Thursday, November 27, 2008

My cousin, Smita, wrote this, after reading the newspaper today. It kind of sums up everything thats currently going on in my mind, so here it is.

Take me away
To a place far away
So I may never return
To watch this world burn

Take me away
on a starry night
where the shadows shiver
at the gruesome sight

take me from this place
where all is still
the wails of despair
helpless and shrill

they beg for mercy
a crack of the whip
the pain is unreal
I see the flesh rip

Take me away
so I may never know
How many died
how many to go

the blood spatters
the bullets fly,
the earth-crimson red
ebony black-the sky

lay me to rest
in surreal peace
the chains the shackles
no escape no release

I look up at the highest pedestal
For hope and for light
A saviour for our souls
A freedom from this plight.

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