Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I laugh at the face of fear!

Truth. No, I don't.

I scare easy, real easy. But I don't get scared of normal everyday things. I can watch horror movies without uttering a scream. I can go on the scariest rides. I can swim in the deep end of the pool, i.e - I don't scare easy! Contradicting, eh? Here's the deal..

I'm pretty fearless, really. Fear, you say.. What does that mean, would be my reply.

Except when it comes to hospitals. And blood. And anything related to hospitals and blood. And yeah, ambulances, but then those are related to hospitals. And blood. Ok fine I'm also terrified of lizards and rats, but then, who isn't?

The weird thing is, there's absolutely no history behind it. With regard to the hospitals and blood, that is. I haven't had a single stitch, or fracture in my life (knock on wood!). And neither have I witnessed anything tragic in a hospital(knock, knock as hard as you can!!), actually the only time I've been in a hospital is probably when I was born, and maybe when my brother was born, I can't remember. The thought of sick people lying in beds, with hospital apparatus inserted into them, and sucking things out of them, and putting things into them, scares the living daylights out of me!!
Don't get me wrong. Its not something I'm proud of. Its just something I cannot take.

My brother, on the other hand, has had a million stitches and irregularities etched on to his skin. One time, he broke his nose and I refused to go meet him in the hospital! It's a damn good thing I didn't become a doctor. Actually it's the primary reason I didn't become a doctor.

One more thing I'm afraid of, awkward situations. If someone comes to me telling me about a break up or the sort, the most I can do is freak out, and make a joke, hoping earnestly, that it is funny enough to crack the other person up! But what really stumps me, is when someone tells me about a death in the family. I can't bring myself to say anything. Zilch. I usually stay away from these situations. People might think me to be insensitive, but the truth is..well, I can't really explain it, its a 'me' thing.

And I get really really freaked when something out of the ordinary happens. Or someone tells me something unusual. I mean, scary unusual. It could be anything. Accidents(=ambulances=Hospitals=Blood), health problems etc. I come up with the worst, possible conclusions and completely freak myself out, and quite often people around me. And I'm very very very hard to calm down.

Oh I'm also super scared of injections. Lets not even go there!

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