Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

I smile. I frown.
I can be down.
I say. I feel.
And thats the deal.

I make you smile. Do whatever it takes.
And then I go and put it all at stake.
I make you mad, and get all sad.
But hear me out, I'm not that bad..

I say stupid things, and get your stares.
And when you do the same, I give you glares.
And walk away feeling all angry and pissy,
and you think, I'm not giving in again, missy.

I try to let it all go by,
like nothing happened, and message you a 'hi!'
You've had enough, and let out a swear,
'This is more than I can bear!'

'Who the hell does she think she is?
She's so moody, and lives in her world of bliss!
Oblivious to others, and the way they feel,
Oh I'm so mad, I want to kill!'

You see me walking to you the next day,
You feel sick just looking at me and try to walk away.
I catch up with you, and start to talk,
like everything's OK, and you just gawk!

But don't you see, this is my way,
of trying to make everything OK.
I love you, and I'd never do anything, 
deliberately, to hurt you, coz it really stings:(

So be ok with me, because its true,
that when you're mad at me, I feel all blue.
We need to be OK, this don't feel right.
I really prefer our senseless, stupid fights.


rammy said...

Whoa. Very nice:)
Looks like someone managed to get personal online, with success:)

Poof! said...

Lol. Funny story, really:)

perplexed said...

wow!! cool stuff! n i'm going to repeat what rammy said...
U managed to get personal here! nice... :)