Monday, September 29, 2008

Dumb-a$@, Red Foreman style!

Thanks for the wishes people!

But let me tell you a story of a dumbass who was supposed to give her TOEFL yesterday, a.k.a ME! The exam went fine, thanks for asking, but I redefined the word dumbass, in the process.

It all began when I decided to drive to my exam center. Which was in Kormangala. Which is pretty far away from my house. The drive was fine. It was a Sunday. 8 in the morning. No traffic. Nice weather. Nice music. Basically it was quite perfect, devoid of any tension, which is awesome before any exam. But, what is my life without any form of totally unwanted excitement?? Not my life!

So, 8.30 and I've reached the center. I call my mom to say I've found the place, and reply to a few 'all the best' messages. My mom asks me to verify if I've found the right place. So I walk to the building and see Idomain Technologies, my exam center. Satisfied, I walk back to my car to take out my passport.

'Oh shit, she forgot her passport at home!!'
No, no. As far as the stuff required to take the next day goes, my mom, the responsible one, made sure I had everything with me. My passport, a bottle of water, an apple in case I got hungry. I know I can skip the details, but then, where's the fun. So anyway, moral of this paragraph, I had my passport.

But I forgot my keys in the car! And my passport was in the car! And I live 20kms away from Kormangala! And I had an exam in an hour! I immediately call my mom, who tells me to worry about the car later, and first go give the exam. Then I tell her that my passport is in the car, and she flips. She decides to come to Kormangala with the spare keys, and I quickly give her the address to the place. I also asked her to bring my dad's phone (my mom doesn't carry a phone) and press the green button in case I call. It was 9.

9.10. I called her again. This time, my dad picks the phone, tells me not to worry and that they'd be there soon. I asked them where they were. Near our house, but we'll be there in a half hour. That would be 9.40. And the reporting time was 9.30. Unfortunately, I had no Ipod, so I couldn't even calm myself down with music. So I went to the center, notified them about this peculiar situation, and proceeded to type out the form. A lot of things are running in my head. How I'm going to get belted at home. Think of all the words that are going to be thrown my way, i.e irresponsible, careless, jackass(from my brother). Time passes quickly though. Phew!

9.30. My parents are in Kormangala. Yippie! I walk a bit to find them. Totally relieved. My dad insists on unlocking the car, and gives me my passport. Then they wait for me to remove the keys, lock the car, walk to the center, and then they leave.

9.45. Test begins.

Yes, the word you are looking for is, dumbass!


Iceman said...

I was actually expecting a bigger twist...Y'know..something like
"In the end, I realised the keys were in my pocket all the while"

cause forgetting the keys in the car ain't such a big dumbass situation. I have done sillier things :D

Poof! said...

Yeah well, if the keys were in my pocket, dumbass would've been an understatement, really! Lol.