Saturday, June 12, 2010

I would give ANYTHING for a 'this too shall pass' moment right about now!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A piece for you

I'm too tired to think of a post-like post so this is going to be in bullets. Why a post at all, you ask? Because this is the only sentence where three becauses appear consecutively: No sentence can end with a because because because is a conjunction.

Now, if you guys have gotten past the awesomeness of that sentence..

- I'm in the homeland. For a month now! Why the (no) fuss? Because all I do is work and sleep. No kidding. The weather did get considerably better, though. Come on, you have to give me that!
- I'm here for three months, let the festivities begin (or, rather, continue..)!
- I lost my phone. Which I see might not be such a bad thing because the internet has been flooded with news about the NEW iPhone 4G which:
                         - looks kickass!
                         - has some even-more kickass features.
                         - is only 200$ (currently around Rs 9000, baby!!), courtesy AT&T!
- A decent GPA this sem around. No, not three A's, but one A and two A minuses. (pauses to gloat)
- I've been very contemplative of late. Don't worry, there wont be any contemplation in this post (OR WILL THERE). Oh, I have a bus pass now!
- There are many talks of weddings going on in my family. NO, NOT MINE! (Spare me the horror already) My cousins, near/far. I think my family is waiting to see what I end up marrying, though!
- Neo is doing fine, thank you very much for asking.
- Have all of you watched kickass yet?
- I'm suddenly not very sure if I like babies. If I were a baby, I would most certainly NOT LIKE adults!
- Entourage next month!
- It turns out my brother's really intelligent! He just finished his 12th + other related exams and it's getting really hard to find new places to hide my face as each of their results come out. I'd like to think he gets it from me.
- I need a new hobby. Something to do when I start thinking. Thinking is bad for health.
- There's this ad on TV I don't get. Its a paint ad, London/Paris? Do any of you all get it?
- New discovery. Hyperbole and a half. Awesome blog!
- Even more awesomeness! This. Please do contact her.

Promise to be back soon. Ta!