Wednesday, October 28, 2009

City Love

I promise I wont make this sappy or corny or full of stuff about how I miss home.

Well, atleast I'll try not to.

I watched two movies today. After God knows how long! Actually after yesterday. But THAT was after God knows how long! So quick movie reviews!

He's just not that into you - Contrary to the various negative reviews I heard about this one, I actually found this one pretty decent. Minus the Drew Barrymore parts. Those were bullshit. I actually watched it because of my new-found love for Kevin Connolly, but really really liked Justin Long at the end of it. BUT women are not like 'Gigi'. Period.

The AnswerMan - Different. Not great but nice. LOVED Lauren Graham in it. And I kept thinking the protagonist was Dave Coulier, he wasn't.

(500) Days of Summer - Like the narrator says, this is a boy-girl story but it isn't a love story. I liked this one. Very much. Awesome performances and story line and a really really good soundtrack. Watch!

Coraline - Animated. Horror, kind of. Nice. Its got Teri Hatcher playing a kind of witch in it.

Waiting for Shrek 4! According to my Graphics prof, who works at Dreamworks, its the craziest, whackiest Shrek ever! Yaaiy!

I have been geeking out lately. Our latest assignment was Youtube related so I actually go to my homework page to listen to music of late. Also I really want t show off my awesomeness, so please visit this. Much help was provided by my roommate, A. So, much thanks to her!

On the life front, I've decided to give alcohol a well-deserved break, atleast for a month or two. I miss home too much and the tequila consumption really clouds my judgement and makes me do rubbish things to make up for that. And the next morning is always the next evening! So, adios, CH3OH, C2H5OH and the likes. You will not be missed. I bet my roommates will be real glad to read that. But they don't read this, so too bad.

I'm visiting Vegas over the weekend. Think I should push the above break by a week? Or does Vegas come with a default don't-give-a-shit pass? I guess I will let Vegas decide that for itself. And I'm going with two older brothers. Hopefully they will take care of my expenses. :)

I'm going to miss Halloween in LA! Damn!

My friends told me not to stop blogging, but I think I should throw the advice right back at them. So yeah, Ramya and Akaash, give work a break and come with a super post! Go go go!

On a crazy mental note, this is one of my classmates. Looking at his CV really made me question everything! And he's our age! God so did not spend the same amount of time on all of us!

I'm leaving you all with this. Watch the last 4 minutes of the video. Its awesome! I seriously new respect for Surds after this! Look how happy they look!

Friday, October 23, 2009

83 - still October, still John Mayer.

14, 538.
The distance, in kilometers, between where I am now and where I want to be.

The rent.

The zipcode of the future. Dreamworks.

The unspeakable course. Algorithms.

Points in XML!

The distance, in miles, between where I live and where John Mayer does.

The number of buses I have to change to get there.

Days to Christmas.

For a six-pack. The alcoholic kind.

0278 & 0119
The road to heaven!

27, 569.
The number of limbs I'd give to eat mum's chole again.

Days away from home.

The distance, in miles, between where I live, and those magical letters, HOLLYWOOD.

Code for the word I don't want to hear for a long time.

313, 301.
The addresses.

Beatles album.
The U2 song.
Me. Stuck in the middle and kinda liking it! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


After this week:

I believe that deadlines can be met.

I believe in Ari Gold.

I believe in Dreamworks.

I believe that things happen for a reason.

I believe that women are not meant to see certain things.

I believe in Hollywood.

I believe that Modern Family is well on its way to become the new Scrubs.

I believe North Carolina might be fun.

I believe people can really come through for you, for no reason at all.

I believe that big things are about to happen.

I believe in rock and roll.

I believe in hope. And serendipity. And belief. I believe in belief.

I believe in blue!

I believe in the universe, even though I haven't read the secret.

I believe I will meet Kevin Connolly and John Mayer and Jeremy Piven.

I believe in you.


I believe in the AWESOMENESS that is me.

You should, too.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day.....not!

Hello readers (those of you who still read this, that is.). :)

A super Diwali to you all! Load up on them sweets, light up them candles, and go nuts with the firecrackers (I love the anar in particular!). Oh, and don't drink and drive!!

I can't believe I actually miss that Hutch used to charge 1 buck a message on Diwali. Seems so trivial compared to 25cents AT&T does!

Happy Diwali again! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Split Screen Sadness

Multiply last line of previous post by 1500.

Oh wait, I mean, by 1500^1500.

Friday, October 9, 2009


How does the title connect to the post?

Neon --> Neon Lights (like, duh!) --> Lights --> Electricity/Power.

Which now we don't have!

It all began day before yesterday when I thought to myself, Wow, one amazing thing about this place is that there are no power cuts here. That is so awesome. And then I started to think about my Web Tech exam. Which went pretty well, btw, thanks for asking.

Yesterday I was in the library. Yes, the library. My dad's life long dream of his daughter studying in the library has finally come true. Anyway... so I was in the library when V calls me and says that there is no power in the house. Yes! The United States. The motherboard of internet and electricity. But why? Because we didn't pay our electricity bill? But that's because we didn't get an electricity bill. And that was because we didn't make an account with them!

