Monday, July 27, 2009

My life - The Musical

So I admit, nobody tagged me. I just found this, and liked it and can't sleep so am doing this.

The song post. The song that describes the following parts of my (and when I tag you, your) life.

No, this isn't where you put on your random playlist and the answer to every question is the next song that plays. Here, you get to pick te song. So choose well.

Here goes.

Preeeesenting, my life in music!

Opening credits: Guitar solo to Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Waking up : Beautiful Day - U2

Average day: The View from the afternoon - Arctic Monkeys, Life in Technicolor - Coldplay, Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus

First date: Are You Gonna be My girl - Jet

Falling in love: Chasing cars- Snow Patrol, Catch My Disease - Ben Lee, My Rollercaster - Kimya Dawson, Shiver - Coldplay

Love scene: Shine on you, Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd, Slow Dancing in a burning Room - John Mayer, Mother we cant get enough - New Radicals

Fight scene: Surrender - Cheap Trick, Thunderstruck - ACDC, Pump it - Black Eyed Peas

Breaking up: If I didn't like the guy, Freedom- George Michael. If I did, Fix You - Coldplay. =

Getting back together: (not happening) but if.... Somewhere only We Know - Keane

Secret love: Love me Two Times - The Doors, If there's a Rocket, tie me to it - Snow Patrol, Warning Sign - Coldplay

Life's okay: (more like life is awesome!) The Show - Lenka, Smells like Teen Spirit - Nirvana, Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters

Mental breakdown: hmmm... nothing, really.

Driving: Highway Star - Deep Purple, Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry

Learning a lesson: Don't stop Believing - Journey, Champagne Supernova - Oasis

Deep thought: All kinds of Time - Fountains of Wayne, Be Yourself - Audioslave

Light - Advaita, The Scientist (not for obvious reasons. Just...) - Coldplay

Partying: Calabria, Right Round - Flo Rida

Happy dance: Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones, Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry, Celebration - Kool and the Gang, Desi Girl - Dostana

Regretting: Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds - The Beatles, The End - The Doors

Long night alone: Desi Girl - Dostana, I'll Follow You into the Dark - Deathcab for Cutie

Death scene: Rock You like a Hurricane - The Scorpions, (World, Hold on! - Bob Sinclar lol.)

Closing credits: Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve, We're all Alright - Cheap Trick

So, that's done.

I tag -
Footloose Doll.
Vinayak Sapru
Miss M

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There's something about Tom

I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince today.

Verdict: Worth a watch. Not SUPERB, but decent. Some totally made up situations, some unnecessary scenes, some left-out stuff, but altogether very entertaining. Very average performance by Ginny Weasley though, and the characters of Remus Lupin, Tonks and even Snape were totally wasted.

Tom Felton. Draco Malfoy. BRILLIANT. He's the reason you should be watching the movie. The dude is just so Malfoy, and has done an EXCELLENT job. Brooding, mysterious, self-involved, frustrated. He's wow. And he's so dark and dangerous, you totally want him. I usually catch Potter flicks for the Weasley twins (such a disappointment in this movie, btw) and Rupert Grint, Won-Won, in this movie, but Draco Malfoy overshadows them all, even Harry Potter. I've never been a Radcliffe fan, but I've always rooted for the good guys in the series. Watching Felton as Malfoy in this movie, you almost just want him to succeed and kill Dumbledoor. No, really! And knowing how the series ends, it wouldn't be a bad idea to let 'the Dark Lord' deserve a few pats on his back either.

So yeah, watch it. For Malfoy/Felton. And oh yeah, Freddie Stroma a.k.a Cormac McLaggen a.k.a Hermione's pursuer. So yummy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The highs, the lows, the maybe's, the damnits and the hell yeah's!

I wish I were 18.

Even though 22 has been my favourite age by far, I still can't help wanting to be 18, going back to a simpler time. Actually thinking, a simpler time would be, say 3, but that's kind of impractical. Not that this isn't, but still.

I would've done so many things differently.

