Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And here we go again...

College reopened yesterday.

Minute to mourn.

An ex-President died last evening.

More mourning.

Colleges didn't declare a HOLIDAY!!

OK, I can't even start mourning there, because it'll go on forever.

Finally, in the final semester, which means college only three days a week! A three day week is seriously God-sent! Its so worth going through three and a half years to finally reach Heaven.

Minute to thank God.

I finally caught Slumdog(twice!) and I'm IN LOVE with Jamal Malik! Which includes young Jamal, middle Jamal and old Jamal. Especially old Jamal! Dev Patel is so adorably cute in the movie and the dance sequence in Jai Ho makes him even more adorable! And his ears.. oh his ears are just so cute.. OK I sound too girly there, so lets skip the lame stuff and go back to the land where I am cool!


There was just one resolution I made for the new year this time around which was to turn 22 in style, and be happy in the process! I did not exactly handle 21 very well. The day before my 21st birthday was a disaster, and only in this blog will I admit this. I cried. And I have a
no crying in front of people rule. Ah, how I hate growing older. And 21 is ooooooold! Sigh. My birthday was great though, thank to my friends.
And here we are. Its nearly a year later, and I turn the big two two in a couple of weeks. So I decided to make more resolutions!

1. I will be a little more selfish.
2. I will be a little more nice to those I like and a little more rude to those I don't. Watch out!
3. I will not attend college too much!
4. I will meet interesting new people and make new friends!
5. I will do a little bit of everything this semester(and year).
6. Short term: I will watch Luck by Chance.
7. I will go to Udaipur.
8. I will be one AWESOME 22 year old!

On a more serious note, I personally feel the whole Sriram Sena group must be castrated! Violation and molestation and then the dude says there's nothing wrong in apologizing, so I will. What the F*@#!!! Fuc*$ng as$holes! Who on bloody earth do they think they are! I was furious when I saw the news! And considering this happened in India, these bastar%s will get away scot free. Its so bloody unfair! I hope they're hung. Aaaaarrrgghh!!

And also this whole Amitabh scandal with Slumdog. Man, the dude lives in a mansion and he talks about negative portrayal of India! Seriously!!? More than half of the country's population lives below the poverty line, and the FIRST thing a person sees when he lands in Bombay is the Dharavi slum. Obviously this is the first impression anyone gets of the country. And any movie is made by exploiting some central fact. Take Black itself. A deaf, dumb and blind kid was portrayed. Anyone could've argued that the child's condition was exploited. But obviously a healthy kid couldn't've been used. The dude's wife and best friend are into politics. Ask him to get them to do something so the country's condition is improved! Bloody.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The very-delayed rant

I hope the people who this is directed towards do not read this.

Actually, heck I hope they do!!

Why!? Why is it so bloody hard for a person to make a decision! Its easy to decide really, mostly, its only a decision between two words. Yes and no. Seriously, it couldn't get easier! And clearly there is no, lets see, I don't know, I'll tell you later. When you can easily get a yes or no, why would you give me an answer that completely pisses me off!

And then, there's the other thing! When all you have to do is open your mouth and say something, why would you not? Its easy, you learnt how to speak when you were three, you've been doing it ever since, so why can't you grow some balls and say those three monosyllabic words! And in an instant, you'll get one of the two aforementioned words as answers. Really, its that simple. Gaaah!


Ah that felt better.

On a lighter note, I watched a nice movie today. The Royal Tenenbaums. I'm loving Owen Wilson even more these days(I love his nose!), plus Wes Anderson kinda rocks! Watch it.

P S - The three words, if you were wondering, are NOT, I love you or I am sorry. Lol.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A big shout-out going out to...

Sarcastica - Wow! I just came across her blog, and I loved it! She's just 19, and of late, very very pregnant! I loved the way she writes, very neat. Go check it out!

Marley and Me - I *heart* the movie!!! The doggie is just soooo cute!! And contrary to the initial hype, the movie is less about Jennifer Aniston and more about Owen Wilson. And the doggie! Plus it has Eric Dane a.k.a McSteamy in it!

