Monday, November 23, 2009

Life in TECHNICOLOR...Hah!

Remember how you used to look at all those nerds in school and make fun of how all they did was only study and had no life outside of that, secretly wishing you could be like that as well? No? Come on, don't lie. We've all been there! OK, maybe not in school but a little later on definitely. Still, no? Fine, I'll be the honest one here. I always wished I could be a nerd. AND DAMN IT, of all the wishes, that one had to come true!

This was the conversation I had with a friend the other day.

Him: You don't come home anymore.
Me: I don't go home. Period.

That's almost quite literally true. My daily routine can be summarized in five lines.

Wake up.
Go to the library.
Catch a burger for lunch.
Go back to the library.
Go home to crash at midnight.

Kind of an infinite for loop, yes?

Oh my God, I cannot believe I just said that!

Yes, Grad school. IS that bad.

Along with the terms to admission you also agree to the following:
- I agree to having no life.
- I agree to getting mind-fu**ed.
- I agree to getting ass-fu***ed.
- I agree to getting fu**ed sideways.
- I agree to feeling miserable every morning.
- I agree to turn into the most pessimistic person on the planet.
- I agree to get up every morning, looking like I have nothing left to live for.
- I agree to giving up on any shred of self confidence and self respect that I possess.
- I agree to pay for the early Botox I'm going to undergo because of the infinite frown lines on my forehead.
- I agree to let my virginity be taken, over and over and over again, by, wait-for-it, God-awful courses.
- I agree to being an agnostic.

If you ever think of going my way in this respect, please please read this post.

But inspite of alllll this, I did manage to catch a movie over the weekend.
New Moon.
Two words.

Not even Jacob Black's above-the-belt nudity (or lack of it) is worth the torture and the waste of time. I've watched bad movies and worse movies, but this one walked away with the most pathetic excuse for the cake.

Not even worth downloading and watching.

Trust me.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Message

How to get me to totally loathe you:

Tell me, two days before the algorithms mid-term, in which you previously scored an 83 and in which I scored a measly 36, to teach you the topics in the aforementioned subject!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In my Place

OK, so when you're the positive one, who tells you everything is going to be OK?