Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I need a concert!

Firstly, I need a life. Its post-midnight, I'm barely 3 days away from giving my GRE, and I have these bizarre thoughts in my head.

Secondly, I need a concert!

Some of you may think, oh, huh? We watch bands play live here every second day. Lame!! To you, I say lucky bitches! Because from where I come, concerts are a rare commodity. They happen roughly once a year. And very often, the few times that they do, happen to be the time our sadistic, pain-in-the-ass university decides to play the 'LETS SEE HOW MUCH YOU STUDENTS KNOW, a.k.a examinations' game with us! Sigh.

The last time a band played here was two months back. March metal mania, with Megadeth and Machinehead. Yes, I agree, thats not too bad. But considering, the bands did more growling than singing, and I'm not particularly a fan of human beings apeing Chewbacca, when they're supposed to be playing music, it can hardly be counted as a performance. Again this is my perspective.

Before this was Tiesto. The one thing i hate more than mosh pits and death metal is trance. Trance and hip-hop, to be specific. They're ok when you're really high and don't know what the hell is happening around you.. But to actually pay money and go watch some guy mix his music live, and that too in a different city, is something I'm just not interested in. Yep, you guessed right, I'm mighty hard to try to please.

Yawn. Sepultura. I'm not sure I even spelt that right. Bigger Yawn. Apparently they had an audience of 800. Speaks for the show.

The last good show I went for was Aerosmith. Which was more than nine months back. And before that I had a stroke of luck, and bands came to the city in sudden bursts. In a span of a year, there was Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, and Bryan Adams. Yes Bryan Adams. I'm sure he doesnt remember but I was one of the lucky few who got to hug him. And then almost immediately, get pushed away by security. Sigh..

Anyhoo..Life's too boring! Its been ages since I watched a 'good' band perform live! There have been rumors floating about Coldplay and Red Hot Chili Peppers coming to 'rock' the city, but sadly none of it seems to be true. Please God, please.. Make something happen! I need a concert!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Watch, rotate your screens, and be amazed!

Harry Houdini, be ashamed!!

This requires much effort on your part. Follow these instructions.

1. Find yourself a comfortable position in front of your monitor.
2. Stare fixedly at the center of the image till all seems blurry.
3. Now move your head towards and away from the monitor.
4. Several times!
5. Be hypnotized!

Laugh not, this is one of my best creations!

The Grand Finale

Day 5. The end. Wednesday!

A very very intoxicated you asks, 'Internals? What are they again? BOTTOMS UP!'

The intoxication here, need not necessarily be alcohol induced. Three quarters of the time it is though! 'Hah alcoholics,' you say! Sigh!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No more, no more!

Tuesday - Aaaaaaarrrgggghhh!! Why on earth am I doing engineering!? Too much to handle!