Coin runner in Funky stadium - is the best passtime ever! The burrow rocks! Closely followed by Guitar Hero! Which is super-awesome!

S - for buying what she did! I'm too proud of you for having done it!

Ben Lee - Catch my disease is the most feel-good song of the season. And it was featured on Scrubs, the latest season. Which made me feel-even-more-good!

Scrubs -The latest season is definitely better than season 7, which was bull crap! Plus it has Courtney Cox in it! Woohoo! Three cheers to Bill Lawrence!

Pregnancy - My CN tacher is pregnant, and she hates me, so I won't have to look at her face in the final semester *fingers crossed* God is awesome!!

Ed Westwick - *all hail*

and finally,
A R Rahman - for winning the Golden Globe. I still have to watch Slumdog Millionaire, though. Can't wait!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I changed my display name.

I am now Ping!

Reason for this being, I just realized poof does not just mean to vanish suddenly. It also means this, which I most certainly am not, no offense to anyone.

Signing off as ping.. till I find alternative inappropriate meanings!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In Rachel Green's words, I've watched them all, I'm a big fan!

My holidays have been super boring, so far, with the exception of maybe two days.

So, its a serious hurray for downloads, which really saved my life! I have turned into the ultimate movie buff, at the rate of two-three movies a day.

The must-watch ones:

1. Elizabethtown - starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. Nice movie, very feel good ending, brilliant background score! Its about this dude who's lost just about everything in his life and his story henceforth.

2. Beetlejuice - Alec Baldwin, Catherine O'Hara. Yes, I only just watched it, to those of you who just gave me a look of disappointment! But to those of you who haven't, watch it. The movie is really really old, a fantasy fiction, with Winona Ryder in her teens, and Alec Baldwin with absolutely no sarcasm!

3. The Nightmare before Christmas - I'm completely rediscovering Tim Burton. Another fantasy fiction animated part musical. A movie about a Jack o Lantern who discovers Christmas.

4. The Darjeeling Limited - Still in the middle of this one. Starring Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody nd Jason Schwartzman, a story of three brothers on a journey through India, with a hidden mission that only Owen Wilson knows.

5. Definitely, Maybe - Ryan Reynolds. Very very very cute! A story of how dad met mom, as told to the daughter. Brilliant performances.

The OK-you-can-skip-it-if-you-have-something-else-to-do list:

1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall - I downloaded this one because of Jason Segel. And Mila Kunis. It stars the two and Kristen Bell (XOXO Gosip Girl). OK movie. Its a very very predictable movie, but parts of it are nice, and parts of it are completely unnecessary(by parts, I mean parts of the human anatomy...male!).

2. High Fidelity - John Cusack. Old movie. OK movie. Good music. But feel good factor in the end. All could think of after watching this was, there's some hope left for the dudes in the world!

3. Alfie - If you watch How I Met Your Mother, you've probably seen a much more awesome version of Alfie in Barney Stinson- What up!! The story of a womanizer, impeccably dressed, almost always in suits! When I watched it, I was going, oh my God, Jude Law is so Barney!!

4. Jack and Jill vs. The World - This one was nice, actually. But not a must-watch. Starring Freddie Prinze Jr. Watch it.

The ones you can safely skip:

1. Happy go-lucky - Set in London, this movie's about a woman, who's completely oblivious to what actually happens in life. It received reallt high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, but I couldn't sit through it. May you could, though.

The ones I want to watch:

1. James and The Giant Peach - Download nearly complete! Yippieeeee!:)
2. Marley and Me - Stupid fake torrent.
3. Rachel getting married
4. Nick and Norah's infinite playlist
5. The Reader
6. The Curious case of Benjamin Button
7. Last chance, Harvey
8. Bride Wars

Phew, looks like the rest of my holidays are set!:)

Reviews are welcome!

