Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Come get some??

Remember Nelly Furtado? No, not the promiscuous, made-over, Courtney Cox look-alike Nelly Furtado, but the old one. The Nelly Furtado who sang about being like a bird and the other zippy, peppy songs that me as a kid used to listen to..whose lyrics seemed playfully innocent at the time.

Well, that changed!

No, not Nelly! Well, she did too, but what I mean here is my interpretation of her songs. There was 'Turn off the Lights', remember? Just recently a friend and I were singing the song, and we both stopped at the same line, not knowing the complete lyrics. After midniiight, morning will come and the day will see......?
I figured the next line had something to do with the rising sun or something of the sort..but when I went home and listened to song, I realized she was talking about someone 'getting some'!! Woah! OK I know its not a big deal, but the little kid in me was in total shock!! To think, the whole time I'd thought it was a song about some chick who was scared of the dark or something(OK thats not what I thought it was, but it seems appropriate, considering the title). And it actually was about some guy trying to have his way with the girl! Jeez!

Talk about ruined childhood!


perplexed said...

i like her now being promiscuous n all better than when she was a bird!;)

Poof! said...

Me too. Her old songs were funky though! Or atleast I thought! Lol.