For starters, I would've insisted on shifting to another city and living in a hostel, because right now I'm too spoilt and too used to home to be anywhere else. Put me in a deserted island and ask me what I'd take with me and the answer is an inflatable boat which would get me back home. Not Jude Law, not John Mayer. A boat.

I would've made an actual attempt at learning to play the guitar. I have a guitar. And. I cannot play it. Unless you count playing every song with the C, G, D chords, then yes. I am the next Hendrix. And don't say atleast you learnt that much. Its not much, not much at all.

No surprises here. I would have taken up a design course. I'm not an expert at any form of design right now, and I'm not saying that NID or NIFT would be laying out red carpets for me. But if I'd known then, that, computers aren't as cool as they're made out to be (no offense to anyone) (well actually, computers are pretty cool and I don't see myself without one, but I don't see myself sitting in front of one all the time, either), then I wouldn't have decided to go (settle) with engineering.

And, the crush I had on that 19 year old would seem anything but ick. I know. And, don't judge me. :-|

I would not have been a moody pain-in-the-ass. I was impossible back then. I got angry easily, fought with people for really stupid reasons (some of whom I'm still not speaking to) and got way too attached to people. Trust me, if you know me now, I'm much better. Yes, the mood swings used to be more frequent, longer in duration and none of them ended well. Note. I did not cry. Not then, not now. I was born with a heart of stone. I don't know how my friends were friends with me.

I would have, in capitals, bold and italics, THROWN, my cellphone off some mountain.

But now that I am 22, never lived in a hostel, an amateur at playing the guitar, an engineer (God, it still feels weird saying that), LESS moody and still with a cellphone, there are things I wouldn't dream of changing.

Staying home. Any other college's hostel would be OK. But the hostel in the college I studied in, big no-no. According to my friends, their warden was Hitler. No kidding.

Well, I didn't learn the guitar. But I can sing. Which doesn't change anything, but does make things slightly better, no? Yes.

Engineering. Ah, its a love-hate relationship, really. Hate the degree, hate the courses, hated the teachers, hated that they made us come to college on Sunday to compensate for some other suddenly-declared holiday, hated internals, hated externals, really HATED lab externals. But then, all the bunking, bitching, sleeping in classes, eating in classes, fighting for internal marks, fighting with teachers for everything, pretending to listen, doing anything but listening in class, drawing instead of taking notes, getting thrown out of class, going out after college, alcohol, that lake near college, NICE road, Dance dance Revolution. The list continues, and I'm going to mention just about everything I can remember. M's desserts, karting, being in a band, movies at Forum, Wii at R's place, sleepovers at K's place, sports day at S' place, messing up P's and B's place, and V's and D's and just about every alphabet's place, shopping for gifts, BIRTHDAYS, SURPRISES, TREATS, B.U, Gokarna, Udaipur, GOA, pulling everyone's legs, getting my legs pulled (sorry A, if you actually read this), everything! I'll miss it all, not the getting my legs pulled so much, but really I'll miss it all. And come to think about it, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

Ah, that 19 year old. Someday when I'm 99 and he's 96, it'll hardly make a difference, yeah? (pathetic, pathetic)

And the moody bit. I think we can all agree (by we, I mean those of you who actually know me), I've gotten better over the 4 years. And if you expected more, screw you. You aren't perfect either. Yeah, the rude bit won't ever change, so get used to it.

As for the cellphone, prank calls and prank-messages kind of make up for it. :)

Oh. Lookie here. Turns out, I was fine all along.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quiero Mary Elena

The e's Penelope Cruz must have an accent but I don't know how to do that in blogger.

Yesterday, I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

First, the review.

Watch it. Its not over-the-top wow or spectacular but its entertaining and decent. Besides, its got Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johanssen. Its a nice movie, about two best friends, Vicky and Cristina, going to Barcelona for the summer and meeting and getting involved with this random artist, who has this extreme love-hate relationship with his ex-wife, Mary Elena. Vicky is sensible, and practical. Cristina is spontaneous and easily interested. And the story picks on from there. I give it a 3.5/5. Javier Bardem, playing Juan Antonio, the artist, is one helluva lucky guy! And he isn't even super looking! I didnt like him that much, mainly because he looks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Denny in Grey's Anatomy. And all the afterlife shit they pulled off in that show really made me hate that character. But mouth-up, he looks like Robert Downey Jr. which is not that bad. And the background scores are really really nice. This lady is singing Spanish songs throughout the movie.

