Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

You can skip this if you want..

I'm doing re-runs of Grey's Anatomy these days. Why, you ask. Because, very simply put, I have nothing else to do. And it leaves me very funny. Admittedly, I cry during a lot of GA episodes(only if I'm watching it alone!).  Today I watched the episode where Burke comes to know Cristina's preggers. I love Cristina. She is currently the only reason I watch the show. Only I hate what they're doing with her character. I've always related with Cristina's character. Slightly weird, emotionally stunted, her couldn't-give-a-fuck attitude. And now her story of completely giving up is just slightly unnerving. YES I KNOW SHE'S ONLY JUST A TV CHARACTER. I ALSO DON'T KNOW THE PURPOSE OF THIS POST. But I felt like writing this anyway.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year!

The tree's up.

Christmas is officially here! :)

Well, almost.

Happy 7 days TO Christmas, y'all!

Friday, December 17, 2010

 So I've realized that the TV character whose personality I resemble the most is JD, from Scrubs. I have this amazing talent of screwing things up for myself. And then screwing it up even more when I try to fix things. Which is why I don't fix things sometimes, in the process, screwing it up massively. And let's not even go to the self-sabotage part of it all. I'm my best friend and, unfortunately, my worst enemy, as well. JD's daydreams are like the psycho-analysis sessions I sometimes have in my head. And then there's the talking to oneself. I don't care if you think that's weird, but the best conversations are the ones you have with yourself. I mean, you ALWAYS hear what you want to hear!


Either I need help or a TV character personality change.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Santa,

Me wants to modify previous wishlist. So, if you permit, here we are, new and improvised:

- The A's.
- two similar named, totally unrelated things, both of which will make me incredibly happy!
- the job.

In return, I'll be the completely adorable darling I've always been!

Thanks in advance!

*edited to add

- this

Friday, December 10, 2010

War is over

It is wait-for-it, December again! And to prove my predictability, here's my annual December-is-the-second-best-month-of-the-year post. The hap-happiest time of the year (after of-course March 3rd, which is the most awesome-st (notice wrong use of grammar) time of the year!). A couple of things, in my list that make December awesome:

- this and this.
- end of sem.
- thanksgiving shopping delivered! LOTS of winter clothes.
- christmas shopping starts!
- holidays!
- exclamation marks!
- This guy, and Christmas gifts!
- My parents do 25 years of marriage this year in December (God knows how people manage that!)
- My big fat paychecks this month, considering I get to work 40 hours this month! God, I love Shoah!
- The fact that I'm going to be in LA for Christmas, and not back home in Bangalore, leaves me a little miffed, but there's gotta be a first for everything, right. Plus we might get a treeeee! And I don't want to go to Delhi, which is where my parents now live.
- the next post! I tell you, last December, I saw John Mayer live and this December was like a whole new list altogether. George Lucas, Hans Zimmer, Craig Ferguson. And Jeffrey Katzenberg! God, I really do love Shoah.

I'm still too out-of-breath about last evening so I'm going to leave y'all with this. Happy December, you guys! :) And to all, good night!
So what do you say to the most powerful man in Hollywood when you want to take a picture with him?

This is what I do:

- Volunteer for the event.
- Get a few drinks. VERY IMPORTANT STEP.
- Make sure the security is far far far away from him.
- Finish those drinks.
- Hide your name tag so people don't recognise you.
- Be small enough so people don't see you.
- Go up to him and say, 'Mr. Speilberg, could I get a picture? I work at _blank_ and I'm a HUGE fan!'
- Wait for him to say, 'Oh that's great. Sure', then smile for the camera.
- Pass out. (well, almost!).

Best. Day. Ever.

On a related note, here's the best way to get a picture with a celebrity. Ask me now, I'm an expert.

- Again, volunteer for the event.
- Wait for dinner to be served.
- Wait for celebrity to leave ballroom to use the restroom.
- Run out of ballroom.
- catch celebrity on his way back, and say, 'Could I get a picture, I'm a HUGE fan!'
- wait for him to say, 'sure', take a picture and also, 'NICE TO MEET YOU'!
- then, again, pass out.

For those of you who don't recognise him, that's Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Dunphy on Modern Family. Next to him is yours truly.

This is chapter 2 in my book of optimism.
You may now begin with the profanities.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Affirmation (reprise?)

