Thursday, December 23, 2010

You can skip this if you want..

I'm doing re-runs of Grey's Anatomy these days. Why, you ask. Because, very simply put, I have nothing else to do. And it leaves me very funny. Admittedly, I cry during a lot of GA episodes(only if I'm watching it alone!).  Today I watched the episode where Burke comes to know Cristina's preggers. I love Cristina. She is currently the only reason I watch the show. Only I hate what they're doing with her character. I've always related with Cristina's character. Slightly weird, emotionally stunted, her couldn't-give-a-fuck attitude. And now her story of completely giving up is just slightly unnerving. YES I KNOW SHE'S ONLY JUST A TV CHARACTER. I ALSO DON'T KNOW THE PURPOSE OF THIS POST. But I felt like writing this anyway.

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v said...

I used to watch grey’s all day long when I moved here and also because I had little else to do. I love the show but it always put me in a funny-sad mood.

Hope your christmas was good!

Have a happy 2011 :)