Saturday, February 13, 2010

Material girl

My birthday is coming soon.

And here's my wishlist.

1. Macbook Pro.
2. Rayban aviators.
3. UB. *if you know me, you might know what this means... or not*
4. 3 A's this semester.
5. A couple dozen miracles.
6. A job.
7. John Mayer concert tickets.
8. An internship.
9. Flight tickets. Either for me to come back home, or for all my friends to come here.

Man, it looks like I have to marry a bank.


perplexed said...


Hope you get them all.. or a few! :)

*you should marry several banks!

~R~ said...

UB is third on your list?
Wow! Material girl, indeed!:)

Silverstreak said...

@perplexed - Me want all. Me want EVERYTHING! Haha!

@R - UB is not 'UB'. Lol. Not that material!