If you ask me, I'd say I'm a pretty decisive person. There are times when I turn to others for advice, but at the end of it all, when I look back, I'd pretty much made my decision on day one. Even if along the decision making process, my choice changes, it always manages to change back to what I first decided. I might seem horrible indecisive owing to this, but I guess I'm pretty determined like that.

I normally don't care. I love gossip and all, and I love to know everything, but if it's about something I couldn't care about, it usually doesn't stick. But if I did happen to give a damn, I'd give much more than an arm and a leg to make things right. And that's a fact.

As corny as it may sound, I believe in happy endings. With respect to anything. Love, life, hope. Especially love. And especially life. I pretty much live in a bubble, and God help you if you try to get me to step out of it.

Money can't buy me love but it can but me a whole load of other things!

When I say sorry or thanks, I really mean it. I'm one of those who doesn't live by throwing these words just to make things ok. Sometimes I don't even say sorry when I really should. But when I do, I really mean it.

Love makes the world go round. Maybe it does, but then, so does music.

Karma. Does. Exist. Case and point: life. If you don't believe me, spend five minutes on some psychoanalysis. Now tell me I'm wrong.

EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I totally believe in the Big Guy up there and that he and his guardian angels are working their asses off on each one of us. EVEN if you don't believe that.

This post comes straight from the heart. It's one of the few rare times when I admit I do have a heart, but really, it does.

You may now go back to your lives.

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Christmas wishlist is going to be coming a little early this year.

Dear Santa,

I've been (sorta) good this year. Here's what I really need:

- 2 huge-ass submission related miracles.
- one solid job offer (NOT web dev related) when I graduate.
- an internship next sem.

That's it.
Now, really, that aint too much, is it?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Title (and registration?)

The time has come, I decided today, to the enlighten the world(or the (in)significant part of it, that does spend its time super constructively and adds meaning to his/her life by reading this blog. Has the parenthesis content now become so long you forget the original purpose of the sentence? That was the intention. Myuahaha. Ok I digress) with a new post.

As usual, I have nothing special to report, owing to me being a grad student and having no time(read - life) and in addition to that, being socially retarded (Yes, Rammy, I fail you yet again). I would, however like to inform those of you that care, that I have a new on-campus job. Which pays me well. And why I'm excited about this when people are actually getting hired full-time or for internships is something even I don't understand. Maybe I should go for that how-well-DO-you-know-yourself workshop..

Anyhoo, moving on to how you guys could really help me out. I have (another) 1 minute music video I'm supposed to make. And it should be animated. I've thought of a couple of songs and I could do with more suggestions because right now my head is filled only with songs from my playlist and I'm probably not considering some really awesome numbers. Think happy!

Now for the self-involved special:

- My hair is short again, and me-likes! (I have also gone from looking 17 to looking 12. It's sort of OK, because I behave like a twelve year old anyway!)
- My roommate bought me a eye-liner kit from NY, and now I can paint my eyes a different color everyday, if I had the aforementioned time.
- Obama came to USC and I missed it because I was making the awesome-st movie of all times. (Will provide link soon)
- Daylight saving is screwing with my head!
- Why cant Castle and Beckett get together already!?
- Nope, no job. Or internship. Thanks for asking.
- Me dressed up as a pseudo-pirate for Halloween. 'Twas fun!
- Happy belated Diwali, folks!
- Again, in dire need of miracles this month. I hope the big Guy up there's listening. And while you're at that, could you please do something about the weather as well? It's getting toooo cold!

So, what've you been upto?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yesterday I watched The Social Network. I also realized being an asshole totally works. And I actually have new found respect for Mark Zuckerberg. And my dislike for Justin Timberlake continues to grow infinitely.

Watch the movie if you haven't already.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I now present to you the works of an extremely amateur flipbooker. Bear in mind, very amateur. And very different idea when it was actually being flipped.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It changes everything for me. Everyday. All I have to do is wake up and put on my earphones. And hit play. And everything changes.

I live music. I literally eat, drink and breathe it. It's pretty much my crack. I have my headphones on right now. I have it on for most of the day. Some nights even, when I sleep. And especially when I'm studying. The only time I'm not on music is probably when I'm in class. Or work. Or on the phone. You get the picture.

