Monday, October 20, 2008

Boy crazy!

Remember when I said Patrick Dempsey was the man?? Well all that's changed now! I'm on season 4 of Grey's Anatomy, and Eric Dane is THE MAN!! When McSteamy comes into the picture, McDreamy quite literally disappears. Stupid, stupid Addison. Too bad Kate Walsh left the show, I actually grew to like her as the show progressed.

And Alex Karev is also so WOW! Love the new look, love his story, love the facial hair, love everything about him! I'm hoping the series gets him and Izzie back together(or have I not gotten to that part yet? No, don't tell me!!).

But it kinda sucks that there's no more Preston Burke. I really liked his character, and his story with Oh.

And that brings us to Brendan Fehr! Wowwie! Double triple wow! I must admit I'm a little late on watching Roswell. I didn't watch it too regularly back when I was in school, but now I'm on it. And that boy, Michael Guerin, gives me the goosebumps! Its incredible how rebellious and dangerous he is! I want to be with an alien, man!!


perplexed said...

i am so with u on Eric Dane!! but right now... i am all ga-ga over Wentworth Miller!! can't take my eyes off that guy! ;)

Poof! said...

Ah I remember that phase.. God spoke and there was a hot looking engineer on a TV show! I loved LJ on the show too..