Friday, September 5, 2008

I feel it in my fingers.....:)

So I just started watching Grey's Anatomy, and I'm completely in love with Patrick Dempsey! Absolutely sinister, I know, that I started watching it only now, but man, all I can think of now is, the way his eyes sparkle when he's wearing his surgical mask, and you know he's smiling! Makes me all *siiiiiiggggghhhhh* I mean, he is just the cutest guy ever! *sigh* Is Meredith the luckiest woman on the planet or what!! 

And Sandra Oh riding a motorcycle!! What a chick!! Wow!!


perplexed said...

i love him too!!! Mcdreamy is like oh-so-cute!! :)

Poof! said...

Tell me about it.. Mcdreamy is sooo appropriate!