Tuesday, May 26, 2009


- why is it that whenever I click next blog on my blog, a DIFFERENT blog turns up!

- why, just why, did Josh Hartnett agree to act in 30 Days of Night.

- why the Facebook layout changes, just when you get used to the current one.

- why people keep using the word perspective, when clearly when its the most annoying word ever, when it comes back to them.

- how Akon got so famous, when, clearly, he sucks!

- how Jodhaa Akbar won so many awards this year. I mean, COME ON, the movie wasn't ALL THAT.

- how 4 years of engineering flew past this quick!

- why God has been this mean to us, on the project front, when we're one of the very few who've actually attempted to do it on our own. (big mistake there, btw, and I hope you've got something better in store for us, Big Guy)

- why we don't hang out that often anymore, blog. Or with everyone else.

- how some people can like milk. I hate it. Unless mixed with Drinking Chocolate. :)

- how people can like the colour pink. Period.

- why time flies so quickly when you're having fun!

- when Wolverine is going to release here!!

- where I can get this song 'Mere Yaar', its brilliant!

- if I will ever see "the Warning Sign" again. *ambiguous*

- when the PLAN is all just going to come to me!

CH3OH - Methyl whatever!

When you're really really REALLY in doubt, I think good amount of alcohol will REALLY do you some good, REALLY.

Monday, May 25, 2009

THE marathon

31st May.

17,000 people.

5.7 kilometers.

I run for Bangalore.

I hope you will too.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hey, Big Guy up there!

*maybe, just MAYBE God reads this blog*

Dear God,

I need you to do some things for me. Clean up my absolutely cluttered mind filled with so many decisions, and show me what to do. I'm indecisive because you chose me to be so, and now I need help. So, help me. Help me choose my plan A, plan B and plan C correctly because I can't. And I'm running out of time, here. Not cool (pardon the lingo). :( That's not to much to ask, is it?

While you're at that, I also need some granting of wishes, answering of prayers etc. The things I'm sure I want, those things I want. They say you listen to kids, and that, I am not. But doesn't still looking like one count? Its not like I'm asking for world peace, y'know. They're all small things, little minute things that don't even matter to people who aren't me. So yeah, the world wont end if you make them happen. Things are not looking up, and You need to make them do so. And I don't ask you for stuff everyday. Just once in a while. You gotta agree, I'm pretty reasonable like that. And I even say Thank You at the end of it!

So God, here's ending this on a happy note, hope you will make me super happy soon.

Thank You God for everything!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just, because I felt like!

*guitar solo to Freebird*

I seem to be blogging a lot in my sleep now-a-days!

Hi, its been long.

Things I don't want to be talking about today :
- project (lets call it the horrible P(ee), if you absolutely have to (wow! double parentheses)),
- facebook (no reason),
- .pic format,
- C++ and
- dyslexia. ( I just added that for no reason at all! ;) ).
- Oh, and most importantly, SEGMENTATION, because that has NOTHING to do with the horrible P(ee)! Period.
- Oh, also Star Sitara. Someday you will get what you deserve, bitch at the reception!
- And Poornima, the bitch in the IS dept. I mean, really, who says, 'give' instead of Excuse me!!!!

Notes you should be taking down :

- What goes around comes around! (And you CAN (italicized and capitalized!) get stitched in those unspeakable parts!!) I'd like nothing more than to talk about this, but it could get offensive, and even though its MY blog, I'm not going to. All I can spill is I've never felt happier for something that has nothing to do with me!

- What goes around comes around! Sadly, worked the opposite for me too. Be careful about what you say, especially when the presentation for the aforementioned P(ee) is around. I did some extensive amounts of bitching one day, and the next day, Linus crashed, Windows also crashed, 160 GB of free space! What can I say, God does punish too! :(

What have I been doing? So sweet of you to ask. Well I haven't been redesigning my blog (great job BTW, Perplexed), or analyzing relationships (tell me when you do get the answer, ~R~) or having the naked dream ( at least you aren't in high school anymore, Shenanigans)! I haven't been doing much on the fun front lately, but in spite of the P(ee), I just HAD to drop in and say hi!

Hi!! :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


So, I woke up in the middle of the night; i.e now, and messaged some changes about the project code to my friend. Can you believe Linus crashed!!? No, seriously!

Anyway, so after I did. I tried catching some sleep, (I'm writing all this in past tense so its easier for me, even though all this happened as I'm typing.) but couldn't. And being the boy crazy soul that I am, I thought I'd "day"-dream myself to sleep. This is how that went:

if((i==nice hair) || (i==nice abs))...



This is so not me! I mean, I love being a wannabe nerd and all, but I can't dream like this! This is just so uncool.

:( :( :(