I want Mary Elena. My God. The character is portrayed by Penelope Cruz, and she is FANTASTIC. She's the crazy ex-wife and she's bloody brilliant. She comes 45 minutes into the movie and she's played her role to perfection. Wow! Her constant bickering in Spanish and her personality and everything is just so intriguing! The entire time she's on screen, you just go, I need to learn Spanish just for this woman! Thats what I was like, and I'm straight! And she looks amazing! And she is so mad. And blunt. And unpredictable. Man, I have a huuuuuge girl-crush on her! Lucky Javier Bardem, he gets to date her in real life!

I tell you again, you need to watch the movie just for her!

Entering the 'real world'

Its done.
4 years.
Finished... In style!

Woohoo! :)

P.S If you studied in my college, you'll know why real world is in quotes.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Warning Sign - Part 2

I watched bits of 'The Last Kiss' today, and re-realized how much I love this song.

Warning sign.. I missed the good parts and I realized..
I started looking and the bubble burst, I started looking for excuses...
Come on now, I've gotta tell you what a state I'm in,
I've gotta tell you in my loudest tone, that I started looking for a warning sign.

And the truth is, I miss you..
And the truth is, I miss you.. so.

...And I'll crawl back into your opened arms.

Now that that's done,

I have two questions for you all,

1. Did you or did you not watch cartoons like Swat Kats and Centurions as a kid AND LOVE THEM!?
I met a friend today who though I was WEIRD for having been in love with Ace McCloud. And watched Swat Kats! Didn't we all love MegaKat City, and all the ass kicking T-Bone and Razor indulged in!!? And Crystal Kane and Lucy and Shadow!!? Or are you one of those who watched and cried with the Ugly Duckling on Timeless Tales, and with Heidi? (Eww!)

2. Did you or did you not watch Rakhi ka Swayamvar?
If you did: Oh my God!! What are people thinking! OK so Rakhi picks one in the end. Who on earth is going to EVER go for those other losers! And Rakhi Sawant acting all shy and demure. What a riot!
If you didn't: PLEASE WATCH IT. The drama, the trauma, the tears, the fears, the letters, oh you better!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just so you don't forget.....ME!

Yes. Its official. I'm on a blogger's block. Its not as bad as this dude's though. But I can't think of anything. Its not like I'm super busy or anything. I'm just really really lazy and really really REALLY jobless! I love it!

*What're you doing?*

Quoting Ms. Hide n Seek, "NOTHING!!!!" *yes it does feel great to be able to say that!*

Other than that, I'm quite confused too. Confused about where to go from here. Do an M.S, work for a year, do design, there are just too many forks! And being jobless instigates the thought process with a bang. Thinking does no good either, every night I fall asleep, the same confused soul I woke up as. *help!*

On the movie front, I've been keeping myself busy. So quick reviews:

Bolt: Watch watch watch. Simply ADORABLE. Disney movie. 'Nuf said!

Terminator Salvation: OK. Timepass. Nice effects. Good ol' Arnie makes a special appearance and all!

August Rush: Nice. Predictable. Not super, but decent. Starring Jonathan Rhys Myers. I absolutely loved him in Bend it Like Beckham.

Fireflies in the Garden: Watch. Cryptic and all, but nice. Ryan Reynolds, Julia Roberts. Also, William Dafoe stars in it(Norman Osbourne from Spiderman). I don't know about you, but I can't somehow stand the guy!

Role Models: Paul Rudd, Sean William Scott. OK. Watch if you're really bored. But they have a land called Kiss-man-thia! And Paul Rudd as Gene Simmons looks really cute!

Hard Candy: Ellen Page. WATCH. IN BIG FAT CAPS. WOW! Ellen Page is just bloody brilliant. Man, new respect for her.

10 Things I hate About You: For the 10th time :) I miss Heath Ledger. Sigh. :'(

Haffun you guys!