Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

You can skip this if you want..

I'm doing re-runs of Grey's Anatomy these days. Why, you ask. Because, very simply put, I have nothing else to do. And it leaves me very funny. Admittedly, I cry during a lot of GA episodes(only if I'm watching it alone!).  Today I watched the episode where Burke comes to know Cristina's preggers. I love Cristina. She is currently the only reason I watch the show. Only I hate what they're doing with her character. I've always related with Cristina's character. Slightly weird, emotionally stunted, her couldn't-give-a-fuck attitude. And now her story of completely giving up is just slightly unnerving. YES I KNOW SHE'S ONLY JUST A TV CHARACTER. I ALSO DON'T KNOW THE PURPOSE OF THIS POST. But I felt like writing this anyway.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year!

The tree's up.

Christmas is officially here! :)

Well, almost.

Happy 7 days TO Christmas, y'all!

Friday, December 17, 2010

 So I've realized that the TV character whose personality I resemble the most is JD, from Scrubs. I have this amazing talent of screwing things up for myself. And then screwing it up even more when I try to fix things. Which is why I don't fix things sometimes, in the process, screwing it up massively. And let's not even go to the self-sabotage part of it all. I'm my best friend and, unfortunately, my worst enemy, as well. JD's daydreams are like the psycho-analysis sessions I sometimes have in my head. And then there's the talking to oneself. I don't care if you think that's weird, but the best conversations are the ones you have with yourself. I mean, you ALWAYS hear what you want to hear!


Either I need help or a TV character personality change.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Santa,

Me wants to modify previous wishlist. So, if you permit, here we are, new and improvised:

- The A's.
- two similar named, totally unrelated things, both of which will make me incredibly happy!
- the job.

In return, I'll be the completely adorable darling I've always been!

Thanks in advance!

*edited to add

- this

Friday, December 10, 2010

War is over

It is wait-for-it, December again! And to prove my predictability, here's my annual December-is-the-second-best-month-of-the-year post. The hap-happiest time of the year (after of-course March 3rd, which is the most awesome-st (notice wrong use of grammar) time of the year!). A couple of things, in my list that make December awesome:

- this and this.
- end of sem.
- thanksgiving shopping delivered! LOTS of winter clothes.
- christmas shopping starts!
- holidays!
- exclamation marks!
- This guy, and Christmas gifts!
- My parents do 25 years of marriage this year in December (God knows how people manage that!)
- My big fat paychecks this month, considering I get to work 40 hours this month! God, I love Shoah!
- The fact that I'm going to be in LA for Christmas, and not back home in Bangalore, leaves me a little miffed, but there's gotta be a first for everything, right. Plus we might get a treeeee! And I don't want to go to Delhi, which is where my parents now live.
- the next post! I tell you, last December, I saw John Mayer live and this December was like a whole new list altogether. George Lucas, Hans Zimmer, Craig Ferguson. And Jeffrey Katzenberg! God, I really do love Shoah.

I'm still too out-of-breath about last evening so I'm going to leave y'all with this. Happy December, you guys! :) And to all, good night!
So what do you say to the most powerful man in Hollywood when you want to take a picture with him?

This is what I do:

- Volunteer for the event.
- Get a few drinks. VERY IMPORTANT STEP.
- Make sure the security is far far far away from him.
- Finish those drinks.
- Hide your name tag so people don't recognise you.
- Be small enough so people don't see you.
- Go up to him and say, 'Mr. Speilberg, could I get a picture? I work at _blank_ and I'm a HUGE fan!'
- Wait for him to say, 'Oh that's great. Sure', then smile for the camera.
- Pass out. (well, almost!).

Best. Day. Ever.

On a related note, here's the best way to get a picture with a celebrity. Ask me now, I'm an expert.

- Again, volunteer for the event.
- Wait for dinner to be served.
- Wait for celebrity to leave ballroom to use the restroom.
- Run out of ballroom.
- catch celebrity on his way back, and say, 'Could I get a picture, I'm a HUGE fan!'
- wait for him to say, 'sure', take a picture and also, 'NICE TO MEET YOU'!
- then, again, pass out.

For those of you who don't recognise him, that's Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Dunphy on Modern Family. Next to him is yours truly.

This is chapter 2 in my book of optimism.
You may now begin with the profanities.