They told us a million things when we got here. Find a nice, cheap house, find two roommates, go to the Indian store, make a bank account, make an account with the credit union. But noone, noone told us to make an account with LAWPD. Hell! Not my friends, not seniors, and definitely not my landlord! Bloody hell!

So I called LAWPD yesterdy and finally made an account, and he said the power will be back on tomorrow (which is today). And the goddamned power IS STILL NOT BACK! I think we are the only people in the history of the country to whom this has happened. Before the bulb was invented, obviously!


Funnier still, V tried to open the door and the door knob comes out when she tries to turn it. And according to google, yesterday was supposed to be a "fantastic" day for me! Well, I'm still waiting.

Oh, and S, you totally made my day today! I love you!!! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who Says? (Stuff we hear in my house - 2)

(A's birthday. Everyone is standing for a photo.)
Camera-person: Cheeeeeese.
V: Shit. Who dropped cake on the floor!?

M: OK, I gotta leave, lab work to be done.
D: Say hi to R and go, she'll be here in a bit.
M: Give me her number, I'll call her and tell her.

*nice way to get a girl's number, what say??*

R gets a call from M, as he's leaving.
R: Yeah, dude.
R: WHAT!!!? *hangs up*
R: M opened 301 thinking it was the exit and he saw people doing it!!
Boys in room: thinking of different ways to say OOOPPS!

A(on Skype, to her friends back home who've all met up to wish her, and who is completely unaware that her living room is currently filled with people ready to surprise her) : Shit all of you are here!!
Everyone in the other room (LOUDLY!): DAMN!!
A: ???

In other news, I was on my way to Graphics class last evening. And I see this huge flyer up at school saying its Porn Week at school! WTF!?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Something's missing..

Its John Mayer month in my head, hence the titles..

Many things are missing.

- John Lennon. Jim Morrison.
- priorities.
- perspective.
- people. Too many of them.
- parents.
- poker playing abilities.
- PEOPLE! :(
- passion.
- money!
- guts.
- homeworks, assignments; from my end.
- will power.
- the don't-give-a-damn attitude.

I can finally feel myself growing up, kind of, and I'm not sure I like it. I always thought growing up would involve most of the aforementioned missing things, and would atleast, sort of, be fun. Parts of it are fun, but a majority of it is quite lonely and annoying. To an extent that you forget the fun parts of it. Its bad enough when you don't live up to the expectations of those you give a damn about, its worse when you don't live up to your own expectations. And then you delve into that and start thinking about where you went wrong and what you did and what people thought. Then the don't-give-a-damn attitude you were once so proud of is non existent.

To make things worse, the one thing I have really been looking forward to is not working out and I don't think I can make it back home during Christmas. :(

God, please make the thought process stop. And, please please please PLEASE make things better and more interesting and please do something so I can look forward to each day! And give me my hyper-self back! And find a way to feed my craziness because I am toooo blah nowadays! And arrange something, PLEASE, so I can meet with John Mayer. And yes, please make my don't-care-less attitude return! Amen.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Say (Stuff we hear in my house -1)

Roommate 1(A, while looking through pictures of her cute teacher): Wait wait, there's one in his bathing suit.
Me: Ooooooh!
A: Its not like that, I only respect him. *solemnly*
Me: Bwahahahahahahaha!

Me(to A): Yaaaiy I saw cute boys in our building and there are two of them! One for me and one for you!
Roommate 2(V, who btw, is seeing someone): Excuse me, what about me??
Me and A: look at V.
V: Oops, why did I say that!
Me: proceeds to tell the world!

R( as, he, walks into our house): I'm PMS-ing today!
A: Aww lets get you some feel-good chocolate!
R: OK, I'm not that much of a girl yet!

Me: I'm the nerd girl next door!
A: You're SO not the girl next door! You're the girl in the opposite house.
Me: What's that supposed to mean?
A: You remember the movie with Manisha Koirala, where she has an affair with the really young boy??
Me: WTF!!!!!????

Love song for noone

No, I haven't been watching 10 Things I Hate About You. I do love Julia Stiles' poem at the end of it though. I was trying to sleep and I couldn't so I tried my own version of it.

I hate it when you wear that shirt,
and when you cut your hair.
And when I wake up over here,
I hate it that you're there.
I hate it that you never call,
I knew that'd be the case.
But you could prove me wrong, you know,
I miss your stupid face.
I hate that I can't talk to you,
The way I could before,
No sooner than I think of this,
I hate you even more.
I hate that when I think of you,
thinking's what I do.
You make me think, that's right, I THINK.
Which I should NEVER do.
This will sound too cliched,
but I don't hate you at all.
I love that I don't hate you....

I don't believe I just said that.

This isn't directed towards anyone. Exams leave me little funny.

Oh, speaking of te post title, listen to Who Says - John Mayer. My current favourite.