I grew up listening to a lot of good music. My dad was greatly instrumental in music playing the role it does in my life. He's always been a huge fan of the Beatles, the Doors, Floyd, Deep Purple. So I grew up listening to a lot of their stuff(and Abba, but let's not get into that.) Admittedly, I did not warm up to the Doors until many years later. And there was five years of classical training which every girl in South India probably goes through. And then came the transition into the (ugh!) boyband phase. Fortunately(or unfortunately) that got over pretty quick.

The first rock album I owned was Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park. (Honestly, I don't remember the last time I listened to a Linkin Park song, now.) And from then on, it's been a rollercoaster. There's been a little mix and match between the alternative, classic and progressive genres but it's all good. It was pretty revolutionary. I got back to the Beatles and the Doors and the Eagles and this time I listened. Music made me learn what listening actually meant. I've never really been the best listener, but in this case, wow did I listen. And fell in love. With all of it. From Roger Waters to Keith Moon. From Dave Matthews to Hendrix. From John Mayer to Jim Morisson.

Music does strange things to me. At all levels. If I need to get to a happy place, I just pop on Folk you (Junkyard Groove) or Are you gonna be my girl (Jet). If I need to get to a BETTER place, there's Fix You (Coldplay) or Don't Cry (GnR). If there's a time when I feel the need to get my head all messed up, all I have to do is play a Radiohead song. Music turns me on when I listen to Shine on you Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd) or Teardrop (Massive Attack) or No Surprises (Radiohead). If I need to feel high, there's Free Fallin' (John Mayer). I've been listening to this song someone recommended, Dayvan Cowboy (Boards of Canada). And I'm totally feeling that funny feeling in my stomach. The one I usually feel when everything feels totally complete. I get that satisfying feeling that everything will work out and everything's going to be alright. Music pretty much feeds my optimism. It makes me believe. Believe in me, believe in you, believe in a higher power. Music, in a weird way, helps me concentrate. I sleep better, I think clearer, I even study better. As a kid I used to listen to music which was comparitively fast paced, when I used to work out Math problems. Guess who always finished before time.

Music is a huge part of me. It's been the biggest influence in my life. And my biggest ambition is to one day make a record with John Mayer (If you haven't noticed already, I'm in love with him!). I don't play any instruments (not for lack of trying), except for the C, G, D chords on the guitar. I guess my hands weren't skillful enough. I've always envied musicians on instruments. Especially the sax. I've always wanted to be into jazz, but can never steer off rock. You know the feeling, there are two equally awesome things and you just don't feel like splitting your time between the two of them.

Music makes me understand. Music makes me feel. Music makes me sing, music makes me dance, music makes me fly. Music makes me fall in love again. Music makes me reach out. Music helps me believe in a better tomorrow. Music makes me laugh and smile.

Music makes me, me.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dear God,

I need a life.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

I would give ANYTHING for a 'this too shall pass' moment right about now!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A piece for you

I'm too tired to think of a post-like post so this is going to be in bullets. Why a post at all, you ask? Because this is the only sentence where three becauses appear consecutively: No sentence can end with a because because because is a conjunction.

Now, if you guys have gotten past the awesomeness of that sentence..

- I'm in the homeland. For a month now! Why the (no) fuss? Because all I do is work and sleep. No kidding. The weather did get considerably better, though. Come on, you have to give me that!
- I'm here for three months, let the festivities begin (or, rather, continue..)!
- I lost my phone. Which I see might not be such a bad thing because the internet has been flooded with news about the NEW iPhone 4G which:
                         - looks kickass!
                         - has some even-more kickass features.
                         - is only 200$ (currently around Rs 9000, baby!!), courtesy AT&T!
- A decent GPA this sem around. No, not three A's, but one A and two A minuses. (pauses to gloat)
- I've been very contemplative of late. Don't worry, there wont be any contemplation in this post (OR WILL THERE). Oh, I have a bus pass now!
- There are many talks of weddings going on in my family. NO, NOT MINE! (Spare me the horror already) My cousins, near/far. I think my family is waiting to see what I end up marrying, though!
- Neo is doing fine, thank you very much for asking.
- Have all of you watched kickass yet?
- I'm suddenly not very sure if I like babies. If I were a baby, I would most certainly NOT LIKE adults!
- Entourage next month!
- It turns out my brother's really intelligent! He just finished his 12th + other related exams and it's getting really hard to find new places to hide my face as each of their results come out. I'd like to think he gets it from me.
- I need a new hobby. Something to do when I start thinking. Thinking is bad for health.
- There's this ad on TV I don't get. Its a paint ad, London/Paris? Do any of you all get it?
- New discovery. Hyperbole and a half. Awesome blog!
- Even more awesomeness! This. Please do contact her.

