Saturday, November 29, 2008

Something to lighten the mood...

So to escape from the news and everything else, I watched this movie today. It certainly did what it was supposed to, and got me a lot calmer.

Dear Frankie.

I give it a 4/5. Brilliant performances by Emily Mortimer, and Gerard Butler. And very good portrayal of Frankie by Jack McElhone. Its an old movie, I'm not sure if it was ever released in India. But its really good. With a very suitable music score. Even though the storyline was nothing like it, it reminded me of Juno. And it had some bits of Geography in it, which made me love it even more!! Rent a DVD and watch. I totally recommend.

P.S - Listen to Man and Wife - Michelle Featherstone. Really nice song.

The always.

A good job was done, no doubt. A good job was done. The terrorists are killed/caught, and the situation is well under control(note - well under control came 60 hours later, 200 deaths later, 4 buildings later). Bombay will recover.

Fine. Thats whats important now. The act was condemned, the media covered the entire story, politicians and actors(who were nowhere near the scene), expressed their views, the PM put forth a long(and boring) speech.. This is all we'll see in the coming week.

And then it'll stop. Just like that. Nothing will be done about it.

Why, why, why can't our country do something about it? Why can't we be active and take measures so that we are never in such a situation again! Look at India. Blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur, Hyderabad. And nothing was done! Nothing! No wonder Bombay was attacked! No wonder! We just sit back and watch as terrorists come bombing us. And condemn the attack. Thats it. Because condemning the attack is going to keep us safe. Could anyone find out the source and purpose of the blasts in the other cities? NO! Was anything done to ensure that something like the blast wasn't repeated somewhere else? NO!

Instead life went on. Which is a good thing. Life should go on. But life shouldn't go on as if nothing happened. Life should go on, with fear, with anger, with the feeling of revenge, to avenge what happened! Why is everyone being so passive!? I know, this is definitely not the time to strike up another war, considering the economic crisis. But it doesn't mean that we should wait forever! Peace is a virtue, like patience. But if we keep offering the other cheek, when we're slapped on one, we will be crushed! Why aren't the politicians doing anything to better the situation?? Why aren't they talking about further actions to be undertaken to make sure something similar is avoided?! Why is there only talk and absolutely no action!!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

My friend came to me, with sadness in his eyes
He told me that he wanted help
Before his country dies..

This is taken from the song Bangladesh -George Harrisson. The first few lines were supposedly said to him by Pt. Ravi Shankar.

Its been nearly thirty years since, and it looks like people are saying the same thing again, just not sure who the plea is to be directed towards.

It so unsettling, so bloody unsettling, the things that are happening! Last night, when I heard, I only thought of it as minor attacks, like the ones in Bangalore. The morning came as a real shocker! It was still on!! The Taj, for Heaven's sake! The beautiful Taj! And CST. Seriously, haven't they done enough?! Hasn't that city been through enough!!? And it bounces back, EVERY SINGLE TIME! The initial blasts, the recent train blasts, everything. What does that say? You can't do nothing, you bastards! You cant do nothing! You can never conquer Bombay! Bombay shall always, always be alive! You terrorists will all die such painful deaths. Curses shall be upon you, curses of mothers whose sons and daughters you shot down, curses of wives whose husbands you took away.. And curses of children, oh yes, the curses of children, who you left orphaned! And you are going to die. Each one of you, but you knew that already. And your stupid demands will never be met!

Its just sad that our country, our fine country, is in such an impossible situation. Security wise. And everything points to the political system. Its true that the citizens are responsible for the political conditions, but what can be done, when each and every politician is corrupt. When all each can think of, is about his personal security, his money, his car, his safe, his bank account! And they're elected to support the country. There's a certain level of selfishness in all of us, but there's a fucking limit!

Even sadder is that, these bastard terrorists are educated. They're like us! Except they're so fucking retarded and brainwashed! They went to college like us, bunked classes, fell in and out of love, had fun. They were people. People like us. People who had a brain, and people who thought for themselves. Until they were taken over. Don't get me wrong. They are to blame. Not them, who got them brainwashed. They are to blame, whatever the reason might be, personal, political, whatever!

