Thursday, November 27, 2008

My friend came to me, with sadness in his eyes
He told me that he wanted help
Before his country dies..

This is taken from the song Bangladesh -George Harrisson. The first few lines were supposedly said to him by Pt. Ravi Shankar.

Its been nearly thirty years since, and it looks like people are saying the same thing again, just not sure who the plea is to be directed towards.

It so unsettling, so bloody unsettling, the things that are happening! Last night, when I heard, I only thought of it as minor attacks, like the ones in Bangalore. The morning came as a real shocker! It was still on!! The Taj, for Heaven's sake! The beautiful Taj! And CST. Seriously, haven't they done enough?! Hasn't that city been through enough!!? And it bounces back, EVERY SINGLE TIME! The initial blasts, the recent train blasts, everything. What does that say? You can't do nothing, you bastards! You cant do nothing! You can never conquer Bombay! Bombay shall always, always be alive! You terrorists will all die such painful deaths. Curses shall be upon you, curses of mothers whose sons and daughters you shot down, curses of wives whose husbands you took away.. And curses of children, oh yes, the curses of children, who you left orphaned! And you are going to die. Each one of you, but you knew that already. And your stupid demands will never be met!

Its just sad that our country, our fine country, is in such an impossible situation. Security wise. And everything points to the political system. Its true that the citizens are responsible for the political conditions, but what can be done, when each and every politician is corrupt. When all each can think of, is about his personal security, his money, his car, his safe, his bank account! And they're elected to support the country. There's a certain level of selfishness in all of us, but there's a fucking limit!

Even sadder is that, these bastard terrorists are educated. They're like us! Except they're so fucking retarded and brainwashed! They went to college like us, bunked classes, fell in and out of love, had fun. They were people. People like us. People who had a brain, and people who thought for themselves. Until they were taken over. Don't get me wrong. They are to blame. Not them, who got them brainwashed. They are to blame, whatever the reason might be, personal, political, whatever!

Whats scary is that, it could've been any place. Any city. Any building. Any person. After the Bangalore blasts, cars were checked. I'll admit, it was mighty inconvenient, but now I truly get why it was necessary. But its so carelessly done. Which terrorist, in his right mind would leave ammunition, in some place free for everyone to see! The security system needs some serious reconstruction!

I just watched the news, and someone on it said, Bombay might not recover. Oh no. Bombay is above everything, Bombay has a soul. Bombay will definitely bounce back. The incident will NEVER be forgotten, people will not stop talking about it, but, it will be healed! Bombay is awesome, Bombay is beautiful, Bombay will continue to be..


perplexed said...

i completely agree with all that you had to say! couldn't have said it better myself!

Bombay shall always, always be alive!! no freakin mindless asshole can do anything to kill the spirit of bombay!

rammy said...

Nice post:)

I love how bloggers are ALL writing about this.

Power to the people.