Monday, April 26, 2010

I feel it in my fingers

I've realized, across the years, that the best way to get through the day is to find something to look forward to each day. Everything goes much quicker and happier from there. And if you look close enough, you'll see you'll find that thing very fast. Each and every day. I did that all through college and college turned out awesome. Last semester, each day I counted the days left to go back home to India. This semester, for the last two weeks, it's been the Pro.


Look at me, I'm smiling! :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's start off with a poll of sorts.
What do you guys think of a nose piercing? I'm into the whole retro-hippie look right now and was thinking of getting one. I want purple hair ends too, but that'll have to wait because of my slightly paranoid mum. She's a little funny, piercings and tattoos, she won't mind much, but hair colour, OH THE HORROR!

Now, I realize very few of you know what I look like and won't really know how a nose piercing will look on me. OK, so, your take on a nose piercing on anyone, then.

We have good news. Tuesday onwards(my Tuesday, your Wednesday), my posts will come to you from a Macbook Pro. I finally ordered one and that means, if I lose my mind post-tuesday, there are high chances some of you might come across the debris of my old laptop. Why? Because I can (Haha I love saying that!).

I have exams coming up, so I can use all the luck I can get, you guys. Also, finally, on public demand (actually, not. :P), here's the video I've been working on for a class project. Critique please?

Hah, very obviously, 'the one who saved the day' is me, so since you know what I look like now, nose piercing poll, please!

OK, fine, I'm clearly not anonymous anymore.
(Should've thought this through.)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Kung Fu Fighting!

I need some stress relief mechanism. Maybe a punching bag, maybe a gun, anything. And I need it quick. Or a Mac, because the perfect stress relief will be to go up the Hollywood hills and throw away my laptop.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not myself...

I am basically a nice person. You'll know if I like you.
I'm very extreme, there IS no gray area.
I judge. And form opinions. All the time. But, I do change them too.
I don't do crying.
I laugh when people cry (believe it or not, its kind of a defense mechanism).
I love babies and hate pink.
I'm not a girly girl at all, but lately, I'm told that's changing.
I have nice hair.
I get angry real easy, it goes away real easy too.
I love to read but never find the time.
I. P.R.O.C.R.A.S.T.I.N.A.T.E.
I love blue. And photos.
I eat, drink, breathe music.
Oh, also sleep.
I don't like people who are mean for the heck of it.
I don't like labels.
I hate the word blouse.
I think the world of my family and friends.
I agree with Perplexed, love is underrated.
I'm an eternal optimist.
I CANNOT let go, and do not consider that a weakness.
I'm a shopaholic. And I love shoes, especially pencil heels, even though they rip my feet apart. And sometimes, I buy stuff I know I'm never going to use.
I usually cannot sleep anywhere except my bed in my room, and now, my mattress.
Nine times out of ten, you won't be able to reach me on my phone.
I wish Neil Patrick Harris were straight.
I think alcohol is overrated, that's why I'm sticking to sobriety for the time being.
I love anything to do with art.
I sketch, but mostly, I sketch stuff that only I get.

Currently, I love my wall. Here are pictures. The top right picture on the photo on the left is a caricature of me. I think it looks like me nose up.

That's me for you.

Take it or leave it.

Monday, April 5, 2010


This post is called clarity for very obvious reasons.
I also realize I might've already written a post titled clarity.

Have you guys had one of those days when you know exactly what you want from and exactly what you want in life?

I just did!