Whats scary is that, it could've been any place. Any city. Any building. Any person. After the Bangalore blasts, cars were checked. I'll admit, it was mighty inconvenient, but now I truly get why it was necessary. But its so carelessly done. Which terrorist, in his right mind would leave ammunition, in some place free for everyone to see! The security system needs some serious reconstruction!

I just watched the news, and someone on it said, Bombay might not recover. Oh no. Bombay is above everything, Bombay has a soul. Bombay will definitely bounce back. The incident will NEVER be forgotten, people will not stop talking about it, but, it will be healed! Bombay is awesome, Bombay is beautiful, Bombay will continue to be..
My cousin, Smita, wrote this, after reading the newspaper today. It kind of sums up everything thats currently going on in my mind, so here it is.

Take me away
To a place far away
So I may never return
To watch this world burn

Take me away
on a starry night
where the shadows shiver
at the gruesome sight

take me from this place
where all is still
the wails of despair
helpless and shrill

they beg for mercy
a crack of the whip
the pain is unreal
I see the flesh rip

Take me away
so I may never know
How many died
how many to go

the blood spatters
the bullets fly,
the earth-crimson red
ebony black-the sky

lay me to rest
in surreal peace
the chains the shackles
no escape no release

I look up at the highest pedestal
For hope and for light
A saviour for our souls
A freedom from this plight.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why alcohol, when you have air, and S!!

So let me tell you all the story of my awesome day..

Today was the first and last day of my internals, because, given that I'm awesome, I had to give just one paper this time. I did AWESOMELY, thank you for asking! If I don't get a 25, I'm going to seriously sue.

I made a new friend today! Guess who? My HOD! We're now tight. No, seriously. We had a one hour long chat today, about general stuff, wherein she asked me if she was strict. And then we had another twenty minute conversation where I pointed out that she was 'rigid' and not strict. There was also lots of laughing at her, with her!! I came out, scared of myself.

Then I watched Dostana with my friends. Perplexed, you were right! It was awesome!! And Urvashi is awesome!! We actually danced to Desi Girl! What a kickass song!!!! Its still running in my head. P and V were very embarrassed to be seen with us. Wow! Abhishek Bachchan is normally an ass, but he's seriously outdone himself in the movie! And Priyanka Chopra is good too. John Abraham cant really act, but he's done a decent job in the movie. The emotional scenes are a little dragging, but the movie is really good! Its totally nonsensical and total timepass. You come out feeling super good about yourself!! And wanting to dance!

I went to Corner House. This is what the title is all about. You know how people get high on alcohol, and do and say absolute crap! Crap that can totally be used to embarrass them!? Well something like that happened. Minus the booze.

But before you read ahead, let me warn you about something. I have a gift. I can make the funniest thing sound supremely unfunny. And what happened was really really funny!

There, I said it. Don't say I didn't warn you! So 'S' went crazy today!! Now, she has no idea I'm taking this online! She had Cake Fudge at corner house. Just that. And she totally lost it. Completely. She was throwing glasses of water on her boyfriend for absolutely no reason! And she did a 'dhak dhak' like step to indicate CPR. Then there was her talking about white 'chaddies'! OK, I'm going to stop, I'm ruining it already!

Anyway, here's some advice.

1. Watch Dostana.

2.Don't ever watch movies in Vision Cinemas.

3. Screw alcohol, drink chocolate sauce instead.

4. Make friends with your HOD!


Oh, oh and thanks A for the ice cream!!

*Ik lakh lakh pardesi girl, aint nobody liiike my desi girl*

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dancing with the stars...

You know what you need to make a perfect day, or rather, the day perfect?


Along with,



The cool thing about this, is that, anyone can play it! Girl, or boy(though most I know, consider themselves too macho to indulge in it! They're all still dying to try though!!!), kid or adult, someone who can dance or someone who can't(trust me, this comes from someone who looks like a hippopotamus learning ballet! Not a pretty sight.), and a lot of other categories, I can't think of right now..

And the best part, dancing basically is an exercise right, so what a way to burn all of them calories away! Without even having to know how to dance. The only downside is that you'll be bad in the beginning, but then, in no time, you will be awesome!! Plus there are songs like Tubthumping and Saints go Marching too!! And plus its cheap, lol.

