Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This is your life..

.... are you who you want to be?

This is a question, I don't ask myself too often, but do ask sometime. Its usually at the time there are no messages, no-one's online and there's nothing to do.

I have this friend S. The complicated one. She used to sing this song, 'Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I guess I'll eat some worms..'

I have another friend Ms. Hide 'n Seek. Once a year, we all get this message from her(I don't anymore, on account that messaging me charges a bomb!). It reads, 'I'm sorry if I've hurt you and ask for your forgiveness,' or something to that extent. Its a Jain thing. And even though sorry doesn't solve everything, I think it most certainly does make an effort to do so.

I'm sorry R. For all the snide comments. I know you work extremely hard and get enough shit at work. But I've missed you toooo much to get that! And I'm not (wo)man enough to say it to your face, but I really am sorry. :(

And everyone else, whom I've met in the last week, I love you guys! I really do. I miss talking to you all and hanging out with you all all the time and if I've said anything mean to you, its totally unintentional and its because I'm totally stupid. Sorry. :(

And to all the other 'nobodies' who don't like me, here's a sorry, if I've been mean to you. Or done anything that's made you not like me, if you don't deserve it. (This is a very un-me post, but I don't know why, I feel like it.)


There, it's not entirely the me I want to be, but I think I'm getting there.
Guess I'm going to be a whole lot nicer this year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa,

You know what I want for Christmas.
So please, please, let me, let me, let me...
Let me, get what I want this time! *to be sung in tune*

PS - I've been super nice, that too!

Merry Christmas!! :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Break on through to the other side!

Well this post is coming a a little early this year, I think. But a 31st December-1st January would require the routine resolution post.

It is kind of a unbelievably predictable end-of-the-year-oh-my-God-did-I-say-year-I-meant-decade-post. And I'm doing the typing at the most un-me time, 5.30 a.m. I can't sleep. I can actually hear someone walking across my corridor right now. I wonder where she's going; the campus is closed. So is the library; I would know. I should probably sleep.

Ah, well.

Act 1 scene 1

Why 2009 has been a fantastic year!

- I turned 22. Best. Age. Ever.
- Discovering Gokarna.
- And, surviving the car crash to get there!
- Discovering Udaipur.
- And of course, discovering Los Angeles. The Grove, Americana, Hollywood, everything!
- I almost forgot. Discovering, Las wait-for-it Vegas! I just realized there was no post-Vegas post. Haha post-Vegas post sounds funny!
- The piercing. I'm probably going to put up a picture in the morning. I feel like sharing!
- John Mayer. And, Battle Studies.
- Zach Braff. Man, these names are going to be repeated indefinitely on this blog!
- The end of VTU.
- Meeting Perplexed. It seems so long ago, no?
- Inglourious Basterds!
- The living alone experience. (Album coming out soon, lol.)
- Mango Showers!
- The yet-to-come seven days of Christmas!
- The roommates. :)
- John Mayer. Sigh.
- The Victoria Secrets stuff I bought. Well, after all that unavoidable-humping I received from school, I deserved a little pampering, didn't I? Well, to be honest, I don't care if you think otherwise. Its really cutesy and un-pink! Eeeeee! :)
- Leavey library. Yes. I. Said. It. And, dude.

Why the 20-something years have been an AWESOME decade.

- Above.
- Well, we got from younger (read-lame), to older, smarter, awesomer!
- Arctic Monkeys. Deathcab For Cutie. John Mayer. Audioslave. Blue Judy. This list will go on forever.
- This one will too. That 70's Show. Scrubs. Greys Anatomy. Entourage.
- The first laptop. And the first phone.
- Turning 18.
- Facebook.
- Blogger.
- The first piercing!
- The Departed!

Sorry to end this abruptly.

Act 1, Scene 2. December 24th.

A few things are the same. Like, it is still 5.30 am. And I can't sleep.

Everything else is beautiful.
I'M IN THE MOTHERLAND. I'm home home home! And I don't really know if this is jetlag or what, but I don't really care! I'm listening to the new Snow Patrol single, Just Say Yes, and very very happy!

Continuing to why 20-something was an awesome decade!

- I came home for Christmas! I suddenly understand what all those Christmas songs were trying to say!

I cannot think of anything else in that category right now, so lets move on.

Act 1 scene 3.

Why 2010 is going to be a fantabulous year!!

Well, it just is.

You know it and I know it and the entire universe knows its going to be awesome!! So lets do our part and make it totally unbelievable! Its going to take all the positive thinking and being-awesome that's in us and put it out there and see the magic unfold! (Really, what do I sound like right now!?)

Ok, I'm signing off now.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Free fallin'

Please note - Any comments dissing anyone mentioned in this post WILL NOT be published.

So if you read this blog, or actually, just a post or two here and there, you'd know that I'm completely and hopelessly in love with John Mayer. The reason being, he's totally AWESOME! Like, totally. The dude created a word, for heaven's sake! And his rendition of Free Fallin' is just wowwie wow! Check that out here.

So, I'd like to tell you about my day.

By the way, my exams are over! They went decently, so I'm fairly happy! So right now I'm in the chilling mode.
Anyway, so me and my roommates, V and A decided to go out today. First we decided to go shopping, but then we decided to go to Hollywood instead. (Yeah I can say that all matter-of-factly, now!) So we did. We went to school, caught a tram to Union Station and caught a train to Hollywood. (Yes, this post will have a LOT of details. It just adds to the awesomeness!) We went to the Kodak theatre and the Chinese theatre, and fell in love with the place all over again! Then we decided to go souvenir shopping. Unfortunately we didn't find any cheap stores so we decided to look for some other stores.

