Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 1, oops Day 3.


You're up. Check the time. Oops you overslept!! Hurry hurry, run to the bathroom! Quickly there, brush your teeth! Wow! Record time! Snap it up! Quick Shower! Get dressed. Oh no no no, not just any underwear. Today you wear your lucky underwear! And lucky teeshirt and lucky jeans. Carry your lucky pen and wear your lucky socks too! Ok.. You're not hurrying up enough. Five quick gulps of milk and you're off! Oh but wait.. You run back! You didn't say your morning prayers! How could you forget? Especially today! You run out, with your mother yelling, ALL THE BEST!

Book open, you reach the bus stop. Find your usual seat in the bus and start frantically memorizing. Its funny how these last thirty minutes are the most effective! In thirty minutes, you're done with all those chapters which took you eons to just read! Oh and just in time. You're in the hellhole. With fifteen minutes to spare. You're still highly underconfident. So how've you prepared, people ask you. I'm screwed, you say, you? Yeah, we're pretty much in the same situation, they reply. Ok then, all the best, you say and enter class.

Hey! I know this stuff! One and a half hours pass quickly and you emerge looking quite pleased with yourself! How was it, they ask you. Not bad, not bad at all, you say. You sit there listening to the variety of answers people are giving on being asked the same question, and all you can
think of is how comfortable your bed will be when you get home.

NOk I'm home now. Yaawn. End of day 3. not quite the end though. It went better than expected, so I'm calling it a night. Quite literally.

Good night!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

And then comes..

Day 2 - Sunday.

Today I'm studying for sure. Time to study. Wow, I'm all charged up, lets do some studying! These are your thoughts on the Sunday morning prior to the big bad I(nternals). But how can I start without my daily dose of the newspaper. So there goes a half hour, where you edaciously devour the sunday comics. And make the big big mistake of looking at the TV guide. SUNDAY BRUNCH WITH JIM MORRISON, it says! I cant miss this, you say to yourself, no, no, definitely not. So you quickly head back to your room, and get down with your books. Study continuously for 2 hours, so you wont feel guilty for watching the Doors frontman make a complete ass of himself in front of a million people. Don't get me wrong here, I absolutely love The Doors, and watching Jim Morrison live(on TV)is very very appealing! So coming back, you are studying.. You inform everyone you know about this Sunday treat on tv, who love you, and the same time hate you for it, because try as they may, there's no way they're going to miss this! So flip and turn the pages, looking impatiently at the clock. Come 10.45, and miraculously you're done.

I'm taking a break, you tell yourself and your mother. For how long, she asks. An hour or so, you reply, and then its time for serious studying! Unfortunately, the show lasts for a good 3 hours, and you cannot miss it! So you sing Love Me Two Times, and Light My Fire with your dad, listen to his comments about how he listened to such amazing music back then, ridicule him for not knowing the lyrics etc.. Oh by the way, next week its Freddie Mercury!

Then again time for lunch, and today being Sunday is your lets have my weekly looong nice shower day! So by the time you're done with lunch, its 3. While you're at it, you casually turn on the tv, to see that they're airing Friends! Which they do every Sunday. And which you've watched so many times that you practically know the dialogues by heart. But how can I miss Friends, I'll study later. Later comes, and goes. Why? Because you've fallen asleep on the couch! You finally wake up, look at the time and are horrified. What? This can't be! Why didn't you wake me up, you ask your mother? I tried everything, she says.

Now you're mortally terrified you're going to screw up tomorrow, so you run to your room, and send out I can't wait for Wednesday messages. Stifling a yawn, you open your book and get down to do the dirty work. 2 hours you've spent constructively with those huge books which can pass off as pillows. Dinner time again. Today you eat quickly and run back again! By this time , you're exhausted! Why? You've studied for 4 Hours!! Thats big! Thats all, you say to yourself, I cant do it anymore, I'll just write what I know. And you flop into bed.

There ends day 2. Not bad. Not bad at all. Quite constructive actually, if I might add.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The days leading to..


Every month they come, bringing with them these various questions. No, I dont mean the questions we need to answer on paper, but those we try to answer in our heads! As we attempt to study those subjects which make absolutely no sense, we, at least I wonder just why I'm continuing to study this pathetic excuse for a degree. Every page I turn has a big fat WHY printed on it! I check my cell phone, I see messages from my friends reading, Lets quit this stupid degree, or, Lets ditch all the papers! Every person writing these horrendous internals are in the same state of mind.

5-day PMS.

Day 1 - Saturday. It seems like ages since you woke up at 9 a.m on a Saturday morning. Your stretches are unusually time consuming, and today, all of a sudden you decide to read the newspaper! You then go into your room, open your book, only to realize you have no clue as to what topics you have to study. You call a friend asking for the portions, and then again have a long discussion as to what you're doing with your life. You hang up, only to realize its nap time! Obviously, thats more important than studying. So yes, Snooze!

Wake up, and wow!! Its six!! Where did those hours go!? You drag yourself out of bed, check your messages. All of them read, I'm screwed, how much have you done!! You heave a sigh of relief, everyone seems to be on the same boat here. And again there, out of the ordinary, you take time out to go speak to your parents, discuss world issues, something you haven't done since.. ah well, saturday, last month. Then finally, when your mother asks, don't you have to study, you drag your sorry ass back to your room, flop on the bed, adjust your pillow so your studying position is comfortable and open your book(again!). You look around, suddenly observing things you've never seen before in your room.

You hear you mum yell, DINNER!! So soon, you ask yourself. You check your watch, its 9p.m! Wow, where did those hours go, you ask yourself again!

So you get up, grab some grub, and watch tv as you're doing so. You finish at 10p.m. Now you realize there's no point in studying today, might as well start afresh tomorrow! So there ends the supremely eventful day 1 of the 5 day PMS. See you on the dark side of the moon!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting....

At the end, all I could say was 'WOW'! An completely original storyline, (which did I mention, is amazing!) seasoned with the perfect music, and background scores (go Kimya Dawson and the Mouldy Peaches!) and spectacular performances by the actors, especially Ellen Page. I totally recommend. A must-watch!


Sunday, March 16, 2008


For days like today, DO NOT leave home without one!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


That intoxicating smell. The sounds of little droplets falling on the trees. Those flashes of lightning and claps of thunder!
Its that time of the year again!!! Spring!! The only time you feel like waking up in the morning, because you feel oh-so-good! Once you wake up there's no turning back, because the weather's so awesome! You're humming a happy tune in the shower.. Listening to your feel-good playlist on your pod! Smiling!! Shopping like a maniac for the new spring collection! Smiling even more! Yelling hellos to people you don't even talk to..
I cannot tell you how brilliant this feels! My heart actually thuds with every crack of thunder! The smell of the rain gets you so high! Much more than any amount of alcohol! I go down to the road to get soaked! The old women staring from their windows look disapprovingly.. But who cares.. I dance around till my mother yells at me asking me to come back! I prance around a little more, knowing I'm going to get the 'Whats wrong with you, are you crazy' lecture at home. I'm as happy as happy can be! And this is after getting splashed by a car! Dirty water with dry leaves all over my new Tommy Hilfiger tee.. A few random curses were thrown alright, but nothing can beat this new(old)-found-happiness! Woohoo!
I'd always been waiting for some kind of right time to start blogging. I know that sounds lame.. But heck, who cares.. I sure as hell don't!
So its going to be extreme optimism, believing in my awesomeness and did I mention, believing in my awesomeness from now on!? Lol.
This was a good first post then. Well, I think so. So much for randomness.

P.S- To all, those stuck in traffic in the rain, I sympathize.. To all others, rain dance!!