Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm growing up! 

Not physically, that stopped nearly ten years ago. That may make me sound like I'm in my late-twenties, but I'm not! Nah-ah, I'm not revealing my age! (Unless I already have somewhere in this blog, then that didn't make sense, but never mind...)

Anyhoo....yeah, I'm growing up! Most of you who know me, will probably say, yeah right! But its true! Hundred percent. 

I don't like drinking anymore. The taste of alcohol disgusts me. I've decided to drink only when its absolutely necessary. OK in my case, that would be when I'm out clubbing with my friends, or at a party, and that doesn't happen often! (But an exception would be the Grand Martini!) This is a complete opposite of what I used to be when I first started my degree. (*sigh* time's flying..OK lets not go there, I'm not in the mood to get depressed!) 

I'm also never entering the dirty dhaba near college again! Three years without so much as a mention of the place, and suddenly everyone's a fan. No, thank you.

I don't like just sitting around, when so much can be done. I was totally OK with it before, but now it just pisses me off. OK sometimes, its fine, when you don't have too much time, or you've bunked only one class. But it gets really pissing off when you have an entire evening/day ahead of you, and all you want to do is sit and talk. Its so much better to do something constructive. By constructive, I mean, to actually do something fun. Talking is fun, I agree. Nothing is better than the ringing sound of gossip (am I a typical girl or what??!), but that can be done anywhere! 'We're so bored'.. Then get up and move your as#$@, people! 

Now, that I think about it, some of the above don't really count as being grown up, but more of a what I don't like/what I am now list.. 

I also don't like when people don't make decisions quickly, when they should. Are you coming for the movie/party requires a simple yes/no, and definitely not a 'Who all are coming?' Why must people be so complicated!? A monosyllabic answer would suffice, but no, people have to go about the whole cross questioning routine, and totally piss everyone off!

I don't like Addisson Montgomery Shepherd. I also don't like Meredith Grey. Her voice annoys me. Its like you see her face, you expect a slightly tolerable voice, but you get hers. (When I was watching the whole 'Love me. Choose me. Pick me' part, I nearly died! And it came on every recap of every episode in the season!!!) Totally whiny. Like Sarah Jessica Parker's. I hate her voice too! But her whiny voice goes with her whiny character, so I guess it fits. I love the show. Its so nicely made. Except for Patrick Dempsey, and Katherine Heigl, no-one is ultra fab-looking, but they're so well put together, it makes the show wow!! I know you're probably going, that happened three years back, when the show started, but I'm still on season 2, so too bad! 

I don't like attending class. No explanations needed there.

OK, so I'm not-so-grown up after all..damn!


Arunima said...

all of us grow up some day. It is just that some of us refuse to.

Poof! said...

Actually I'm totally OK with the not growing up part.. Its kinda awesome!

Iceman said...

You were born somewhere in March or even April in the year 1987...
Isnt that enough to guess your age?

Iceman said...

and about the post...I had found this quote somewhere..forgot who it is from, but loved it enough to put as my current gtalk status:

There's no point in being grown up, if you can't be childish sometimes.

Poof! said...

I forgot I mentioned 1987. Damn! And about the quote, I'd like to modify it just a bit. There's no point in being grown up at all, really!:)