Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brand New Day

It's been nearly a month since 2010 began.

Thirty days ago, I was telling my friends how 2010 is going to be fantabulous.
Thirty days ago, I was also going on about how we're meant for greatness and how only good things are in store for us.
Thirty days ago, I was happy high, more happy than high.
Thirty days ago, I wanted to make time freeze and remain January 1st forever (or atleast for a couple of days).
Thirty days ago, I was sure I was going for the John Mayer concert in March (I still can, provided I get a job. So please pray that I do).
Thirty days ago, I decided that nice things will definitely happen to you if you take the effort to be nice to people (I'm still trying to do that, fyi).
Thirty days ago, I also decided that this was going to be the beginning and that our lives were completely going to turn around (and being the eternal optimist that I am, it is obviously going to be in a good way!).
Thirty days ago, I knew exactly what I wanted.
(I feel so ashamed of myself because I actually tried to 'comment' out the previous line!)
Thirty days ago, I could not play foozball to save my life.

It's now thirty days after.
Clearly I'm in a contemplative sort of mood.

It's thirty days later now,
...and above still holds.

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~R~ said...

High five!!
Hope you feel this way 360 days from now