Friday, September 26, 2008

Bye bye Miss American Pie...

I hate goodbyes. I loathe goodbyes. I absolutely cannot stand to say goodbye.

So when a friend called me today to say that he had gotten a job offer away from here, I just wasn't ready to believe it. And the worst part is, away from here just isn't in another city in another state, but in another country all together. That really blows! Its worse than George Clooney, acting as Batman, Its worse than having to hear Meredith Grey's voice. Its worse than the end of the final Harry Potter book. Its worse than worse.

A few minutes into the conversation, and I finally decided to believe that this wasn't another person trying to make a fool out of me, and this indeed was happening. It took me a good fifteen minutes to bring myself to congratulate him. I know I'm super proud of him, but I can't bring myself to see it. I know I should be happy for him, but I can't bring myself to genuinely feel it.

*this sounds way too corny*

Well, I am happy for him. I just don't see why I can't be happy for him working in the same city. The good thing is that he will be flying down quite often, so that really is a good thing...I guess..

So, here's to a new beginning for him, and wishing him all the good luck in the world!



perplexed said...

i know this feeling... my best friend moved to s'pore.. it is the worst feeling ever.. I was happy but also really sad..but things haven't changed much between us..thnx to msn, gtalk and calling cards :)

Poof! said...

It really does suck! And the worst part is, it doesn't stop. Its like some kinda chain! Can't wait to earn crap loads and go for expensive holidays to meet everyone placed elsewhere!