Monday, March 21, 2011

I got his broad feet. Which I continually complain about. And from him I got my (lack-of) vision.

But, from him, I got my strength. To go for whatever I want.
My confidence. Knowing that nothing is above me and I can get anything I want.
His crossword skills. A cause for many early morning trifles.
His never-say-die attitude. The reason I'm me.
His workaholism. I can definitely feel it in its early stages.
His temper. Oh yeah, definitely his temper.
His impatience.

And it's only because of him I AM where I am.
Him believing in me.
Him letting me believe my two cents matter.
His amazing personality(definitely not there yet). I wish someday I atleast amount to half of what he is.
Him making sure nothing ever happened to me or A, and that we had the best of everything.
Him being there whenever I was in any sort of trouble and getting me out of it. Even though he'd be the first to kick my ass about it afterwards.
Him never letting us take anything for granted, or believing we were above anyone.
His humility.
Him pushing me to go for bigger and better things in his own little ways. Like not signing my report card when I didn't do well. Thanks to that, I didn't bring home too many bad report cards.
Him bearing with my impatience, stupidity, irresponsibility, stubbornness and adamancy.
Him being the wonderful kick-ass father he's always been.

Here's to you, dad. We've had and will always have our if's and but's. And I'm sure we'll continue to have those situations at home with ma and A which really make me question why we didn't join a circus. But you kept us sane, we're all still normal(in the very broad sense of the term). And we're happy. We're definitely happy. So thanks, dad. I love you.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

So I didn't write an annual birthday post!

So for those of you who were wondering what that wave of awesomeness was that hit you on the 3rd day of March, I suggest you get out of that rock you've been living under. Because you don't wonder. You know. And you give credit to the person who is the source of all awesomeness in your life.


Yes, you are all very welcome!