Friday, October 10, 2008

So Open Office is quite awesome! I've always used Microsoft Word, and don't quite like the 2007 version. I mean, its quite cool, but its very cluttered. I like simple. Where I don't have to change my spacing with every paragraph and go to a different menu altogether for a slide show(referring to power-point here). I did try installing the 2003 version, but that didn't work either. Plus I kind of installed Windows over Linus(yes, Linus. I call him Linus, and Linus rocks!) on my system, and now I'm stuck with Vista. But Open Office is quite cool:)

Why I'm using Open Office when I can use Blogger? Because in my house we have a system. I get the broadband connection Mondays through Thursdays, and my brother gets it over the weekend. And today is Friday. This came to being after much hassle, and torment. I keep telling my mom, you should've stuck to having just one kid, but no-one listens to me. Oh no no no. Anyway, I'm not complaining, just that my downloads are always rudely interrupted, and that, is not cool.

Highlights of the week. Or rather, the much needed extra long weekend. I went to Kerela. It wasn't the usual hill-station, coffee estate trip. Rather, it was a temple trip. Guruvayur. I don't know what it is with my parents, but they have this temple thing going on. I suggested a family vacation in the hols. Mom was thrilled at the idea. She asked me if I had a place in mind. I promptly said, Bangkok! She seemed happy. I'll ask dad and tell you. Result: Guruvayur now, and next week, Tirupathi. Normally, I'm not a very temple person, but this place has something about it. Guruvayur, that is. I love the place. I don't mind standing in those long, crazy queues. I really don't. Plus I love elephants. They're the cute-st things ever. And there are loads of them in Kerela.

Anyway, I'm back. I'm dying of this nasty cold, and totally sleep deprived, but I'm home, nursing myself back to my super-awesome self. And like I said, today is Friday. 10th October. Much awaited by me, and my friend, for one main reason. The book launch! eM's book launch! No cold was going to stop me from going. I love eM. I have spent many nights reading her blog, when in fact I should've been studying. So, yeah, I went. And got a signed copy of her book(yippieeee!:))! I wanted her to sign it as, 'I hope this book is as awesome as you are,' but then I thought, too much. Lol. So, I now have a signed copy of 'You Are Here', signed, 'I hope this lives upto the blog'. Yes, I met eM!!! I now also have two seasons of Grey's anatomy, and two seasons of Desperate Housewives!

Such a girl!

I know!!

Since I can't use the internet to 'publish' this(publish is such a weird term to use, here), I'm going to wait till the rest of my weekend to see how it goes. I'm supposed to be going on this trip tomorrow with some friends, but the decision will be taken tomorrow by my mom, depending on 'The Common Cold' crisis. Hope something works out! *Fingers crossed*

Saturday. I didn't go.:( Woke up with a horrible head pain. Bright side. My brother isn't home. So I can use the internet before he gets home!

So, voila!

P.S - Listen to 'Look at her Face' - The Coral Sea. Awesome song!

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