Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Acha hua, picture se bach gaye!

So I finally caught Bachna Haseeno. And this is my review.

In one word. Horrible.

In two. Absolute crap.

Three words. Why, God! Why!!?

Four words. Holy mother of God!!

Five. What were they thinking, seriously!!?


My God! Its a damn good thing I watched the movie on CD, because sitting through the torture for three hours would've made me tear my hair out! A complete waste of Bipasha Basu's hotness. And Ranbir Kapoor dressed in pink is so not cool! Plus Deepika Padukone's very very very south Indian accent. And, not forgetting Minisha Lamba's pathetic love life, or rather the lack of it.

No to be watched. Even when very drunk. 


perplexed said...

i share a slightly diff opinion about this one, agreed it's total crap but i saw this in urvashi and the comments people were passing was too good!!.. i have never laughed so much in a movie!! :)

Poof! said...

Lol. I was just really really happy I didnt spend money on it!