Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That's where I want to be

So its been 2 weeks outside of the city, country and home sweet home, and today it FINALLY hit me that I am in Los Angeles! The reason? It was this.

What are you supposed to be looking at? OK do you see the black box in the middle of the picture? Well if I had a good digicam or a better camera on my phone or if I were closer to the aforementioned black box this is what it would've looked like!

I could see it, I COULD ACTUALLY SEE IT! Then it hit me. I was.. I mean I AM in the same city as John Mayer and George Clooney and particular momen the likes. And at that particular moment all that separated me from them were a couple of dozen miles and security (Security aint gonna stop me from anything, though!)!


You all should be too!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ola people! (Yeah, I say ola now! :) )

Sorry for the long delay in the LA-is-awesome post. (LA is awesome but I still miss home and can't wait to see everyone at Christmas!)

I'm doing good, thanks for asking. I moved into my apartment 3 days back and have been home alone. And will be home alone till tomorrow! I haven't got internet running but like always I've found a stray unsecured wireless connection! And.... I finally made friends!! ( Basically, I'm HORRIBLE at socializing and initiating conversation, but once someone starts talking to me, I can't shut up!) For 2 days, I was friendless and alone. Then I found a long-lost (second) cousin. And now, finally, I have friends! (Rammy, I fail you yet again, but I will get better!)

I've always had horrible luck when ordering drinks, now I've realized that goes double when I order food! So the last three lunches I've had have each cost 7$ (yes, LA is super expensive) and have ALL been wasted because they're inedible. No, seriously! (What can I say, I'm Indian and not too good at adapting to bland, tasteless food!)

Speaking of Indians, I came across the most annoying and painful one the other day. She was supposed to move in with us and then backed out because I told her I cooked egg at home that day. (I'd just had a beer and felt like sharing!) And she bailed!! Said she was shudh Marwadi and shudh Jain or whatever. OK fine, I told her, I wont make eggs again. (See, I adjusted, I CAN compromise), but she said she'll have to talk to her parents (who live in India btw!) and see what they have to say. And this is after I tell her I wont cook eggs in the house again. And the stupid bitch doesnt even call to get back to us. After hours and hours of trying her number, she finally picks our call and tells us her parents didn't want her to move in with us. SO the bitch finds another place WHICH IS JUST BELOW OUR PLACE! Now I have nothing against any religion but one of my really really good friends was the same caste she is and she was OK with us eatingnon vegetarian food and egg everytime she went out with us. I honestly don't get why the hell she's in the US if she's going to have a problem with non vegetarian food being eaten/cooked around her! How that bitch manages, I'd like to see! I can't wait to tilet paper her house!! (Ah, it feels so nice to vent! Damn bitch-in-crime, I miss calling you and bitching!)

On the other hand, we found another girl and hopefully, she'll be moving in tomorrow!!

So... How're you?

Friday, August 14, 2009

How we came from here to HERE

So I thought I need to write a post to explain how the previous post came about.

So once upon a time, there was an awesome girl. She was, as you can guess, pretty darned awesome. There was just one thing wrong with her. She was unsure as to how to amplify this awesomeness. Should I work at Target? Should I go to NIFT? Should I go to USC? Should I do an MBA? So many many ways to make everyone around me benefit from my awesomeness, she thought, and so little time. She then decided to work at Target.

Ah, but there's another secret flaw this awesome girl possessed. That was that she thought too much. And too much at that. She analysed. And then she analyzed. (Note the differences in spelling.) And then she spent some more time doing that. And then she decided to go to LA. Then she filled in her forms and she was ready to go, but for her visa. She began to think again. She thought and thought and then her cousin told her that Vegas was 350 kms from LA. Ah, she thought to herself, now lets see who can stop me!? She got her visa and it was a matter of less than 3 weeks before she landed in LA.

I think you might've guessed by now that the awesome girl is in the story is, well, me. And I'm in LA. But here, for all the right reasons. Vegas is just an excuse. I finally decided to do my Masters in Computer Science. So, in two years I might work in wait-for-it, DREAMWORKS. Did I say might? Sorry, I mean will. And all of you will wait till the end of the credits in any animated movie you watch! My plan to take over Apple thus begins!

Oh and btw, its R's birthday today! So wish her if you haven't already. And give her a super big from me. I love you, R!! :) I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be. Dude, get smashed.

I tag Akaash to post something. ANYTHING.

We've moved!

So I've been reading instances where too many people have been moving to Wordpress.

I'm happy (and super duper miffed) to announce that we've moved too.

To LA, that is!

Our further posts will now be from Los Angeles, California.

And, maybe, just maybe if you're lucky, we'll have John Mayer guest blogging!

Me miss you guys terribly. TERRIBLY.

Monday, August 3, 2009

How could they do this!!!?

The first story books I read while growing up were Archie comics. By story books I mean, comics (which is what I called them then) and by reading, I mean looking at the illustrations. A major part of my childhood was in my grandmother's house, where my (then a teenager) uncle had a big collection of Archie comics. I'm 22, and to this date am a huge fan. Everytime I travel by train, I make sure I have two new Double Digests with me!

I loved those pin up pages in the comics because then, I would take out my drawing book and proceed to draw and colour them. I've even attempted to send in a few illustrations to the 'Archie comics headquarters' (as I called them lol), but like the other letters I wrote, they never made it past my room.

As you can probably guess, my favourite character (like every other girl's growing up)was Betty Cooper. I loved her! I hated Veronica Lodge for a long time! I never really like Archie; always preferred Jughead. But I always wanted Archie and Betty to end up together!

So, why the this post?

Because I just found out what's going to happen!
THIS is going to happen!! (I know Archie, Betty and Veronica are all 67 year old teenagers, but still this is just too much bad news!!)
The comic is out on August 19th when Archie finally proposes to Veronica. :( :( :(

I always rooted for Betty. They are just comic book characters but how would you feel if suddenly T-Bone was killed off in a Swat Kats episode or if Optimus Prime had ACTUALLY died in Transformers. So unfair!!! And get this, as if this weren't enough, they're going to pair Betty with Jughead!! I agree opposites attract, but COME ON!