Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The last seven days...

I've figured the best way to keep yourself happy is to just do what you want, regardless of what others say and think. Go ahead and do your thing, stupid or not, trusting your instinct, because your instinct certainly isn't stupid! Don't sit around waiting for people to make decisions, because it will never happen!

And very very ironically, I've been really scream-y and yell-y and moody and annoying lately. Hope that changes, but if it doesn't, watch out people.

I met this person who I really don't like and surprised myself, and some others, by being really civil to her!

I actually met a person who thought 'The Dark Knight' wasn't all that! 

I listened to, and surprisingly liked Death Magnetic! Don't murder me, Metallica fans, but I'm not much of a Metallica person, but this album really is something else! Hope this lasts!

So I go to Peco's the other day and I don't drink beer. Isn't that awesome! Something about beer has really been getting to me lately. People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I don't like beer, but its all cool. Pepsi is wayyyy better!

I'm using Google Chrome! It seems OK, very clean and neat, without any of the bookmark and toolbar clutter. But what I like best is the home page which gives you a list of your most frequently visited pages. I think I like:) Especially because something's seriously wrong with Firefox on my laptop and using Safari on Windows is a bitch. So here's looking forward to a happy browsing experience.

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