like 'I just cant be wait to be king') And my mum is almost OK with the other trip with my other friends too! 5 months to go..but its going to be so worth the wait!!

I'm not going to call this post 'random' even though it pretty much is.

Some truly sucky things..

1. College on Saturdays!
2. College. Period.
3. Mass bunking, travelling 15kms to get home, only to realize most of the class attended anyway. B%$#@%*!!!
4. Monday mornings.

Things that make the above sucky things not-so-sucky.

1. Swimming! The best stress buster!
2. Food.
3. Let-offs.
4. Indijoes, Old Madras Road, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cocktails on the house for women.
5. The Wii!
6. Tabasco, the cutest doggie in the world!!!
7. Pepperoni.

Wow, the not-so-sucky things outnumber the sucky things. That must mean life is gooooood!


Realizations in the past three weeks.

1. Carpool=Reaching college late.
2. Final year makes me sad:(
3. Phoonkh=Not to be watched, unless you're watching it alone for Rs. 500,000.
4. GIMP is a lot of fun!!
5. Lock-picking involves a lot of planning. A LOT!
6. Movies are not to be watched on Fridays, or over the weekend.
7. Pubs get really boring after a while, and smoking, drinking and smoking up all the time is not fun!
8. Butta(Roasted corn) is awesomeness redefined!