Promise to be back soon. Ta!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I crib. I crib everyday about having to study more than I bargained for, study more than the others I know. 
About being away from the people I love.
Everything. Every single day.
I tell people living alone and going away is overrated and at times, I really do believe that.
I call my mum almost everyday and speak to her. We don't explicitly say I miss you to each other (we don't function that way in our family), but I know my mum can't wait to see me, and me, her.
I call my friends or meet them online, tell them how I'd give just about anything to be home. They tell me what's happening in their lives and I feel sorry for myself for not being able to be a part of it.
I think about how I'm still living off my dad and costing him a fortune when people my age are earning and fending for themselves.
I tell myself that it's all part of the plan and I'm going to make it big. Sometimes a little thought creeps into my head, what if it doesn't work out? I push that thought away telling myself that there is no other option and that I'm meant for greatness. That we all are.
Sometimes it's taking away from me, my positivity, the whole experience. At some other times, it makes me realize how lucky I am to still be studying, because there's no way in hell I'm ready for work. I've got an extension to being in college and I'm going to live that up.
Balance, the sooner I learn to master that, the closer to the more-perfect life I'll be. I should try that next semester.

You know what, I just realized, I wouldn't trade my life for anyone's in the world.
Except for a couple of people, but I'm sure, they're like, miserable on the inside!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I feel it in my fingers

I've realized, across the years, that the best way to get through the day is to find something to look forward to each day. Everything goes much quicker and happier from there. And if you look close enough, you'll see you'll find that thing very fast. Each and every day. I did that all through college and college turned out awesome. Last semester, each day I counted the days left to go back home to India. This semester, for the last two weeks, it's been the Pro.


Look at me, I'm smiling! :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's start off with a poll of sorts.
What do you guys think of a nose piercing? I'm into the whole retro-hippie look right now and was thinking of getting one. I want purple hair ends too, but that'll have to wait because of my slightly paranoid mum. She's a little funny, piercings and tattoos, she won't mind much, but hair colour, OH THE HORROR!

Now, I realize very few of you know what I look like and won't really know how a nose piercing will look on me. OK, so, your take on a nose piercing on anyone, then.

We have good news. Tuesday onwards(my Tuesday, your Wednesday), my posts will come to you from a Macbook Pro. I finally ordered one and that means, if I lose my mind post-tuesday, there are high chances some of you might come across the debris of my old laptop. Why? Because I can (Haha I love saying that!).

I have exams coming up, so I can use all the luck I can get, you guys. Also, finally, on public demand (actually, not. :P), here's the video I've been working on for a class project. Critique please?

Hah, very obviously, 'the one who saved the day' is me, so since you know what I look like now, nose piercing poll, please!

OK, fine, I'm clearly not anonymous anymore.
(Should've thought this through.)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Kung Fu Fighting!

I need some stress relief mechanism. Maybe a punching bag, maybe a gun, anything. And I need it quick. Or a Mac, because the perfect stress relief will be to go up the Hollywood hills and throw away my laptop.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not myself...

I am basically a nice person. You'll know if I like you.
I'm very extreme, there IS no gray area.
I judge. And form opinions. All the time. But, I do change them too.
I don't do crying.
I laugh when people cry (believe it or not, its kind of a defense mechanism).
I love babies and hate pink.
I'm not a girly girl at all, but lately, I'm told that's changing.
I have nice hair.
I get angry real easy, it goes away real easy too.
I love to read but never find the time.
I. P.R.O.C.R.A.S.T.I.N.A.T.E.
I love blue. And photos.
I eat, drink, breathe music.
Oh, also sleep.
I don't like people who are mean for the heck of it.
I don't like labels.
I hate the word blouse.
I think the world of my family and friends.
I agree with Perplexed, love is underrated.
I'm an eternal optimist.
I CANNOT let go, and do not consider that a weakness.
I'm a shopaholic. And I love shoes, especially pencil heels, even though they rip my feet apart. And sometimes, I buy stuff I know I'm never going to use.
I usually cannot sleep anywhere except my bed in my room, and now, my mattress.
Nine times out of ten, you won't be able to reach me on my phone.
I wish Neil Patrick Harris were straight.
I think alcohol is overrated, that's why I'm sticking to sobriety for the time being.
I love anything to do with art.
I sketch, but mostly, I sketch stuff that only I get.

