Saturday, February 28, 2009

Screwed over.

OK, so I need help.

Does anyone here know, or knows someone who knows how to plot a graph on GNUplot(on Linux), from a program which sends values to GNUplot to plot a normal(Gaussian) distribution function?

To all those who saw Greek and Latin, sorry.

The others, I'd really appreciate any kind of help. Kind of desperate here.

Friday, February 27, 2009

This shall be the only post of its kind.

I feel blue. :(





Like an everyday face in the crowd.

UTTERLY useless.

Pissed off.

Betrayed. Yeah, Big Guy Up There, this one goes out to You.






Monday, February 16, 2009


Scarlet Johannsen and Ryan Reynold make a super hot couple. Him and Alanis - not so much.

My favourite part of Grey's Anatomy so far have been the last 30 seconds of Season 3 Episode 2. And also the part of the episode where Burke tells Addison his vows.

Fix You is one of the best songs to have EVER been made.

Wish you were here IS the best song ever to have been made.

Dev Patel is ADORABLE!

I think I might've been involved with John Mayer and Eric Dane in my previous life. Romantically. =P

Men in uniform are unbelievably hot! Men, not in uniform, sometimes are too.

Isaiah Washington should be back on Grey's Anatomy, and so should Kate Walsh.

Brad Pitt is an ass. So is Jude Law. Though the latter is incredibly hot!

I cry everytime I watch the last episode of Friends, and the episode in Scrubs where Carla finds out she's pregnant.

Valentine's Day is a big cliché.

Pramod Muthalik must die.

Manmohan Singh should do something which creates some kind of an impact. The good kind. So should Pratibha Patil.

Friday, February 13, 2009

This post is reincarnated too!

So yesterday, K came home and we were talking about this book she was reading. Many Lives, Many Masters. The book is about this woman who has a multitude of fears and goes to a psychiatrist to try to find some way to find the origin and if possible, get over these fears. So through the book(which is infact a true story, and is written by the aforementioned psychiatrist), we come to know that the fears do not indicate any kind of (forgotten) abuse as a child, but are actually predominant because of certain encounters in her past lives. Yes, the book, as K told me, does talk about past lives and incarnations. Every life we live is at some particular level. If we live our lives decently, without, I have to use these words here, chal kapat, which translate to lies and deceit, we advance to a greater level. If we do decide to live our lives as a horrible person, say a murderer or a rapist, we remain at the same level and lead quite a horrible life the next time around too.

This book also talks about a paranormal stage after death(which is supposedly the floating phase), between two lives. At this intermediate stage where a person is between two levels of life, he meets this master. This master now gets to decide whether the dude in question goes to the next level, or remains at the same level. He also tells him/her how she can advance to the next level by being good and how he/she can choose his/her destiny. Blah blah blah. How the person decides to live his/her life is upto him/her. The book also says that the people you know or are involved with in the current life have been somehow connected with you in your previous lives. Like, in the book, the woman is involved with this married man. She knows its wrong etc etc, but cannot break it off, for some reason. After much research into her past life, the psychiatrist reveals to her that he killed her in her previous life, which is why he continues to torture her in her present one.

K hasn't read the book completely, so she couldn't tell me about the ending. She also told me that, she actually had heard about some dude, her brother-in-law's friend, who could perform hypnotism on a person and look into their past lives.

*warning - some of you might not get whom I'm talking about here. Sorry for that*

This got us thinking. What were our previous lives like? How were we related to our friends and family? K is one of my closest friends(in my current life), and it'd be too weird if she turned out to be my mom in my previous life.
But we figured, R, in her previous life was definitely killed by a certain PA(R, if you're reading this, ask me later, if you've not already found out, who PA is). R and I were probably sisters, and PA got to me too, and also to A. K and D lived in the time when gravity wasn't discovered. And their first fight was because an apple fell on D and he thought K threw it on him. The two of them were instantly killed by an earthquake, as a result of which their fight couldn't end, which is why they continue to fight to this day, for silly reasons!! K thinks SP and me were 'lovers'; I think I killed him =P. M killed Th, TK killed M; that I'm sure of!! And I think S and AM were probably married, and S and P couldn't be.

Man, I need some kind of reminder to figure out later who these people are!

*end of ambiguity*

Anyway, now you tell me, let your imagination run wild. What do you think you did, who do you think you were? And while you're at it, read the book, an tell me if its worth a read.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here's to you, Muthalik!

Three days to Febraury 14th. The only thing that excites me is that I get to give away these.

So, these are for you, for the next three days.

Anything but...

And, finally, for the 14th. You like that, whore!

Up yours, bitch!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Guten TAG!!

