Friday, September 12, 2008

Public opinion.

I wrote this in class today and couldn't wait to get back home to put it up!
This is about a prof in my college. If you think I'm mean, you obviously haven't met this woman. 

So lets do one thing, I give you all the opportunity to come up with a name for this post. The worst possible adjectives you use will be supremely appreciated. So, knock yourselves out!!  

So there's this bitch who we can't stand
We all think she is definitely a MAN!
She can't teach or speak English for nuts
She has the IQ of the dumbest mutt!

She comes to class and then decides
To define 'eeeediot', but we think she must commit suicide,
or just die, in every way we choose!
So finally, in her class, we can snooze!

Fuck-face, whore, illiterate bitch,
At all the boys in class she will letch!
Wearing to class only Kannada colors,
Whenever I see her, I just want to holler!

I can't wait to leave this place
So I can come back and slap her face
And hit her hard till she turns blue,
Then stick her face to the wall with super-glue!

Aleece and Baab, and 'ello', and 'saacket'
She should be put on an un-returnable rocket!
That explodes in space, and blows to bits!
What a f$%@-ing brainless git!

I wish she'd roll down a hill and die,
And out of sheer joy we'd cry
The world shall be a better place,
And we'll live happily to the end of our days!!

Man, that felt good!


rammy said...

f**k leyn** face!

Poof! said...

The slut-face who went up the whore-hill and got dumped!