Thursday, December 3, 2009

My December

That isn't a song I like, particularly, but 'a long December' seemed kind sad and what's there to be sad about December!? Nothing, December is awesome!!!!

Its time for my annual I love December post!

Reasons why I love December and the holidays!

1. These.

2. Shopping in Los Angeles is just wow! I can finally get down to buying fall and winter clothes, and ACTUALLY wear them. I now own boots and a fab trench coat! And some really funky sweaters. Online shopping is pretty fun, but not as much fun as regular shopping, but fun nevertheless.

3. I might have a super-fab new years!

4. I actually wake up smiling for no reason at all, and this, after four months of waking up wishing I could collapse and never get up again!

5. My exams end in less than two weeks!

6. CAT is almost over back home, and I know everyone is going to do SUPER well!

7. I get ideas to blog. I'm supposed to be studying but cannot help post this!

8. ALL my assignments are done and over with. They weren't all great, but its December, so everything's ok!

9. My online shopping is going to be delivered soon!

10. Christmas sales, and decorations!

11. Christmas candy!

12. The AWESOME Santa hat I bought!

13. Universal Studios!

14. Battle Studies

15. Scrubs!!

16. The new Archie gets married issue. I'm waiting for all six to come so I can read them together, but I don't think I'll last. The latest issue looks crazzyy!

17. 25$ I got from AT&T for referring my roommate!

18. The feeling that I get that something great is on its way!

Happy December, all!! :)

Hope you all have an awesome one as well! :)

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