Monday, November 3, 2008

My last few posts have all had something about Grey's Anatomy. I'll try my best not to mention GA, in this one.

You know whats difficult? Being around exes. Being around friends who're exes. Being around two people who're both your friends and are each other's exes. Especially when they're friends one moment and cannot stand each other the next! And when you haven't been particularly involved in this love-hate (?)relationship, and are informed merely minutes before you meet them, that you aren't allowed to make any inappropriate jokes about them! And we love inappropriate jokes!! No fair!!

You know what's really difficult? Shopping for someone who already has everything! By everything, I literally mean everything! Clothes, perfumes(and many of them, at that), a ka-zillion pair of shoes, expensive jewellry(not like I can afford that, anyway), awesome car accessories, everything! Suggestions are open here.

You know what's really really difficult? Trying to decide what the hell you want to do after your degree. Listening to options from everyone and everywhere and getting even more confused.(Like thats even possible!! Hey, S , special mention here;)! ) And especially relatives asking 'What are you planning to do, beta?' OK I know they mean well but its the worse question ever to be asked when you're in this situation! Well, obviously they don't know what the hell is going on in your head, but you don't have any space to think about that. In your head.

On the brighter side...

You know what's yummy??? Fisher Pizza Balls! They are super yummy, and you get them in the One Dollar Store in Commercial Street, Bangalore. *drools* Oh, and Magic Pops! The crackling ones.

You know what's heavenly? The Body Splash Peppermint fragrance. It smells absolutely delicious! I want!

You know what's/who's awesome? Rediscovering Jack Johnson. And Ben Lee. And Leonardo diCaprio. Body of Lies was just wow!( Yes, I watch a lot of movies!)

You know what's even more awesome? Shopping. Period.

You know what's the biggest timepass? Bangalore Mirror crossword. It has clues like, oldest restaurant in Bangalore, and all. Best way to pass time in a boring.. Who am I kidding? In all classes!

*end of post*

I'm finally up to date with GA, and I love what's happening!!!! The most recent hook-ups are adorable!

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give her something a scrap book with lots of pictures[;)] and comments