Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weird sort of week/weird week of sorts.....

Wherein, I discovered:

1. The most kick ass pack of cards I have ever laid eyes on. Yes, I am talking about a pack of cards, not the cure for cancer. But when you see, what I did, you will go WOW with wonder too!

2. The awesome-st card game in the world, and also the lamest. The easiest game, yet the hardest to understand(for a while, that is.). Absolutely nonsensical, but mind blowingly brilliant at the same time. We fondly call it, 'Quietly Keep it Down'! Thank you very much S, for introducing us to this senseless brilliance!

3. Madhur Bhandarkar is not all that. Fashion, I can safely say, SUCKED. Remember my Bachna Eh Haseeno review. Multiply that by three billion, four hundred thousand, two hundred and sixty nine, and you get Fashion. Three hours of physical, mental/emotional torture. The music was bad, the clothes weren't great, the concept was super-predictable and it was excruciatingly long! OK, the women are hot, but no person,(not even you boys) can take take this rubbish for three and a half hours. Kangana Ranaut cannot act to save her life, and Priyanka Chopra is so painfully boring, you will seriously hate yourself for sometime.

4. Roadside Romeo. Lets not even go there. Yes, I did watch the movie. Yes, it was a terrible mistake. Yes, I am quite lame. But it is definitely better than the aforementioned piece of crap.

5. I am not 'Gossip Girl' anymore. Pun intended. I used to know everything. I never was the 'social butterfly', but I attracted gossip like a magnet! Now, in contrast, I know everything about everyone last. Damn!

I suck at bowling. I am really, really, really bad!

7. Happy Halloween! (And, happy Independence Day, R!! Today is a day of celebration,!! *winks*) And also, Happy Birthday, S!!


rammy said...

I think I speak for both S and R when I say thank you...:)
I think we should celebrate it in style with them, no? Better late than never.
In a fortnight!

Poof! said...

I celebrated with S!:) But yes the fortnight shall bring much happiness, yeah! Can't wait! I know you can't =P