PS - Also, check this out. Its AWESOME!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Allusion to you-wont-believe-what

She saw it standing, and heard it growl,
she knew it would be soon, it was on the prowl.
This was it, she thought to herself, and she came,
out into the open, it was either's to claim.

The one thing it wanted, the one she had,
she would not surrender, that drove the beast mad!
This has to finish now, she said, and she took,
it into her hands, and gave it one last look.

The beast could see absolutely nothing but red,
just one more thing to knock off, and she would be dead,
then there would be nothing between it and what she held.
Then she threw her head back and yelled!

It charged towards her, with the aim to kill,
to throw her off the face of the earth, with no particular skill,
and just when it was about to sink its claws into her skin,
she had suddenly jumped up, and it felt a blow at its chin!

In its vain it had forgotten that she had the brains,
however strong it might've been, it could still feel the pain,
she had planned it in her head, and it was going to be slain,
the beast had to fall, come thunderstorm or rain!

She jumped upon his back with the knife in her hand,
and plunged it deep into its flesh, until it couldn't stand.
It turned around in pain and jerked and threw her off its back,
she recovered as she fell and stood, this was no time to slack!

She lunged herself towards the beast once again, and this time,
it was the heart she aimed for, to miss it would be a crime.
she stabbed until it was still, and then she stood to see,
to look, to absorb, to admire, to taken in, this mental deed!

She looked downwards at her conquest, and thanked her lucky stars.
She unlocked her fists and let fall to the ground that 'thing' that they fought for.
She started to walk, her head held high, for it was her win tonight.
It was so on, she said, from now on, no flight, just fight!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A more detailed explanation of the word 'balance'

My resolution for this post is not to use the word awes***, however tempted I might be.

Hello to you all, from the dark side of the moon!:)

I had a wonderful New Years day, I hope you all did too. Its all quite blurry, I met some new people, and made some new friends, but I don't remember most of it. But it was good. The next day wasn't though. Oh, it was horrible. All I could think of the entire day was, Party Smart. Some kinda antidote to hangovers. I'm still not sure what exactly it was and how exactly it worked, but that's the only thing I could think of.

You know every year I wake up on January 1st and base my entire year on how that first day goes. The first person I speak to, the first song I listen to, blah blah (This year it was R, and the song was I love the whole world:) ), and I think to myself the year's going to be good! (Note I did not use the 'A' word!) But somehow almost always, something else happens, something not so good, maybe not to you though, which leaves you wondering why its so unfair for some others not to have the perfect new year! For instance, I was just looking back and thinking how I had a great time and then I read this. It's just too sad, and the scary part is, a similar thing happened to a couple of friends two years back. They're all hale and hearty though *knock on wood*.

Another great thing about New Year this year is that one of my best friends came down to Bangalore! The crappy part, wait-for-it, is that he'll have to go back soon!

My friends just told me they're taking off to Goa, which is absolutely wow for them! But kinda sucky for me, as I'm left pretty plan-less for the next week!

Good part - The TV shows will be starting again, Gossip Girl(Jan 5), HIMYM, Scrubs(Jan 6), Grey's Anatomy(Jan 9) (sigh its been too long and yes you're all welcome.). Sucky part - Ok its not earth shattering, really, but I'll get to watc it a day late( OH THE HORROR!!!). OK mybe I kinda pushed it.

Anyways, the point I was trying to make, everything just turned into a coin, with the two sides and all that jazz. There's going to be the good, there's going to be the not-so-good! There's going to be the tears, but there definitely will be the laughs. Theres going to be times you want to kill yourself because of the torturous boredom and there're going to be times you're having so much fun you just want it all to slow down! And if you're one of those lucky ones, all these good things are going to be happening in exorbitant doses, I tell you!:) If something bad just happened, let it sink and forget it, because something good is on its way! And whatever did happen happened for a reason, you'll see! Take it all in, as it comes, and exhale! Life is too WOW to be upset about anything!

Good night!:)

PS- why is everyone taking off to Goa!!!??
And youtube I love the whole world. Its way too cute!