Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I now present to you the works of an extremely amateur flipbooker. Bear in mind, very amateur. And very different idea when it was actually being flipped.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It changes everything for me. Everyday. All I have to do is wake up and put on my earphones. And hit play. And everything changes.

I live music. I literally eat, drink and breathe it. It's pretty much my crack. I have my headphones on right now. I have it on for most of the day. Some nights even, when I sleep. And especially when I'm studying. The only time I'm not on music is probably when I'm in class. Or work. Or on the phone. You get the picture.

I grew up listening to a lot of good music. My dad was greatly instrumental in music playing the role it does in my life. He's always been a huge fan of the Beatles, the Doors, Floyd, Deep Purple. So I grew up listening to a lot of their stuff(and Abba, but let's not get into that.) Admittedly, I did not warm up to the Doors until many years later. And there was five years of classical training which every girl in South India probably goes through. And then came the transition into the (ugh!) boyband phase. Fortunately(or unfortunately) that got over pretty quick.

The first rock album I owned was Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park. (Honestly, I don't remember the last time I listened to a Linkin Park song, now.) And from then on, it's been a rollercoaster. There's been a little mix and match between the alternative, classic and progressive genres but it's all good. It was pretty revolutionary. I got back to the Beatles and the Doors and the Eagles and this time I listened. Music made me learn what listening actually meant. I've never really been the best listener, but in this case, wow did I listen. And fell in love. With all of it. From Roger Waters to Keith Moon. From Dave Matthews to Hendrix. From John Mayer to Jim Morisson.

Music does strange things to me. At all levels. If I need to get to a happy place, I just pop on Folk you (Junkyard Groove) or Are you gonna be my girl (Jet). If I need to get to a BETTER place, there's Fix You (Coldplay) or Don't Cry (GnR). If there's a time when I feel the need to get my head all messed up, all I have to do is play a Radiohead song. Music turns me on when I listen to Shine on you Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd) or Teardrop (Massive Attack) or No Surprises (Radiohead). If I need to feel high, there's Free Fallin' (John Mayer). I've been listening to this song someone recommended, Dayvan Cowboy (Boards of Canada). And I'm totally feeling that funny feeling in my stomach. The one I usually feel when everything feels totally complete. I get that satisfying feeling that everything will work out and everything's going to be alright. Music pretty much feeds my optimism. It makes me believe. Believe in me, believe in you, believe in a higher power. Music, in a weird way, helps me concentrate. I sleep better, I think clearer, I even study better. As a kid I used to listen to music which was comparitively fast paced, when I used to work out Math problems. Guess who always finished before time.

Music is a huge part of me. It's been the biggest influence in my life. And my biggest ambition is to one day make a record with John Mayer (If you haven't noticed already, I'm in love with him!). I don't play any instruments (not for lack of trying), except for the C, G, D chords on the guitar. I guess my hands weren't skillful enough. I've always envied musicians on instruments. Especially the sax. I've always wanted to be into jazz, but can never steer off rock. You know the feeling, there are two equally awesome things and you just don't feel like splitting your time between the two of them.

Music makes me understand. Music makes me feel. Music makes me sing, music makes me dance, music makes me fly. Music makes me fall in love again. Music makes me reach out. Music helps me believe in a better tomorrow. Music makes me laugh and smile.

Music makes me, me.