Friday, November 7, 2008

Week of mistakes

I am a stupid stupid stupid person! Awesome, but stupid. The two kinda compensate though. But here's sharing my stupidity!

Day 1. Traffic signal. Me at the steering wheel. Traffic signal turns green. Car refuses to move. I freak! Try starting the car several times, but it just refuses to budge! Panic attack slowly setting in. I call my dad, and he doesn't pick up the phone. Random guy on the road offers to push my car. I bring my car to neutral...wait, my car's already in NEUTRAL!! Stupidity at its peak!!

Wait, it gets better.

Day 3. I can't ind my Ipod. I've searched my room, my car, accused my parents, everything. Then in attempt to prove their innocence they decide to search for it. They find it lying on my bed. Under the covers. Sigh. I now have set a record.

Day 6. The usual left-right story. I'm horrible with directions! So when a friend told me today to take a left and I took a right, I displayed my directional disability! It was quite embarrassing.

Day 7. I lost 500 bucks today!! To pay for a Rs.10 item. Sigh.

OK, its all out here! Lets see if we can find anyone who can beat that!


rammy said...

day 1 was BEST! hahahaha! What a sensational mistake. I did something similar once. Tried to reverse WITHOUT releasing the hand break.

Poof! said...

Lol. I can relate to that. My driving test was on the same lines.. I failed, needless to say!