Monday, September 29, 2008


This is a song about my friends! People, identify yourselves.:)

Also, sing this as you read. Tune - This old man, he played one...

There is M, M speaks fast, If M hits you, you'll need a cast!
But M is actually really really sweet, I love M and M loves me!:)

Then there's K, K's so sweet! K 's the cutest thing you've seen!
But lately K's started calling people fat, but people bug her big time, tit for tat!

Here comes R, we call her nice! R is awfully scared of mice!
R is really ticklish, and makes funny sounds, also psychos make her frown!;)

S likes to say that she is cool. Hot men around, then S will drool.
S is my partner-bitch in crime, Dempsey is mine, S - get in line!

Say hello to E, E loves the sea! E absolutely loves 'elneer',
But E is strong, so people beware. E does funky things to her hair!

There's another S, this one's whack! She's always talking, yakkity yak!
S is boy-crazy, but S also loves girls! S can belly-dance, S can twirl!

S no. 3, weird as can be, total sweetheart, needs to be set free!
S is complicated, S thinks way too much, S needs to get 2p messaging with Hutch!

(Bear with me, for this came out in all of thirty minutes.)


rammy said...

Personal stuff rocks. Poems rock.
Well done!

perplexed said...

cooool stuff!! :)

Poof! said...


Iceman said...

Impressive...whoever these people are!

MUS said...