Currently, I love my wall. Here are pictures. The top right picture on the photo on the left is a caricature of me. I think it looks like me nose up.

That's me for you.

Take it or leave it.

Monday, April 5, 2010


This post is called clarity for very obvious reasons.
I also realize I might've already written a post titled clarity.

Have you guys had one of those days when you know exactly what you want from and exactly what you want in life?

I just did!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Make Yourself

I've been meaning to post something about everything for a really long time, but as soon as I get down to it, something happens and it never happens.
So, in bullets..

- My semester this time is pretty chilled out. This scares me enormously because there have been times when I've had nothing to do and that never happened to me last semester.
- I went to San Francisco. One of the best vacations I've ever been on. If you get the chance, visit the city, its absolutely beautiful!
- My mood swings have been rising high. There are times when I phase out for absolutely no reason. I'm not sure if this is how everyone who's away from home feel (perplexed, do you agree?).
- R and I have decided to ward out all bad karma by being nice to people. R is a very nice person, actually. But lately, she's apparently turned into a monster and I cannot even begin to start to imagine a situation like this. And me, well, when I tried to be nice, people asked me if something was wrong. Sigh. I guess its going to take a whole lot of effort from my side to achieve this. Karma, turn around!
- My intern scene is going bad bad bad! I'm used to being good at whatever I want and this irks me. Maybe I don't want it enough and that's not good at all because right now that should be the only thing I'm supposed to want!
- I really don't know if I'm turning out to be the person I want to be.
- Its finally summer(I hope!) and the sun is out. Yaaiy!
- I wasn't home for K's birthday. I haven't missed her birthday for the last eleven years. Neither has she, my birthday, I mean.
- Sobriety is underhyped.

I had a lot more planned for this post, nothing seems to be coming to me right now.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday song!

Why the privacy stint? Because, this morning I wake up to see an email from my dad, which says, 'I read your blog, don't use fowl language, but I like it', or something to that extent. So we are now private!

It's nearly birthday day! :) 12 hours to go, PST. Post 2 hours IST.

It's picture time!!!

20th budday, also holi (duh, obviously)!

21st. Yes, I am Super awesome Sutta! :)

21st again!

21st, in Mocha, Bangalore.

22nd, Couch, Bangalore.

Aaand, the awesomeness certificate! It says, 'CONGRATS Silverstreak, you are now officially awesome!'

This is awfully senti, but I miss you guys and wish I was back home in Bangalore this time around as well. Much love! :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Monday, March 1, 2010

March On!

It's March!!!

I love March, not because of the obvious (birthday related) reasons, but just. Back home, I always related March to spring, and spring to happy (actually, I relate just about anything to happy). Spring after winter is such a nice change! I'm not a big fan of winter (though, I LOVE December, for Christmas and holiday related reasons. But now, Bangalore has already become prey to the untolerable heat. Global warming... sheesh!).

Here, spring is spring, although, it might be spring one day, summer the other and straight out monsoon another (I'm also not sure the term monsoon is demographically correct). But I'm hoping, it's spring for most of it.

'I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love!'

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fresh feeling!

Its been awhile.

Those of you who are regulars must be going, 'I miss the awesomeness in my life which were her offbeat posts. Things are so empty without them!' (And if you ARE a regular and did not think that, SHAME ON YOU!!! WE WANT THE LAST SIX YEARS BACK!!!)

And for you other guys, hi!!:) Welcome to awesomeness!

Firstly, this. It will completely make your day. I laughed for ages watching it.

