Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why alcohol, when you have air, and S!!

So let me tell you all the story of my awesome day..

Today was the first and last day of my internals, because, given that I'm awesome, I had to give just one paper this time. I did AWESOMELY, thank you for asking! If I don't get a 25, I'm going to seriously sue.

I made a new friend today! Guess who? My HOD! We're now tight. No, seriously. We had a one hour long chat today, about general stuff, wherein she asked me if she was strict. And then we had another twenty minute conversation where I pointed out that she was 'rigid' and not strict. There was also lots of laughing at her, with her!! I came out, scared of myself.

Then I watched Dostana with my friends. Perplexed, you were right! It was awesome!! And Urvashi is awesome!! We actually danced to Desi Girl! What a kickass song!!!! Its still running in my head. P and V were very embarrassed to be seen with us. Wow! Abhishek Bachchan is normally an ass, but he's seriously outdone himself in the movie! And Priyanka Chopra is good too. John Abraham cant really act, but he's done a decent job in the movie. The emotional scenes are a little dragging, but the movie is really good! Its totally nonsensical and total timepass. You come out feeling super good about yourself!! And wanting to dance!

I went to Corner House. This is what the title is all about. You know how people get high on alcohol, and do and say absolute crap! Crap that can totally be used to embarrass them!? Well something like that happened. Minus the booze.

But before you read ahead, let me warn you about something. I have a gift. I can make the funniest thing sound supremely unfunny. And what happened was really really funny!

There, I said it. Don't say I didn't warn you! So 'S' went crazy today!! Now, she has no idea I'm taking this online! She had Cake Fudge at corner house. Just that. And she totally lost it. Completely. She was throwing glasses of water on her boyfriend for absolutely no reason! And she did a 'dhak dhak' like step to indicate CPR. Then there was her talking about white 'chaddies'! OK, I'm going to stop, I'm ruining it already!

Anyway, here's some advice.

1. Watch Dostana.

2.Don't ever watch movies in Vision Cinemas.

3. Screw alcohol, drink chocolate sauce instead.

4. Make friends with your HOD!


Oh, oh and thanks A for the ice cream!!

*Ik lakh lakh pardesi girl, aint nobody liiike my desi girl*

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