Monday, August 25, 2008


This post is thanks to Lemonade!:)

I seem to be on fire, three posts and all..

This is my mosaic from flickr.


To make it easier to comprehend..

1.Name: Poof! Anonymity rocks! When I used my real name, I got some celebrity pics in my search results.
2.Favourite food: Pasta. Yummy in the tummy!
3.High School: Convent. Twice.
4.Favourite colour: Blue blue blue!!!!
5.Celebrity crush: John Mayer, as if you didn't fiure that out from the picture.
6.Favourite drink: Grand Martini, currently. 
7.Dream vacation: Spain. Ooh la laaa!
8.Favourite dessert: Chocolate Mousse
9.What do you want to be when you're older: Rich, famous and happy! The woman in the picture does not look like she's happy though!
10.What do you love most: Me! Me me me! Talk about self-obsessed;) 
11.One word to describe you: AWESOME!
12:Flickr ID: Haha. This is what I got when I searched for it. 'We couldn't find any results matching 'id'. We give up!'

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