Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm not going to call this post 'random' even though it pretty much is.

Some truly sucky things..

1. College on Saturdays!
2. College. Period.
3. Mass bunking, travelling 15kms to get home, only to realize most of the class attended anyway. B%$#@%*!!!
4. Monday mornings.

Things that make the above sucky things not-so-sucky.

1. Swimming! The best stress buster!
2. Food.
3. Let-offs.
4. Indijoes, Old Madras Road, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cocktails on the house for women.
5. The Wii!
6. Tabasco, the cutest doggie in the world!!!
7. Pepperoni.

Wow, the not-so-sucky things outnumber the sucky things. That must mean life is gooooood!


Realizations in the past three weeks.

1. Carpool=Reaching college late.
2. Final year makes me sad:(
3. Phoonkh=Not to be watched, unless you're watching it alone for Rs. 500,000.
4. GIMP is a lot of fun!!
5. Lock-picking involves a lot of planning. A LOT!
6. Movies are not to be watched on Fridays, or over the weekend.
7. Pubs get really boring after a while, and smoking, drinking and smoking up all the time is not fun!
8. Butta(Roasted corn) is awesomeness redefined!


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