Saturday, November 29, 2008

The always.

A good job was done, no doubt. A good job was done. The terrorists are killed/caught, and the situation is well under control(note - well under control came 60 hours later, 200 deaths later, 4 buildings later). Bombay will recover.

Fine. Thats whats important now. The act was condemned, the media covered the entire story, politicians and actors(who were nowhere near the scene), expressed their views, the PM put forth a long(and boring) speech.. This is all we'll see in the coming week.

And then it'll stop. Just like that. Nothing will be done about it.

Why, why, why can't our country do something about it? Why can't we be active and take measures so that we are never in such a situation again! Look at India. Blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur, Hyderabad. And nothing was done! Nothing! No wonder Bombay was attacked! No wonder! We just sit back and watch as terrorists come bombing us. And condemn the attack. Thats it. Because condemning the attack is going to keep us safe. Could anyone find out the source and purpose of the blasts in the other cities? NO! Was anything done to ensure that something like the blast wasn't repeated somewhere else? NO!

Instead life went on. Which is a good thing. Life should go on. But life shouldn't go on as if nothing happened. Life should go on, with fear, with anger, with the feeling of revenge, to avenge what happened! Why is everyone being so passive!? I know, this is definitely not the time to strike up another war, considering the economic crisis. But it doesn't mean that we should wait forever! Peace is a virtue, like patience. But if we keep offering the other cheek, when we're slapped on one, we will be crushed! Why aren't the politicians doing anything to better the situation?? Why aren't they talking about further actions to be undertaken to make sure something similar is avoided?! Why is there only talk and absolutely no action!!!


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