I got tagged!!!!:)

I'm changing the rules of this tag a little. You're supposed to pick the sixth picture from your sixth folder and put it up, but there are sub-folders in my Pictures folders and this is all very confusing, so I'm choosing a random folder and picking the 6th picture in that.

Thank you, perplexed, for tagging me:)

This was at BBB's terrace one September evening. Which was awesome! I remember it was September because it was his birthday a few days before that, and we'd spent half the day shopping for his gifts. What you can see here is JJ working the barbeque grill. It took a lot of time, lots of charcoal and many coconut kernels(no idea how that worked!) to get that fire going. Then M came over and the cooking bit commenced. JJ and M did almost all of the cooking and the rest of us had our fill! I admit, I did NO cooking, absolutely. And its kinda better that way. My mother has told me, on more than one occasion, that I must stay out of the kitchen as often as possible(I completely agree with her), and I thought it best to do the same on that day.

Chicken sausages are yummy! Marinated BBQ'd panner is yummier!!

Then the alcohol was brought out. We were all very happy high and dancing and chilling! We all had charcoal on our faces, and looked like we'd just finished our day's work in a train engine! We were on the terrace till we couldn't bear the cold and came back to BBB's house. Whose mom is the coolest mom EVER! Seriously! I have a girl crush on her!! Which mom would be OK with her son calling his friends over all of a sudden and then letting them stay over too?? Not mine!! I mean, my mom is pretty cool and all, but there are lines, that MUST not be crossed!

Anyhoo, the night was fun, and very different, because none of us had done a BBQ party before. Thank you BBB, and hope you throw many more parties!:)

I'd like to tag - Aditi, Iceman and Arunima. Knock yourselves out!

Oh, and Sarcastica too!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

You've got mail

*this post does not seek to attack any religion or culture. It is, however directed at many people. I shall not take this post out, no matter what*

You may now resume reading.

The above statement was necessary, considering recent situations.

... I love my country, and am proud of its rich and varied culture, I shall always strive to be worthy of it...

I mean it. I do. I love my country. I love that I am Indian. I loved taking this pledge during the Independence and Republic day celebrations in school, and when I did, I did it sincerely, meaning every word of it.

I don't, however like all Indians.

Number 1 on that list being: Pramod Mutalik.

Dear. No scratch that. To, Mr. Mutalik,
Dude, your existence seriously bothers me. Who the hell are you, anyway? Who gave you the right to even touch a woman? Who the fuck are you to decide what women should do and what they shouldn't? Who the hell are you decide that women must not consume alcohol? Who the hell are you to say that only men must enter pubs? Which part of Indian culture allows you to hit women? Who said you could make the rules? I hope you die, and with you, all those idiot men in your group. Especially the one, 'chote chote kapde pehenke, completely boozing'. That dude. I hope you are trampled by a hoard of women.

2. Barkha Dutt.

Ms Dutt,
I used to like you. I thought you were smart. I loved you at Kargil. I was younger then and considered you really brave then. Even after the 26/11 attacks, after those personal attacks were thrown at you, I refrained from saying anything. But when you crossed the line, and asked the blogger Mr. Kunte, to withdraw his post and publicly apologise, you pissed me off. I mean seriously. You go on and on all the time about the right to free speech and all that jazz, and when someone disses you, instead of taking it and letting it go, this is how you react? Have you heard of the word opinion? It belongs to every person on this planet. And if you don't agree with someone elses, then you just have to live with it. You can't force them to think like you. You need to grow up.

3. Politicians in India. Except Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah, and some others.

The leaders of our country,
There's a line in the oath which goes, 'To my country and its people, I pledge my devotion.' What happened to that? Why is it that the money that could be used to train NSG commandos and make sure that they are placed all over the country, is instead used to buy you guys a new Mercedes Benz? Why is it that all that money which could eliminate poverty in the country goes into your personal treasury? Why is it that our PM, after the 26/11 attacks has only come on the news to condemn the attacks and then later for a by-pass surgery? Why is it that our President has never come on TV to say anything? Why is it that our CM, seeks to tell off pub culture first, when there were women being mercilessly beaten up? Shame on you!

4. Mr Bachchan Sr.,
Really, you are definitely the most attention-seeking person on the face of this planet. First you star in every movie and advertisement on Indian television. And then, the one movie you aren't cast in, you start a controversy about. You should really think about disappearing. The world, atleast India, would be a much better place to live in.

5. HOD,
Hmph. I have nothing to say to you. I used to like you too. But then you turned out to be the laziest, most narrow minded, most jobless person on this planet. There are better things for you to d than waiting outside every morning and telling off people who come late everyday. God!

There are some more I can't think of right now. I was going to include Asif Zardari and the terrorists on this list but realized they aren't Indians.