Friday, November 14, 2008

Dancing with the stars...

You know what you need to make a perfect day, or rather, the day perfect?


Along with,



The cool thing about this, is that, anyone can play it! Girl, or boy(though most I know, consider themselves too macho to indulge in it! They're all still dying to try though!!!), kid or adult, someone who can dance or someone who can't(trust me, this comes from someone who looks like a hippopotamus learning ballet! Not a pretty sight.), and a lot of other categories, I can't think of right now..

And the best part, dancing basically is an exercise right, so what a way to burn all of them calories away! Without even having to know how to dance. The only downside is that you'll be bad in the beginning, but then, in no time, you will be awesome!! Plus there are songs like Tubthumping and Saints go Marching too!! And plus its cheap, lol.

So put on your dancing shoes(or not!), and dance like no-one's watching!! *We'll be singing, when we're winning*

PS- Listen to Edge of the Ocean - Ivy. Brilliant


Ballet said...

Low heel dance shoes allow freedom of movement while dancing, which in turn provides physical convenience and mental comfort. So it is possible to dance for more time wearing low heel shoes than with conventional shoes. There is no danger of the dancer's feet swelling or ankle twisting with low-heel ball room dance shoes.

Poof! said...

Yeah, but in this case, you can wear just about anything. Flats are the best, though. I've even seen a lady in stilettos on the dance dance machine, but.

rammy said...

you have? My, my!
I can't even do it in slippers! The impack really hurts my legs!
One of the best games ever, though.
Dance dance revolution fourth mix!
Everybody's waiting for you!