So put on your dancing shoes(or not!), and dance like no-one's watching!! *We'll be singing, when we're winning*

PS- Listen to Edge of the Ocean - Ivy. Brilliant

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I hate the way you talk to me,
the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car,
I hate the way you stare.
I hate your big combat boots,
the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick,
it even makes me rhyme.
I hate the way you're always right,
I hate the way you lie.
I hate the way you make me laugh,
and even more when you make me cry.
I hate it when you're not around,
and the fact that you didn't call,
but mostly I hate that I don't hate you,
not even close,
not a little bit,
not even at all.

- Taken from 10 Things I Hate About You

I am such a girl!

And I miss Heath Ledger:(:(

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recent findings!

Probably the most thought provoking license plate during this time of the year for my MBA crazed friends! All the best y'all!!!

The super funky canvases I found(but couldn't buy). It doesn't look so great with the paper stuffed into it, but its quite awesome looking!

Esprit waistcoat. On display at Shoppers Stop. Oooooh lalaa!

Penn Badgley. Back off women. I've stuck by him ever since he was Scott Tucker. All mine!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Week of mistakes

I am a stupid stupid stupid person! Awesome, but stupid. The two kinda compensate though. But here's sharing my stupidity!

Day 1. Traffic signal. Me at the steering wheel. Traffic signal turns green. Car refuses to move. I freak! Try starting the car several times, but it just refuses to budge! Panic attack slowly setting in. I call my dad, and he doesn't pick up the phone. Random guy on the road offers to push my car. I bring my car to neutral...wait, my car's already in NEUTRAL!! Stupidity at its peak!!

Wait, it gets better.

Day 3. I can't ind my Ipod. I've searched my room, my car, accused my parents, everything. Then in attempt to prove their innocence they decide to search for it. They find it lying on my bed. Under the covers. Sigh. I now have set a record.

Day 6. The usual left-right story. I'm horrible with directions! So when a friend told me today to take a left and I took a right, I displayed my directional disability! It was quite embarrassing.

Day 7. I lost 500 bucks today!! To pay for a Rs.10 item. Sigh.

OK, its all out here! Lets see if we can find anyone who can beat that!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My last few posts have all had something about Grey's Anatomy. I'll try my best not to mention GA, in this one.

You know whats difficult? Being around exes. Being around friends who're exes. Being around two people who're both your friends and are each other's exes. Especially when they're friends one moment and cannot stand each other the next! And when you haven't been particularly involved in this love-hate (?)relationship, and are informed merely minutes before you meet them, that you aren't allowed to make any inappropriate jokes about them! And we love inappropriate jokes!! No fair!!

You know what's really difficult? Shopping for someone who already has everything! By everything, I literally mean everything! Clothes, perfumes(and many of them, at that), a ka-zillion pair of shoes, expensive jewellry(not like I can afford that, anyway), awesome car accessories, everything! Suggestions are open here.

You know what's really really difficult? Trying to decide what the hell you want to do after your degree. Listening to options from everyone and everywhere and getting even more confused.(Like thats even possible!! Hey, S , special mention here;)! ) And especially relatives asking 'What are you planning to do, beta?' OK I know they mean well but its the worse question ever to be asked when you're in this situation! Well, obviously they don't know what the hell is going on in your head, but you don't have any space to think about that. In your head.

On the brighter side...

You know what's yummy??? Fisher Pizza Balls! They are super yummy, and you get them in the One Dollar Store in Commercial Street, Bangalore. *drools* Oh, and Magic Pops! The crackling ones.

You know what's heavenly? The Body Splash Peppermint fragrance. It smells absolutely delicious! I want!

You know what's/who's awesome? Rediscovering Jack Johnson. And Ben Lee. And Leonardo diCaprio. Body of Lies was just wow!( Yes, I watch a lot of movies!)

You know what's even more awesome? Shopping. Period.

You know what's the biggest timepass? Bangalore Mirror crossword. It has clues like, oldest restaurant in Bangalore, and all. Best way to pass time in a boring.. Who am I kidding? In all classes!

*end of post*

I'm finally up to date with GA, and I love what's happening!!!! The most recent hook-ups are adorable!