Secondly, I've decided that, this year onwards, I will be turning a year younger on my birthday. I'm too young to turn... *gulps, wipes tear* twenty three. And the universe doesn't want me to, either. A week before 'THE DAY' and an earthquake in Chile, a tsunami in Hawaii and an earthquake alert in California! I mean, something up there is saying to me, you're not ready to get old. So, I just wont. I'll just get younger! And this is not just for me, its for all of you and the universe! (Look how selfless I've become.) So in two days, guys, I turn twenty one!! I'm going to be legal! How fun is that!

*proceeds to barf*

The weather here is so weird. Its cold as hell one day, and the next day the temperature shoots up by 10 degrees and just the next day its down ten degrees again and its raining cats and dogs! I want summer!!!

I love shopping! :) And if you ever get the chance you have to try this. Its the Godiva Cheesecake from the cheesecake factory and its absolutely yummilicious!

Quick movie reviews:

Valentine's Day - gag me.
Karthik calling Karthik - Nice concept. Watchable.

Random question: Do you think ambidextrosity is hot? We have this option of watching classes online, and my roommate has this one professor who's ambidextrous. It was so incredible how he could hold a pen in each hand and use either hand to write. Eeeeee!

My current favourite track : Hey, soul sister. The official video is kinda horrible. I like this one better.

Oh, happy Holi, you guys!

Oh, also, did you know that 'superhero couples' fight only once in sixteen years? (Lol I ended up watching Honeymoon Travels. KK Menon is an awesome actor!)

Ok, so I gotta go now! Remember, I get younger, also enjoy the awesomeness that is next week! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sending out an SOS

So... I have to make a two minute film/documentary, and I have NO ideas in my head!

I need HELP, y'all!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Material girl

My birthday is coming soon.

And here's my wishlist.

1. Macbook Pro.
2. Rayban aviators.
3. UB. *if you know me, you might know what this means... or not*
4. 3 A's this semester.
5. A couple dozen miracles.
6. A job.
7. John Mayer concert tickets.
8. An internship.
9. Flight tickets. Either for me to come back home, or for all my friends to come here.

Man, it looks like I have to marry a bank.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am SO bored with my life right now.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brand New Day

It's been nearly a month since 2010 began.

Thirty days ago, I was telling my friends how 2010 is going to be fantabulous.
Thirty days ago, I was also going on about how we're meant for greatness and how only good things are in store for us.
Thirty days ago, I was happy high, more happy than high.
Thirty days ago, I wanted to make time freeze and remain January 1st forever (or atleast for a couple of days).
Thirty days ago, I was sure I was going for the John Mayer concert in March (I still can, provided I get a job. So please pray that I do).
Thirty days ago, I decided that nice things will definitely happen to you if you take the effort to be nice to people (I'm still trying to do that, fyi).
Thirty days ago, I also decided that this was going to be the beginning and that our lives were completely going to turn around (and being the eternal optimist that I am, it is obviously going to be in a good way!).
Thirty days ago, I knew exactly what I wanted.
(I feel so ashamed of myself because I actually tried to 'comment' out the previous line!)
Thirty days ago, I could not play foozball to save my life.

It's now thirty days after.
Clearly I'm in a contemplative sort of mood.

It's thirty days later now,
...and above still holds.

Friday, January 22, 2010

*Major PMS alert*

So I woke up this morning feeling as shitty as humanly possible. Its been a shitty set of days in LA, with some mad rains. Rains hard enough to cancel the one class I was supposed to attend this week, making me feel shitty. That, actually, worked pretty OK, because I haven't been able to keep my eyes open for the last few days. This jetlag can be quite an annoying thing.

Today was especially bad. I woke up, determined to do SOMETHING, just anything, really. I woke up early (naturally, because I'm still living by India time!), had a bath and was good to go when my mood suddenly swung. I think its post-India syndrome, but I couldn't stop feeling miserable and upset. So I took a long walk in the rain. Unfortunately my ipod decided to turn its back on me too and played the saddest songs in the history of music, good songs nevertheless. And me, I listened. Felt worse. Needless to say, the walk did not help.

As if things aren't bad enough, it seems like I've already managed to piss people off in LA. Because there are fewer conversations, fewer smiles, fewer everything. And I don't even talk that much. I honestly. for the life of me, fathom what's wrong with the world.

I think, and this is the only explanation I've come up with, it's the advent of February. The dreaded month of February. The days of misery seem to have rrived early this year! Man, I'm rambling!

I feel alone. :(

And I feel like such a sissy!