Monday, December 1, 2008

The angel of the Lord came down and glory shone around..

10 reasons why I love December... Go!

1. I love how cold it is! (Though global warming is having its say for the past few years.) I love the dry cold without the out-of-the-ordinary rains we seem to be facing these days! Like how sunny summers with a little drizzle can make your day!

2. I love waking up in the morning and snuggling under the blankets because its soooooo cold!

3. Holidays!!!!! I've studied in Christian schools throughout, and they were really big on Christmas holidays! I've had holidays in December the last four years of engineering too, but they've been study holidays. Holidays, nevertheless..

4. Christmas!!! I love Christmas!! Ever since I was little, when my mum would place chocolates under my pillow, which I would gleefully find on Christmas morning! Then there were Christmas plays in school, and more chocolates! Teehee. Oh, and SECRET SANTA! I loved Secret Santa! How we would draw chits with people's names on them and send them 'secret' messages till Christmas day, even though we all knew whose name everyone had picked anyway! Sigh... I miss celebrating Christmas.

5. This year, added reason, because of Ghajini!! Go Aamir Khan!

6. Carols! I love em'!! From Silent Night to Rudolph. My favourite carol s Felis Navidaa, and While Shepherds watched their flocks by night..

7. New Years' Eve, exam or not the next day, I love calling people in the middle of the night and screaming, 'Haaaappppyyy Newwww Yeaaaarrrr!' (Thank Go we're done atleast on New Years' this time!!!)

8. My parent's anniversary! And soo many birthdays!! Happy birthday to all born in December!!

9. The end of another year, and the anticipation of a new year! And walking towards the end of VTU! (Though thats going to make me sob..)

10. Its December, and thats reason enough!!!!:):)

Happy December, all!!!


perplexed said...

oh me too.. how i love december!! But will be stuck at home because of exams :( n the joy of staying under the cozy blankets comes with a load of guilt though... but i still love this time of the year nevertheless!:)
happy december to you too! :D

Meira said...

The best part is Santa's visit.
What? what if he's a myth:D
Thanks for visiting.

Poof! said...

@ perplexed- Its the last december under the VTU regime! Certinly a reason to celebrate!

@Meira - Yup Santa and the gifts make December December!