Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear Diary...

So, really.. What do people normally use a diary for?

To record events, to remember events and related stuff, right?

Not this one. Thanks to Benrik, we now have access to the world's funkiest diary!! Plus access to books like 'Lose Weight, get Laid, Find God'!

Our diary here, hardly has any place for normal diary stuff. Instead it focusses on things that make our seemingly boring lives super exciting! It begins, like all other diaries, with a personal details page. But which other diary have you seen, which has a claim to fame field? Awesome, eh?

Then come two pages containing the whackiest resolutions ever. Stuff like make a baby(OK that doesn's seem so whack, but the illustrations, no they aren't perverted, make them really entertaining!), have an uglify yourself week, be a genie etc. Then it is followed by pages further contributing to its awesomeness!

Buy the diary! You'll know what I'm talking about. Also visit the aforementioned site. It contains some of the most random blogs ever! The age of the revolutionary diary has arrived!

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