Monday, November 29, 2010

Affirmation (reprise?)

If you ask me, I'd say I'm a pretty decisive person. There are times when I turn to others for advice, but at the end of it all, when I look back, I'd pretty much made my decision on day one. Even if along the decision making process, my choice changes, it always manages to change back to what I first decided. I might seem horrible indecisive owing to this, but I guess I'm pretty determined like that.

I normally don't care. I love gossip and all, and I love to know everything, but if it's about something I couldn't care about, it usually doesn't stick. But if I did happen to give a damn, I'd give much more than an arm and a leg to make things right. And that's a fact.

As corny as it may sound, I believe in happy endings. With respect to anything. Love, life, hope. Especially love. And especially life. I pretty much live in a bubble, and God help you if you try to get me to step out of it.

Money can't buy me love but it can but me a whole load of other things!

When I say sorry or thanks, I really mean it. I'm one of those who doesn't live by throwing these words just to make things ok. Sometimes I don't even say sorry when I really should. But when I do, I really mean it.

Love makes the world go round. Maybe it does, but then, so does music.

Karma. Does. Exist. Case and point: life. If you don't believe me, spend five minutes on some psychoanalysis. Now tell me I'm wrong.

EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I totally believe in the Big Guy up there and that he and his guardian angels are working their asses off on each one of us. EVEN if you don't believe that.

This post comes straight from the heart. It's one of the few rare times when I admit I do have a heart, but really, it does.

You may now go back to your lives.

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Christmas wishlist is going to be coming a little early this year.

Dear Santa,

I've been (sorta) good this year. Here's what I really need:

- 2 huge-ass submission related miracles.
- one solid job offer (NOT web dev related) when I graduate.
- an internship next sem.

That's it.
Now, really, that aint too much, is it?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Title (and registration?)

The time has come, I decided today, to the enlighten the world(or the (in)significant part of it, that does spend its time super constructively and adds meaning to his/her life by reading this blog. Has the parenthesis content now become so long you forget the original purpose of the sentence? That was the intention. Myuahaha. Ok I digress) with a new post.

As usual, I have nothing special to report, owing to me being a grad student and having no time(read - life) and in addition to that, being socially retarded (Yes, Rammy, I fail you yet again). I would, however like to inform those of you that care, that I have a new on-campus job. Which pays me well. And why I'm excited about this when people are actually getting hired full-time or for internships is something even I don't understand. Maybe I should go for that how-well-DO-you-know-yourself workshop..

Anyhoo, moving on to how you guys could really help me out. I have (another) 1 minute music video I'm supposed to make. And it should be animated. I've thought of a couple of songs and I could do with more suggestions because right now my head is filled only with songs from my playlist and I'm probably not considering some really awesome numbers. Think happy!

Now for the self-involved special:

- My hair is short again, and me-likes! (I have also gone from looking 17 to looking 12. It's sort of OK, because I behave like a twelve year old anyway!)
- My roommate bought me a eye-liner kit from NY, and now I can paint my eyes a different color everyday, if I had the aforementioned time.
- Obama came to USC and I missed it because I was making the awesome-st movie of all times. (Will provide link soon)
- Daylight saving is screwing with my head!
- Why cant Castle and Beckett get together already!?
- Nope, no job. Or internship. Thanks for asking.
- Me dressed up as a pseudo-pirate for Halloween. 'Twas fun!
- Happy belated Diwali, folks!
- Again, in dire need of miracles this month. I hope the big Guy up there's listening. And while you're at that, could you please do something about the weather as well? It's getting toooo cold!

So, what've you been upto?