Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm back!!

*From where*

That doesn't matter, really. What matters is that I am back to create an impact on the peace and quiet of the city(but the truth is, the city ain't that peaceful considering, a. its Diwali and b. Bangalore has changed. But thats not what this is about.. This is about me being back!! So yippieeee!!:))!

So one thing I did after coming back and unlocking my room etc. was check my blog. Before I sent out messages(but then again, messages charge 1 buck today.)!! But I truly did miss cluttering my very own cyber place(btw I hate the word cyber) with my senseless, self obsessed rubbish!! Wheeeee!! Hurray for blogs!

I rediscovered exhilaration today! My dad let me drive the Corolla today, and I can safely say that it has changed me. To be in a car thats going super fast is one thing, but to be behind the steering wheel when the speedometer hits a 150kmph is just beyond any feeling!! You must try it! Notice the number of exclamation marks?? Thats how excited I am/was!!

Anyway, my mom is throwing slight fits and asking me to unpack now, so I gotta go..


Oh, and happy Diwali!!:)

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