So we were walking and looking around and suddenly we saw this line. And looked around; it was a line for the Jimmy Kimmel Show! And A looked at the board and she saw that the guest was Zach Braff. Now, I LOVE Zach Braff! I do. He's been awesome in the first seven seasons of Scrubs! And noone else can do JD as well as he can. So I went and asked the guy incharge what we could do to get in if we didn't have tickets. He said we could form a second line and after they let the people with the tickets in, if there were more seats, they'd think about letting us in.

Then A called me and asked me if I hadn't seen the board carefully, and for this, I love her! The last two line on the board read, 'music by - John Mayer'! No, really!!! John Mayer was going to be on the show. There was no way I could miss the show! So we went and stood in line! For thirty minutes we stood in anticipation. Would we, wouldn't we, would we, wouldn't we? And guess what!?

We did!!!! We made it!! We were in! We were going to see Jimmy Kimmel, Zach Braff and JOHN MAYER! I died and went to heaven right there! I did. We went for the show. My throat is now sore after screaming! We saw Zach Braff on the show! He is really really cute! And totally funny! And awesome. Then there was this other dude from So you think you can dance. And of course, Jimmy Kimmel himself. And after a a LOT of screaming and clapping and waiting, they led us out of the studio through the exit. I nearly died. I mean, they couldn't send us out without giving us what they promised!

Then we had our own private John Mayer concert!!!!!!!!!!

I have NEVER EVER been this happy in my whole entire life! I've seen John Mayer. I've heard him play live. My life is complete now. If someone murdered me today, I would so die in peace. The show went of for just twenty minutes, but I saw John Mayer today, and it was TOTALLY unexpected. He played Heartbreak Warfare, Half of My Heart and Who Says from Battle Studies, and Vultures and Waiting on the World To Change from Continuum. Oh my God, I've never been happier! December 15th, 2009 is a date I will remember for the rest of my life!

I officially LOVE LA!

Plus its December; see I told you December was going to be awesome!

Also, the power of belief. To all those who don't believe, optimism, REALLY DOES WORK! It does. So, all you people out there, believe! And it shall happen!

I saw John Mayer today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm me. I demand.

I think people should've gotten that by now!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Shiny happy people!

Today, it is December the fourth,
yes yes yes, just ten days more!
Finally algos will be over,
never, near me shall it hover!
graphics will work its own miracle,
and then there shall be no more debacles!
I will be done I will be done,
finally I can have some fun!
Winter break will have never been better,
I also bought some funky sweaters!
One down, just two more to go,
kicking some ass is now the flow.

Now, I only wish I could go home.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My December

That isn't a song I like, particularly, but 'a long December' seemed kind sad and what's there to be sad about December!? Nothing, December is awesome!!!!

Its time for my annual I love December post!

Reasons why I love December and the holidays!

1. These.

2. Shopping in Los Angeles is just wow! I can finally get down to buying fall and winter clothes, and ACTUALLY wear them. I now own boots and a fab trench coat! And some really funky sweaters. Online shopping is pretty fun, but not as much fun as regular shopping, but fun nevertheless.

3. I might have a super-fab new years!

4. I actually wake up smiling for no reason at all, and this, after four months of waking up wishing I could collapse and never get up again!

5. My exams end in less than two weeks!

6. CAT is almost over back home, and I know everyone is going to do SUPER well!

7. I get ideas to blog. I'm supposed to be studying but cannot help post this!

8. ALL my assignments are done and over with. They weren't all great, but its December, so everything's ok!

9. My online shopping is going to be delivered soon!

10. Christmas sales, and decorations!

11. Christmas candy!

12. The AWESOME Santa hat I bought!

13. Universal Studios!

14. Battle Studies

15. Scrubs!!

16. The new Archie gets married issue. I'm waiting for all six to come so I can read them together, but I don't think I'll last. The latest issue looks crazzyy!

17. 25$ I got from AT&T for referring my roommate!

18. The feeling that I get that something great is on its way!

Happy December, all!! :)

Hope you all have an awesome one as well! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Women, sheesh.

I'm sure everyone of you out there has said/heard someone say this.

This post was inspired by my friend, S, the complicated one at Michigan, but is directed towards every woman on this planet.

I don't know what it is about the way our brain works, really. How something as insignificant as a single message can totally turn our day around and change our entire outlook of life. And that message may range from a 600 characters message to a message containing a single, 'Hi'!

Fine, lets put messages aside. A missed call itself has the power to do the outlook changing part! Its absurd, really, the speed at which our brains work in such situations. I really don't know where such massive doses of (stoned) endorphins are stored! And ALL this is brought about by a single entity.


There might be a World War raging, or an hurricane looming around the corner, but when the aforementioned message makes an appearance, all we can think is, 'HE messaged!!', and turn giddy with joy! And, oh my God, the psychoanalysis that's involved in replying! We really might be the next Marie Curie or Condoleezza Rice, or the female version of Cicero, otherwise. But the number of 'what will he think?', and 'what should I say?', and the 'what should I say SO he thinks that?,' is crazy! And if the object of our attention is around, there, wait-for-it, THERE! The rapid transformation into the fifteen year old school girl.

And we hate it. We hate the naivety. At the moment we obviously wouldn't realize it, what with the excessive hormone rush, but the moment 'the moment' passes, that's when it comes. This time, the questions are replaced by, 'what was I thinking?,' 'how could I have been so stupid?,' and 'Man, I wish I could take all that back!!' And then that moment lasts for longer, much longer. And after all that, for the next thirty days or so, we enter the passive phase, where there's no hurt, no regret, no joy, no bliss. Just blah.

And then enters same boy/different boy. Begins: infinite loop.



But then again, its the little joys and the cheap thrills, right?