Monday, May 26, 2008

Is there a doctor in the House??

Flashback: The year, say 1992. I was five years old. That was a happy time. I was little. We all were. We could do whatever we wanted to and get away with it, almost all the time. Scribble on walls, eat mud(somehow I never did that, but I knew many kids who did), throw tantrums for things we wanted(that tactic still works, btw!).. Ok deviating there.. back to we were little.. There was this one question that almost all us kids were asked. 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' Well I'm all grown up now, and still can't answer that question. And obviously, I was smarter then, because each time I was asked the question, I gave a different answer! They almost covered every profession! There was one time I actually said 'teacher'. Talk about naivety! There was astronaut, geologist, rocket scientist.. Yes I know. I've come a long way. The two things I never said were a. doctor and b. engineer. Like they say, life has its way. Fastforward to the year 2008: Now 21 and I'm doing a four year course to actually become the latter. I still don't know why though. Till about five days earlier, if someone had asked me, 'Would you rather do medical,' my immediate answer would've been 'Are you mad? No way! 5 years study, then PG, then specialization, MD.... I'll be studying forever! No no no!' This was if someone asked me the question in the past five days! And then 'House' happened! No, no not your place of residence. The TV show! House M.D. What a stroke of brilliance! The show's protagonist Gregory House is a doctor, a combination of super-awesome, super-stubborn and super duper-intelligent! He's a diagnostician, who uses a method of trial-and-error to figure out whats wrong with his patients. His subordinates include a super-cute Aussie doctor, an African American doctor, who's always questioning House, and a woman, who's so frickin' sweet it makes you diabetic(I'm surprised that hasn't come up as a diagnosis yet!). Then there's the authoritative Dean(here, she's a woman!), House's complementing best friend, and recently introduced(recently, because, I only just started watching the show), the ex!

The show is excellent! I've always been terrified by the sight of blood, which is one of the reasons why becoming a doctor was out of question! But after watching House, I've started thinking maybe its not such a bad idea after all! The only medical-related show I've watched before this was Scrubs(which is also super-awesome btw!), and Scrubs is more of a comedy than a hospital show. House is very comparable to Dr. Cox, the bitter, arrogant doctor in Scrubs. But the shows are completely different, each being brilliant in its own way! And because of House, I now also want to start watching Grey's Anatomy. Yep, you guessed it. Another sitcom centered around a hospital!

I'm digressing again.. The feeling put across, in House, when a life is saved, makes you feel fuzzy! And mind you, I'm not much of a softie! And put yourself in the doctor's shoes, at the end of the episode, it makes you feel like God almost! Yeah they haven't found a cure for cancer in the show, but the they've cured almost everything else!

Too bad the show wasn't on three years ago, when I was at the brink of deciding what to do with my life. Well, nothing can be done now! Engineering rules
!! *wink wink*

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stop the insanity!!!

5 reasons why Katrina Kaif must not play Scarlett Keeling.

1. Katrina Kaif cannot act.

2. Scarlett Keeling was half Katrina Kaif's age.

3. Scarlett Keeling was blonde.

4. Scarlett Keeling was half Katrina Kaif's size.

5. Scarlett Keeling was not Indian, from any angle.

6. I just had to add this. Katrina Kaif cannot act. (Just making sure the message sunk in.)

Now , does anyone see any kind of resemblance??